Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Claus has passed the Philippines

Santa Claus has just passed the Philippines, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD, a US-Canada joint operation.

NORAD is helping kids track the location of the world's most popular Christmas icon when he travels the world with his ever-reliable reindeers.

According to NORAD, Santa visited the Philippines at 1515 GMT, according to what NORAD estimated. Check it out at www.noradsanta.org. NORAD estimates that Santa will complete his "world tour" until 900 GMT Tuesday.

“We’re the only organization that has the technology, the qualifications, and the people to do it. And, we love it! NORAD is honored to be Santa’s official tracker!” NORAD says on its website.

NORAD’s Santa tracking tradition dates back to 1955, when a department store ad in a Colorado newspaper, which offers to connect children with the cheerful Christmas icon, included an incorrect phone number.