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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pinoy Embassy Officials involved in sex trade of distressed OFWs should be executed

Akbayan Representative Walden Bello has exposed what to many has been the subject of "hush-hush" since two years ago---the malicious, malevolent activities of three Filipino embassy officials in the Middle East who are involved in exploiting distressed OFWs.

These Filipino embassy officials deserve nothing more than the gallows. They are animals. They do not deserve to live any second longer. Given the chance, those who are Patriots of the New Generation would be glad to pin these officials to a wooden cross and be beaten every single day, fed just for them to barely live, and stripped of skin, and beaten, until they ask for death, yet, being denied from them,

In my book, Filipinos who exploit their compatriots especially when those they victimized were already victims, deserve not just our derision but our strongest condemnation. These officials are supposed to serve, not to exploit. These officials primary duties are to take care of their fellow Filipinos in distress. Yet, these people are worse than beasts. These people are demons disguised in barongs.

Bello should not stop his expose. He should present the names of these beasts publicly so that even the family and relatives of these three embassy men would equally condemn them and their kin feel ashamed of even carrying their surnames.

Let the surnames of these people be cursed by all, and these 3 officials stripped not just of their power, their ranks, their privileges, but also, their lives.

Let these officials suffer the most humiliating, the most perverse, the insufferable, the banal, the most severe punishment ever. Let them be taken home and stripped to their bare bones, with their manliness exposed for all to see and laugh at.

Let these officials be forever punished by enslavement. The moment the courts give their verdict and condemn these beasts, the Patriots will ensure that they would suffer their days behind bars, such as they will ask for death instead of life; yet, this luxury will be denied of them. They will be made to live only by a thread, clinging to it barely as their sufferings pile one atop the other.


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  14. Corruption like this must cost billions in tourism dollars and really hurt the people there.


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