Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bangayan alias David Tan appears before Justice secretary

Is the National Bureau of Investigation playing dumb? I think so. Today's press briefing proves how influential this David Bangayan is, especially with members of this bureau.

Davidson Bangayan, whom businessmen blame for the loss of more than 7 trillion pesos of revenues, appeared before the NBI and sought clarification on alleged charges against him. Bangayan denies being a smuggler, a thing which businessmen and legitimate traders found incredible.

Bangayan says he is not the David Tan being blamed for the loss of trillions of pesos due to smuggling.

It took several days before the NBI and the DOJ finally told the pubic the truth--a few days ago, the NBI says they cannot confirm if David Tan is a real person and after several days, Justice secretary Leila de Lima herself confirmed that, indeed, Davidson Tan Bangayan is a real man. She even described him as a veritable one-man cartel.

Bangayan used the surname Tan in transacting with customs officials and brokers and importers. I cannot believe it if the NBI does not have a dossier of such a high profile person depriving this Nation of billions and trillions of pesos.

It is totally unthinkable that our intelligence agencies do not have any dossier of criminals? That probably explains why we are encountering enormous problems in peace and order.

This is the problem. When authorities deal with an ordinary person, they just give that person two (2) options---live and face jail or die in a gruesome way. When they face a person who is more sinister than others yet amass tremendous wealth, they tend to protect that demon. Well, that's expected--a demon always protect his own kind.