Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mastermind behind Ninoy's death

Sgt. Lat, one of the convicted killers of Senator Benigno Aquino dared Kris Aquino to initiate a re-investigation unto the Aquino-Galman murder case. Lat is one of the ten remaining convicts pardoned and released by Mrs. Arroyo.
The act, which Press secretary Cerge Remonde called a "ministerial" or "procedural" thing, has now assumed political color.
Many believed Arroyo did the act out of vengeance against Cory Aquino who called for the former's resignation at the height of the Hello Garci controversy four years ago.

Lat and another one, Sgt. Claro pinpointed the alleged mastermind behind Aquino's assassination--Danding Cojuangco. They say Cojuangco masterminded the assassination.
Kris Aquino countered saying that their family do not believe this. Danding, Kris says, has nothing to gain from killing Ninoy.

So, who masterminded the death of Ninoy?

The widely held perception is Macoy ordered the trigger pulling, aided by Meldy and their pinsan, former AFP Chief of Staff Fabian Ver. For many people, this is logical, given that the triumvirate was the ruling clique at that time.

Yet, what has escaped the people's attention at that time was the possibility that Aquino could have been ordered killed by one of the Rolex generals. Or, possibly, maybe even all of the Rolex generals conspired to have Ninoy killed.

Remember that at that time, there was a power struggle between the generals and Imelda Marcos. Marcos was sick and the generals were worried. The regime was founded on a personality cult established by Marcos and his death, these generals lamented, could trigger a social upheaval that may lead to the downfall of the dictatorship.

They needed a diversion, something that Marcos would train his sight on while some, if not all of the generals focus on the systematic debilitation of the dictatorship.
This explains why the Reform the Armed Forces of the Philippines (RAM) came into public view the very same year Ninoy Aquino was killed. It was not just a reaction to the death of Ninoy. It was a deliberate act, a Master stroke if you will, created as a counter-force against the regime's own forces.
And the goal?
Provide a viable succession scenario in the event of Marcos death. The scenario included a part where the generals would succeed Marcos instead of Imelda or Ver, whom many of the Rolex Generals found despicable, to say the least, not worthy of their trust and confidence since he came from the ROTC, instead of the PMA.
What has not been revealed even at this time was the real reason behind Ninoy's return. A possible explanation was a convincing secret communique given to him by one of the Generals who assured him that they were on the verge of ousting Marcos. The communique was given to Ninoy in Boston.
That explains why Ninoy's flight was marked since his departure from the US to his arrival at the MIA. He was lured into the death trap by the very same generals who, after three years, managed to wrest state control away from Marcos via a revolt.
That coup or "revolt", as what some historians now classify it, could have been different. It was not a sudden defection. No. It was a deliberate act meant to force a succession.
It just became different when throngs of people gathered at one place and created history. As what we now know, EDSA Uno was a masterstroke of the People's Genius.
The Generals would have succeeded in creating a Thai-like or a Burmese dictatorial government and they could have very well succeeded in ruling us for decades, had it been snatched away from them by the People in what has now been known as the EDSA Revolution.
The question is this---who among the Rolex Generals ordered the assassination? Is he still alive?
Yes, he is.