Friday, July 13, 2012

Dolphy Day: The People mourns the death of Dolphy, the comedy King

My generation remembers Dolphy as the life of the show John and Marsha. That show, aired every single day during the darkest days of Martial rule, was the only show that people watched keenly and avidly because it was the only show when people were able to forget that they were then living "during the darkest and most vile" of times. 

Dolphy was the nation's natural anesthetic. 

Now that he's gone, it felt like we will now start walking like tired ghosts along the avenue of life, without a purpose, and without a laugh.

I haven't seen anyone approximate the skill and the talent of a Dolphy among our current roster of comedians. Vice Ganda is crass. Chocolait is no more than a ghost. Of course, who would want a Pokwang?

When he walked on this earth, Dolphy was not just a comedian--he was sophistication par excellence. He can sing and dance like a professional. His smile is infectious. He definitely is not ugly, unlike others who use their physical features to elicit a laugh. 

There is really a distinct difference between the kind of comedy Dolphy represented with the kind of comedy others want to be known for.

Dolphy 's comedy is a long gone art form, like Chaplin's. Dolphy strove for entertainment, not just laughs. 

We love Dolphy not just because he made us laugh and forget all our troubles. 

We love Dolphy because we were highly entertained and our hearts filled with satisfaction.

Paalam po, Mang Dolphy.