Friday, August 31, 2012

Milking the Milk Code of the Philippines: I own my body

Lately, I notice that several "cause-oriented" groups have been very noisy online and offline, trying to convince the Filipino people, especially Filipinas, about adopting the ways of the West. Most  of the arguments center on adopting "United Nations" conventions on this and that, and mostly things that interfere on the rights of individuals to do what is best for their bodies. 

Example--that reproductive health rights argument center on United Nations studies and conventions about best-practices in raising families and managing populations. And then this.

Several individuals want to modify the Milk Code of the Philippines by stating that several of the provisions do not follow United Nations or international studies on breast-feeding, especially on the length of time a mother is expected to nurse her child. 

Recent conventions say that mothers should breast feed their babies for six months (minimum) and twenty four months maximum. Nothing wrong about nursing babies for these length of time, but for thirty six months? That is not just impractical but highly obstrusive to the rights of women to decide for their own bodies.

Imagine the stress that women who do breastfeeding endure every, single, day. In my personal observation, my wife cry in utter horror whenever one of my twins bite her aerola. It hurts especially if the baby is six months already. A six month baby has teeth already and she uses it in biting off whatever she gets hold of. Translate this experience a million times over.

Imagine if a 3 year old child still gets most of her nutrition from her mother's teats. This is what extreme cause-oriented breastmilk advocates want. 

Do these people have a decent local study perhaps supporting their call for legislators to lengthen the time for using mother's milk? Did they even ask Filipina mothers if their call is practical or not?

Likewise, why allow the State to overly interfere into the personal and private lives of individuals, particularly women?

As a Socialist, I dare militate against attempts to control the very lives of individuals especially their freedom to choose what is the best for one's health and well-being.

These issues are really very alarming because the United Nations itself is trying to influence and control the very private lives of people. That is subliminal control of the State, to avert and subvert the freedoms and rights of individuals! That is state manipulation even of an individuals' bodies! This issue is contrary to highly established principles in human rights!

Women's rights should be respected. A woman's right to get sufficient information on what is good and what is bad for her and for her baby should be respected. A woman should be able to get sufficient and vital information so that she can form an informed decision for her and her baby.

The State has no right to dictate to her what is good and what is bad. A respondent's experience in a survey does not necessarily compare with another respondent's experience.

Woman, rise up! Assert your rights as a woman!
Woman, you decide for your own! You own your bodies! The State does not have the right to dictate to you what is good and what is bad! You know what is best and what is not. 

Fight for what is right for your health and your baby!
Fight for enough information so that you'll be able to form an informed decision!