Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Citizen as the Vanguard Class of the New People's Revolution

Karl Marx said that the workers as a class, leads in the Socialist revolution. That was written in the 19th century. Who now leads the new revolution?

I say, the worker still, but is he the worker as described by Karl Marx? Is he the one working in the factories, in sweat shops and in production houses? No.

The worker has been re-defined. The worker has been altered and modified. The worker is not anymore the one to be led by an intellectual class.

The worker, or the proletariat, can be his own. With free access to information and the emergence of New Media, the proletariat has now the power to lead the revolution.

The proletariat has now become the Citizen. It is the citizen as the intellectual entrepreneur who now holds the power to launch an authentic New People's Revolution. The proletariat has now become the intellectual entrepreneur.

The emergence of The Citizen as the leader of the Revolution has now been realized.