Friday, October 28, 2011

The Lacierda Logic: Give 5 million pesos to future murderers of soldiers

According to Palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, giving 5 million pesos to the MILF is justified. Let me quote what he told palace reporters on this issue.

What Lacierda said is that, MILF rebels, young ones at that, need management training after undergoing years of war. 

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said the project, which was agreed upon during the Arroyo administration, is “worth pursuing.”

“The whole idea here is from a decades-old conflict, the Bangsamoro members would be trained to assume leadership roles in areas where they might be needed. That’s the whole purpose of the funding and it was found to be worth pursuing,” Lacierda said. “Imagine mo, kunwari 20 years kayo nagbabakbakan, nagi-giyera, so ‘yung training mo is war rather than management. So you need to establish a management institute for them, catered to the uniqueness of the Muslim culture and the Bangsamoro culture.”  see link:

Two questions:

1. Is it the role of government to fund the education of would-be rebel commanders and ergo, enemies of the State? So, the government is concerned with the management style of the rebels, that they need more efficient learnings so that in the future, they would be able to manage themselves?

2. Why are soldiers and their families not given the same privilege as that provided by government to Bangsamoro rebels?

Hay naku. I'm sick and tired of this administration justifying their foolishness. 

So now, the role of government is fund rebels to be able to prolong the conflict and after some years, give them enough money to manage themselves when these rebels win the war and is in good standing to build their own government, a secessionist one at that.

Whoa. Such a logic coming from a lawyer.

Edwin, please go back to the private sector or just keep blogging ka na lang. You're digging a deeper hole for Noynoy.