Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ZTE-NBN like scandal at DOTC unravelling

Two weeks from now and we will be treated with another kind of spectacle--the despicable kind, I might say, that will rival every single conceivable graft you could ever imagine that would happen in this sun drenched country of 90 million.

Everyone is aware of how this administration wants to make itself known of--it wants to leave an infrastructure legacy. Yes, nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants people to think that Aquino has left the country in a good condition and what better to do this than showing that off with new roads, new bridges, new airports and new ports.

However, laudable as these things might sound but many people are dubious of the real reasons for this. For one, these projects are being "fast-tracked" and are being undertaken at the last minute. The DOTC for one, is awarding projects left and right to companies with either dubious records or has conflicts of interests.

In the past years, the DOTC has been the subject of intense scrutiny. This agency whose responsibilities lie on infrastructure development has been the center of controversies, simply because of the way it conducts itself. People have been assigned to head this agency, people as incompetent and as clueless of their real functions are except of course, being political operators. Look at the names appointed to head the DOTC these past few years and you'll notice that their only qualifications lie on their proximity to the Center of Power and their previous work as political animals of the mischievous kind.

These appointments only show one thing--the government thinks that this agency is just a mere source of political funds, nothing more. Hence, people in this agency thinks of satisfying the appointing power instead of doing their jobs right.

Of course, the appointing power's interests is purely political--it wants to perpetuate its powers perpetually. And the only way to do this is thru funds.

I am now giving Malacanang a heads up--in the next few weeks, this administration will be rocked by a monumental scandal so vile and so gross, that it probably eclipses the ZTE-NBN scandal several years back.

These DOTC officials have prostituted themselves before the Mammon and once more, transformed this agency into a money making machine just to ingratiate themselves before their political benefactor.

These DOTC officials have turned a blind eye and have abandoned the tuwid na daan and instead turned into a "tuwad na daan"---prostituting themselves for the spoils and the future rewards their decisions have earned from the private companies they have so involved in their nefarious schemes.

Let the anvil falls. Those who have sinned against the Filipino People will merit the obvious punishment like what their predecessors got when they were the ones in power.