Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Davidson Bangayan denies he's David Tan: Groups doubt his denial.

Davidson Bangayan, who claims to be a legitimate businessman, denies that he is the "David Tan" referred to by numerous groups as the biggest rice smuggler of the Philippines. Here is the interview of Kabayan Noli de Castro in this link at

An NBI official however says, Davidson Bangayan and "David Tan" is just one and the same person. Besides, if you look closely at the interview made by ABS-CBN 2, when Kabayan asked Mr. Bangayan if he is "David Tan", he made the denial, but his face reacted. His facial muscles reacted. See the interview again at this link:

Atty Salazar, who is the lawyer designate of Mr. Bangayan, is the one identified to be the legal counsel on the pending smuggling case which likewise, involved Mr. Bangayan's import trading company, Starcraft.

Jesus Aranza says that there will be a hearing on the rice smuggling controversy, which, according to businessmen cost the government some 6 billion pesos lost of revenues.

Seems like Mr. Bangayan wants to convince us, the Department of Justice and of course, Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte was the one who supplied the photo of this "David Tan" which looks exactly like Davidson Bangayan.

Additional investigative report about this David Tan...

Do you know that David Tan nicknamed "Goliath" by Customs officials, earned millions just by foreign exchange trading of rice? The modus operandi is simple. Tan manipulated or created the market conditions to influence the price difference between imported and local rice stocks.

During the Arroyo administration, the country imported rice stocks. There is a difference between prices of imported rice and those rice being sold here. The difference, which runs just in centavos, was calculated to close to a billion because of the sheer volume of importation involved.

Rice trading is one of the most lucrative in the world. There was a report in 2008 which identified players in the Philippines who manipulate rice prices to earn billions. This "David Tan" played a major role during the previous administrations especially in importing cheap Vietnamese rice.