Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Congressman took a big chunk of money from Bridges program of Arroyo

The bridges program of the former administration has caused the Filipino people billions of pesos. The revelation of Senator Osmena, a strong ally of the Aquino administration came at the right time. Proponents continue to rake in billions more from the program. President Aquino's intervention prevented the loss of about 25 billion pesos more.

An insider says the prime proponent of the program, a Legislator, continues to assert his authority over the project, since he says, he is cloaked with a Presidential order. Unknown to him, that order can be revoked by existing authority, and this is what President Aquino did just recently.

This Congressman also planned to extend his thievery by proposing to the Department of Transportation (DOT) for him to undertake another project, which, again, according to sources, Mar Roxas reportedly refused to give him.

Now that Abaya has assumed the DOTC post, it remains to be seen if the policies and prohibitions undertaken by the former Roxas administration would also be followed by the present DOTC administration.

The question that really people are interested in knowing is---where is the money trail? Who were the persons who robbed us in broad daylight?

Clue--this "gentleman" came to Congress via the backdoor. He is very close to the former First Couple.