Monday, July 20, 2009

Anti-Drugs Inquirer story---kuryente!

Heto na naman po tayo. Remember today's Inquirer headline? This is about the story of the daughter of an alleged anti-drugs operative who was allegedly kidnapped and sexually abused. It turned out the story is a big DUD. Yup. It's not true. It's just a figment of the imagination of...tadah! Press secretary Cerge Remonde. Yeah.

Presidential Anti-Drugs Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chief General Santiago denied the story. In fact, he checked it and found that it was just a concoction of someone's wild dreams. There was no police nor military officer or even a confidential agent that was involved in such a crime.

A PDEA official also denied the story. It was good that the Inquirer redeemed itself by publishing a followup story. But, how about Malacanang?

Worst, katawa-tawa that the palace, especially Madame Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo reacted in dramatic fashion, as in, parang me concern with what happened. May golay, Arroyo did not even know that the story was a farce.

And all we know that the presidential office knows everything. Katawa tawa ang palasyo. Nakuryente.

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