Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Supreme Court stops COMELEC from cleansing partylist system

Seems like the campaign to cleanse the Supreme Court of individuals with non-progressives is a failure. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ordered the Commission on Elections to stop the purge of partylist organisations with dubious natures, or those partylists with multi-millionaire nominees or suspicious sector representations.

The Commission on Elections headed by Chairman Sixto Brilliantes Jr has taken it as a crusade to cleanse the ranks of the partylist system for the 2013 elections. Brilliantes said that their mission is to allow those with legitimate representations to run for election. The criteria is simple--if a partylist organization follows the Supreme Court ruling on partylist elections.

COMELEC's reason is two-fold---one, this cleansing process aims to shorten the list to manageable levels. IMagine the ballot a kilometer long. Second, it also strictly follows the letter and spirit of the partylist law--that only those organisations who really represent the impoverished and disfranchised sectors.

And now this.

I understand that the Supreme Court should recognize the rights of these partylist groups to be heard. However, what is really relevant is the fact that these rights should follow existing jurisprudence. The SC has already ruled before and their ruling was based on existing Constitutional provisions and laws. Now, why appear pliant?