Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Filipinos are fighting corporate greed in their own country

Wait for my latest paper, the Philippine societal pyramid, an analysis of the current state of Philippine society. This is a no-nonsense paper which deeply analyses the fissures within the socio-economic superstructure. 

As of this point, thousands have already encamped at Times Square. People are protesting against corporate greed, the obvious result or consequence of promoting Capitalism. Like in the movie Matrix Revolution, people have awakened from their stupor and realized that they are being sucked up by the system by a privileged group composed of a few individuals. That the world they knew as "real" is just a 3-D mockup of the true reality of the human condition. 

Like in the Philippines, the human condition is worsening due to the stresses in the economic systems of the world. Many have realized it and have now taken some action by joining these protests, now spreading like wildfire in different modern cities of the world. From Times Square, the realization has now spread to Rome, Italy. Italians are themselves protesting against the existing system of exploitation called Capitalism. 

These protests, says Leonor Briones, a popular economist, is expected to hit Manila. If groups of similar mindsets would just unite under one platform, then, this is not a remote possibility like what Malacanang thinks, but a definitive reality. 

Fact is, I believe that there will come a time, possibility during this administration, that individuals of the same Marxist-Leninist ideological perspectives, unite under one banner, under one political party.

The signs are there, the dissolution of the existing Communist Party of the Philippines, and the eventual takeover of young activist leaders who are hard-core Socialists. These new leaders will be more acceptable of political reality, of the need to unite all groups under one political belief and under one democratic ideal. This is not a remote possibility, given the fact, that political reality dictates it. Right now, groups are converging under one banner, that is, the legitimate concern about staging a true, legitimate revolution totally different from the pseudo revolution being promoted by several so-called democratic socialists serving the Aquino administration. 

Socialists or not, I believe that this time will definitely come, when groups realize that they are fighting an administration that is totally subservient to the wiles and caprices of Big Business and totally blind on the greater good.