Monday, December 3, 2012

Manila mayor Lim hits Erap

Manila mayor Alfredo Lim hit former president and once-political ally Joseph Erap Estrada three days ago. In his speech before a rousing crowd in the commemoration of Andres Bonifacio's birthday, Lim lambasted the entertainment industry for glamorizing the life of Asiong Salonga, the hoodlum who once terrorized Tondo in the fifties. Lim said, people should not turn Asiong Salonga as a hero. Salonga, says Lim, was a hoodlum, a scourge of society, a notorious holdup gang member who stole money from hapless victims and violated the law.

Felt slighted because he previously portrayed Asiong in the movies, Erap hit back, calling movies portraying Lim's life as "flops". Erap also asked Lim to hit corrupt policemen and those "hoodlums in uniforms". He also reminded Lim that his endorsement of his candidacy in 2007 led to his landslide victory.

Of course, we all know that  both gentlemen do not deserve to be called "living heroes". They don't exactly approximate the greatness of Bonifacio.