Monday, March 21, 2011

Arroyo henchman appointed in Subic customs: The Boy Saycon Link

An Arroyo gang member, Errol Albano has just been appointed as Subic bay customs collector, a post he earned while serving the decrepit Arroyo administration. 

This, shortly after the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority or SBMA reported a 15.6% increase in tax collections in the freeport area or about 3.72 billion pesos last September 2010.

Subic Customs collector Talek Pablo did a great job in cleansing SBMA from scalawags and for increasing the customs take

Now, for unknown reasons, Pablo is being "re-assigned", to be replaced by controversial Errol Albano, a former deputy collector for administration in Clark. Pablo has not been charged with any misdemeanor, except maybe fighting those corrupt officials at the Bureau of Customs.

This is what we now call the "straight road."

How in the hell did President Aquino or Customs Commissioner Alvarez allowed a very controversial and alleged corrupt man like Albano head Subic? I mean, come on guys!!

This Albano guy has been involved in several anomalies and feuds in Subic. See this link. How the hell did he managed to again, get a juicy post in goverment? If at all, Albano should be fired or at least get an administrative suspension.

Did Alvarez appointed Albano as deference to his former boss, Lina, who once headed the BOC and used this Albano guy? Or, this Albano guy already agreed on a proposition from a man claiming to be "Boy Saycon"?

By the way....reports say that a certain "Boy Saycon" claims to have appointed Albano to the post. Is this the Boy Saycon I know, or this is someone else? 

Reports say Boy Saycon is allegedly going the rounds, offering this and that position to this and that person for a hefty commission. I hope not.