Thursday, November 22, 2007

The beauty that is La Union

Surfers throughout the world know how beautiful the beaches of La Union. I've seen it. I've been there. And I fully agree that La Union seems to have the best beaches that side of the Philippines. If you want to just while the time away by surfing, then, La Union is the place to be.

I thought that driving there will take about five to six hours. I was mistaken. I drove there for just 3 hours. When there, La Union or any other place in Ilocos seems to have a mystical hold of me. Truly, the Ilocos region is somewhat a magical place. Its like you're in another country. The weather is great. The people, fantastic. The food, wonderful. Everyone seems to be happy.

I'm not saying though that La Union's beaches are the best there is here. I've seen more beautiful places in this country. Basilan and Jolo's beaches rival those of Bora. Palawan, Cam Sur, Guimaras and even Surigao's beaches are the best of the best. These places evoke sweet memories. They're obviously superior than La Union's beaches, but surely, if you want a cost-effective trip, its best to enjoy the Northern provinces.

I heard in the news that Mira has now become a super typhoon and could wreck havoc to these provinces in the North. I hope God spare La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. These places don't deserve God's wrath.

I hope Mina finds a way to just concentrate pouring out those tons of water in just one place. You guessed right--I hope Mina teaches Gloria a thing or two about beauty. More about beauty in future entries.