Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marital spat breaking the Pacquiaos?

Manny Pacquiao seemed troubled and not in his element when he fought Juan Manuel Marquez. Speculations are rife. An incident happened before the fight. Or, at least two incidents, according to sportsman Chino Trinidad.

Pacquiao had a vicious spat with wife Jinkee, who arrived a day before the fight. Many thought the spat involved money. Sources say the Pacquiaos are losing money, and fast. That explains why Manny filed a suit against his former accountants.

Strange too that his mother, Dionesia, was no where when Manny was slugging it out with Marquez. She did not grant any interviews nor was seen in the Pacquiao residence today.

Alex Ariza, Pacquiao's trainer, is reportedly "out" of Manny's camp. Seems like there's trouble over the Pacquiaos camp. Money troubles and news of Manny's romantic indiscretions are spreading fast.