Monday, May 12, 2014

Napoles list is toxic to Senate says Ping Lacson.

After revealing to the public that there is a list that contains names of those involved in the pdaf, here comes bdaf err, former Senator Panfilo Ping Lacson warning everyone of the possible "toxic effects" of revealing those names in the media, saying that it could lead to the collapse of the Senate.

Yun naman pala eh, eh, why did you agree to become a party in this charade of "telling yes, telling no," Mr. ex Senator? Seems like you just wasted our times and just used this issue to once more see your name in the headlines.

Mr. Lacson, this is not a joke. This pdaf issue is dear to us, taxpayers because every single day, yung ipapakain na lang namin sa aming mga anak ay napupunta pa sa gobyerno at nilalakaw lamang pala ng ilang mga politiko at mga sindikato.

ex Senator Lacson's demeanor is really for showbiz headlines.

As for the government, President Noynoy himself reveals that there are three lists with different names. Noynoy thinks that this is just a ploy by Napoles camp probably to muddle the issue.

O, yan naman pala, then, why did your alter-ego, the very same woman who heads your justice department the very same one who exposed this alleged list and for what reason? The same reason as what prodded Ping Lacson in the first place---monumental exposure.

Hay naku. These two nincoompoops should be told that this issue is serious for the Filipino people. This issue is simple--there are those people who, thru tricks and other very simple devices, got billions from the country's coffers. Napoles is one and is caught.

Fact is, again, let me remind people that Benhur Luy, the whistleblower already provided the Philippine Daily Inquirer with a preliminary list of personalities which was published a few days of this issue. Then, what is the reason for this other Lists? Are these lists to exonerate those others whose names were there and they happen to be close to Pnoy and the administration?