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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mar Roxas and his clique: Roxas-Ayala-Zamora

Why is it that Mar Roxas and his bunch of rich kids all belonging to traditional rich families want the presidency come 2016?

Is it because Roxas is the next best thing to happen in Philippine politics? Is it because Roxas is the one expected to follow the "tuwid na daan."? Probably.

If you're one of those who think that the meaning of "tuwid na daan" means doing everything you can so that all efforts lead to the strengthening of one's political affiliation even to the detriment of the people and everybody, and you"ll be protected because of your rabid-ness, then, definitely Roxas would continue it.

Tuwid na daan means for Roxas and his group as "Thievery, Unlimited Way Into our Doors".

Roxas, as you know, represents business interests, BIG BUSINESS. Do you know that the Ayalas support him and for obvious reasons? Aside from being Roxas' relatives, the Ayalas want to control major governmental utilities. They are now into LRT-MRT, water and infrastructure development.

Ayala is moving with Roxas men behind them. For one, their main man, Cesar Purisima, backs their every move. They are now targetting Private-Public Partnerships. Nothing wrong except that they intend to influence every bidding to favor the Ayalas.

DOTC secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya is an Ayala man. Certain officials of DOTC, particularly those involved in the bidding of projects, are linked with the Ayala Group.

Roxas is also being financially backed by the Zamoras. The Zamoras are responsible for large-scale destructive mining practices. Since the time of the dictatorship, the Zamoras have been at it, exploiting and destroying virgin forests for nickel, copper, gold and others.

The Zamoras are banking on Roxas to frustrate the idea of the Bangsamoro republic. Yes, the Roxas-Ayala-Zamora clique wants nothing more than cause the defeat of this concept so that their other rich amigas in Mindanao, particularly the Lobregats, would continue their economic and political domination of the region.

These high-brow scions of traditional traitors of the Philippine republic are salivating on the rich resources of this country. They want to control it precisely because they are losing money on their lands, their haciendas.

Since these scumbags are being edged out in business by the hard-working Taipans, they want to regain dominance thru the election of Mar Roxas. They want to resume their power tripping using the backdoor. And who to help them but one of their own?

If Roxas wins, so much for democracy here in the Philippines.

Confused Trillanes invents Inquirer bannerstory

" Nakakoryente na naman ako, hehehe"--
Antonio Trillanes IV on his contrived story of Binay
asking Pnoy to stop DOJ probe
Antonio Trillanes IV, whose posturing as a nationalist is now being exposed as a fraud, got banner story status from the Philippine Daily Inquirer today for something he definitely invented. see this link:

And frankly, I myself, cannot understand why the Philippine Daily Inquirer considered Trillanes' story as "banner material."

For one, Trillanes admitted that he just heard this from a "reliable source", meaning its second or even third hand information. Trillanes was not primary source.

The problem with this is, since it's "second-hand or third hand even", it may even be just a rumor. That's a serious credibility problem for the Inquirer---the country's number one newspaper treating a rumor as "truth". So much for its tagline--"balanced news, fearless views."

By treating something as "truth", the Inquirer exposed its political biases once more.

Look at the story---Trillanes during an hallucination, said that Binay actually tried to convince or ask the President to stop a Department of Justice (DoJ) probe.

How would this happen when the decision to probe Binay actually happened a few days after Binay and the Pnoy meeting?

Besides, why would Binay ask for something which has'nt happened yet?

According to sources, Trillanes is so desperate now because his ratings have fallen desperately low. He is now seen by the public as a loose cannon, an attack dog by the camp of the conos, led by Mar Roxas. His rabid-ness is really unfortunate. Instead of fighting the ones who are causing our current problems, Trillanes decided to side with these conos probably out of his desire to dip his fingers more on the billions these people systematically steal from us.

Shame on you, Mr. Trillanes. You are a disgrace to the ranks of the true Nationalists.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oplan Anti-Nognog 2016

Atty. JV Bautista is now all over town, exposing what I believe is the biggest political scandal that hit this country for decades.

Oplan Anti-Nognog 2016 is supposed to be a conspiracy meant to attack Vice president Jejomar Binay. Binay, as everyone knows, still leads other contenders in the presidential surveys. Inspite of a 15 percentage points drop, Binay's name still edges that of Grace Poe, Chiz Escudero and of course, the Liberal party's "sentimental choice" according to Butch Abad, Mar Roxas.

If Roxas is the "sentimental choice" of the Liberal party, Binay appears and is still the opposition's best bet come 2016, according to former president Joseph Estrada.

Now, if this presidential thing leads to a "duel", then, who wins but the most statistically probable, and that is Binay.

Not if the elections becomes manual and other camps distribute monies....

Several people, including those in the business community, fears a Binay presidency. Why so? Because Binay, being a reasonable man and a believer of creating a fair and balanced playing field, represents the people's interests, something so despicable to the ears of Big Business.

People's interests means lower prices of food stuffs, of transportation fees, of MRT fees and even of gas.

What Atty Bautista reveals are shocking facts of several LP and administration officials meeting every Thursday in a building office of Buddy Zamora, known nemesis of Binay.

Who attends but Ronald Llamas, presidential adviser for political affairs of the Aquino administration and is a known ally of Mar Roxas, LP man Cong Egay Erice who is the business partner of businessman Eric and of course, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, the publicly declared hatchet man of the group.

Cayetano, inspite of his highly public declaration of his warped dream of becoming president, has reportedly withdrawn already in favor of Mar, after a convincing talk with Ronnie Zamora, one of the Nacionalista Party's political heavyweights.

Zamora who was once an ally of the Binay-Estrada camp, is now working against UNA after a fallout. Zamora is brother of Buddy and Manuel Zamora, whose family is involved in mining. They own NickelAsia, the only mining firm in operation right now.

The thing is, there is a tactical alliance between the Liberals and the Nacionalistas. This came about when Binay announced that he is forming his own political party, thereby isolating traditionalists even from his very own base of support, the opposition. That pronouncement, says sources, was the cue that eventually led to this alliance.

Now, I don't know if the Villars approve of this but it seems that this move by Cayetano is such a stupid move that the possibility of a split within their party looms.

(more of this later...)

Kris Aquino---protective "momma" of actors with legal problems?

Several years ago, I remembered what Kris Aquino admitted in public--she wants to be the Local version of highly respected African-American TV host Oprah Winfrey. Kris was so enamored with her that she copied Oprah's every single move. Look at the sets of her shows and you"ll find that it looks like Oprah's, from the backdrop to the sala sets.

Oprah is known to be quite generous, and here you have Kris giving millions of pesos worth of prizes in ABS-CBN game shows.

Now, Oprah is considered as the No. 1 star in Hollywood, the most influential person right now in the United states. But inspite of her status, there is no news of Oprah using her influence to help a colleague with legal issues.

This is different with what the Queen of All Talk is doing, according to several people.

Talks swirled when news about Kris Aquino calling up some people to help beleaguered actor Vhong Navarro. Navarro was accused of rape by a former commercial model. How true?

Now, the Queen of All Talk is at it again, this time with highly controversial actor Derek Ramsay Junior.

Everyone knows that Derek Ramsay jr is encountering numerous legal problems, among those concubinage and of violating Republic Act 9262 or the law against violence committed against women and children.

A few nights ago, Kris Aquino was seen with Derek Ramsay in a concert date. This video was shown over TV 5 news program. TV5 as everyone knows, is Derek's home studio.

Every single soul in this country knows that the cases filed against Derek are now under initial investigation. Meaning, these are still being investigated.

How would it look if an accused is seen with Kris Aquino, THE PRESIDENTIAL SISTER?

Nothing wrong with dating someone but at least do it without being seen in public? How would it look if the PRESIDENTIAL SISTER is dating someone facing criminal cases?

Kris Aquino should exercise prudence sana in her actions because it affects other people. What would  Mary Christine Jolly Ramsay and her son say once they see her dating Derek?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dunkin Donuts TV commercial demeans women and when Derek Ramsay lied again to Angelica Panganiban

Talaga lang ah?
Are we so used and so jaded that we just simply tend to bypass things that actually injure us but appears harmless?

Take the case of Dunkin Donuts commercial featuring actor hunk Derek Ramsay. Nothing wrong with making donuts as sexy as this guy with a six pack abs, but, portraying women all ogling and like salivating infront of him and even wanting him, makes the commercial rather problematic for me.

The issue I have with this commercial is that the main actor, Derek Ramsay, has a legal tussle with his legal wife and kid. For years, this actor fooled so many people into believing that he is a bachelor and never married. For years, this actor made us believe that his relationship with Angelica Panganiban is one for the books, and that he is the "knight in shining armor."

He even lied again with Angelica Panganiban, who is now dragged into this controversy when Derek's wife Mary Christine Jolly filed a concubinage case by saying that Panganiban will eventually be excluded from the charge.

Everybody knows that in the crimes of concubinage, adultery or bigamy, the offended party charges both the offending spouse and his/her partner.

Anyway, going back to Dunkin Donuts...

There is a scene in the commercial where Derek is facing a group of women all wanting a slice of him. Nothing wrong? Well, Derek is a married man. And as far as I'm concerned, if you're a married guy you will not entertain any of these foolishness anymore, right?

It seems that this commercial even intends to encourage such a behavior and mind you, even with women??

For a more detailed discussion of this, see this link (

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The got Mary Ramsay's official charge of concubinage against Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban

Mary Ramsay and her lawyer,
family lawyer Atty. Argee Guevarra
Seems like this legal feud between actor Derek Ramsay and his estranged wife, Mary Jolly Ramsay is getting nastier by the minute.

Yesterday, reports say Mary Ramsay finally filed a case of concubinage against her husband and his alleged paramour ABS-CBN actress Angelica Panganiban.

I got hold of the news thru The (see link). The Ilustrado is a news magazine site. Very interesting. Try to read their entries.

The got hold of the copies of Mary Ramsay's official statements see this:

Next year, I heard that The will deploy their own correspondents in various major beats in the country to develop more content for the website.

Kudos to the Ilustrado news team!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mar Roxas behind Purisima ouster moves?

Some people are saying that ouster moves against PNP Director General Alan Purisima are being implemented by several people connected with DILG secretary Mar Roxas. Is this true?

Many of us thought that Purisima is a lapdog of Roxas. According to sources, Purisima is a direct hire of President Benigno Aquino III and does not belong to the Hyatt 10 group of Roxas.

Fact is, Purisima reports directly to the President, and seldom seen in the company of Roxas.

Reports say, Roxas wants another PNP official to replace Purisima. Why?

Purisima will retire from the service on November 2015, a few months before the 2016 Presidential elections. Sources say, Roxas and some Liberal Party stalwarts want a more subservient PNP head by that time.

Sources also say that Purisima knows a lot about Roxas and by resigning, the risk of "leaks" is high. That explains why the Palace is defending Purisima up to the very end.

ON MRT3--DOTC plans to change management from Sobrepena to Ayala-MVP

We always hear reports of MRT3 operations encountering problems. I bet my peso that these things would "go away" the minute government, thru the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) successfully wrest the ownership away from the Sobprenas to the consortium of the Ayala-MVP Group.

The Ayala-MVP Group won the bidding for the LRT-MRT ticketing system, which legality is now under question before the courts and before the Office of the Ombudsman. The Sobrepenas are still majority owners of MRT Holdings Corporation, the company with majority ownership of the MRT3 line.

Sources say, some government officials connected with the government are themselves, trying to amplify the operational problems of the MRT3 to justify an ownership struggle. Government intends to get from the Sobrepenas' majority stock so that they will then give it to a private consortium, which in this case, is the Ayala-MVP Group.

Nevermind if there is an obvious violation of the law against monopoly. Nevermind if there is a conflict of interest on the part of the Ayala-MVP Group because their consortium already "won" the bidding for the LRT-MRT ticketing system. Based on law, no operator of an LRT or MRT line or a toll way may actually participate or take part in any contract for the operation of MRT.

It is a known fact among business leaders that this administration favors the Ayalas who are strong allies not just of the Aquinos but of Cesar Purisima of the Department of Finance.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Is a discounted Toyota Prado considered as gift to PNP chief Alan Purisima?

There is a law penalizing government employees and officials from receiving "gifts" while in office. Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima admitted during the Senate hearing conducted by Senator Grace Poe that he did receive a donation of 11 million pesos from his friends from the construction industry.

Is a "donation" different from a "gift" as contemplated in Republic Act no. 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act? No, a donation can actually considered as a gift. Is it illegal to accept "donations"? Not exactly, since as what Purisima said, the donation went straight to the PNP.

What the law punishes is when the government official benefitted from the "gift" given to him. In the donation, Purisima did not benefit directly hence, not punishable.

What about the "discounts" Purisima got when he purchased a Toyota Prado worth P4 million but paid only P 1.4 million? Section 3 (c) says, and I quote this in toto:

(c) Directly or indirectly requesting or receiving any gift, present or other pecuniary or material benefit, for himself or for another, from any person for whom the public officer, in any manner or capacity, has secured or obtained, or will secure or obtain, any Government permit or license, in consideration for the help given or to be given, without prejudice to Section thirteen of this Act.

"Discounts" can actually be interpreted as "gift" as contemplated in Republic Act 6713, section 3 (c) which defines "gifts" as:

(c) "Gift" refers to a thing or a right disposed of gratuitously, or any act or liberality, in favor of another who accepts it, and shall include a simulated sale or an ostensibly onerous disposition thereof. It shall not include an unsolicited gift of nominal or insignificant value not given in anticipation of, or in exchange for, a favor from a public official or employee.

Now, discounts on the sale of a luxury vehicle, are considered as "gifts"? If the discount can be considered an "act or liberality, in favor of another who accepts it", then discounts are punishable under this law.

It can even be said to be a "simulated sale", since the discounts actually exceed the actual price. The discount given to Purisima was 2.6 million, even more than the amount paid which is 1.4 million. The actual price of the vehicle was 4 million pesos.

Did Purisima benefitted from the sale directly and personally? Yes.

Now, there is another element to this--there must be a favor which Purisima gave to his friend, a car dealer for this "discount" to be considered punishable under the law.

There must be a piece of evidence which suggests that this sale was immediately after an event which the person who gave the discount benefitted.

This is one thing which prosecutors are looking into.

More than the legality of all these things is the fact that this is already causing demoralization among the police ranks.

It seems that the PNP has lost its "puri" or dignity due to "sama" or bad acts of its Chief.

General Purisima's palusot sa luho

I have a friend, now a general at the Philippine National Police, living in one of the condo quarters inside Camp Crame. He's one helluva guy, a very principled one. He's the top graduate of his class. For his principles, he sacrificed most of his life. That explains why, inspite of his brilliance, his promotion got stuck somewhere.

He is one of the cops I truly admired mostly because he lives based on his means and never got involved in any anomalous transaction. He accepted the hazards of being a cop and likewise, that of getting a low pay inspite of having eight kids.

Now, I really don't know what he thinks of what is happening to his chief, PNP Director Alan Purisima, who is now being accused of graft and corruption and of "not living within his means."

I don't know what he thinks of Purisima, his senior at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). Ironic, my friend fought for the country in 1989 while Purisima was there inside, defeating the aristocratic family in power at that time.

That probably explains why Purisima is wealthy beyond his means right now, a reward for being a lapdog of the rich and (in)famous.

While most cops suffer from many things, and that includes medical assistance in times of sickness or injury, here you are, their "Chief" spending 11 million just to build and refurbish the quarters of the PNP chief.

Instead of asking his friends from the construction business to just give their monies to refurbish or build a more modern PNP hospital, Purisima instead requested that his quarters be given the "luxuries"

President Pnoy, in his defense of his beleaguered PNP chief and "long-time friend", describes him as "hindi maluho". Well, probably Pnoy was right.

For Pnoy, who lived in luxury for all his life, considers Purisima's "lifestyle" as "simple" because what is so "luxurious" with having a Prado, a LandCruiser, several other SUVs, land properties and all? That's not living "in luxury" because Pnoy was accustomed to having more of this stuff.

Purisima remains adamant--he will not give up his post. He stays as chief of the PNP probably until his retirement in November of 2015. This despite calls from various sectors, including that of former PNP chief Panfilo Lacson, for him to consider retirement.

As what Pnoy said in his SONA speech, " saan kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha itong mga ito." (Where do these people get this callousness?").

Now, I say, where do your friends Mr. President get the callousness and of being thick skinned inspite of being criticized mostly by the people? Answer---it is from you, Mr. President.

We have a saying---when one ignores the sins of a friend, it is as if, one has tolerated his erring ways. Yes, Mr. President, you probably did not enrich yourself while sitting there in your office in Malacanan, but your friends are doing you and the people a great disservice by enriching themselves beyond measure while in power.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pnoy, what is happening in our society?

Criminality is on the rise, and predictably so. For one, these so-called "economic gains" have not been felt by majority of the population, leading to others, undertaking desperate measures just to survive in the highly competitive environment.

The World Bank in unison with the United Nations released a December 2013 report cautioning governments of the inevitability of the rise of economic-related crimes. As food prices spiral out of control, and this administration seems unable to protect the rights of the ordinary consumer, and of the bleak job environment out there, expect crimes to rise out of control.

But this is not just the reason. The general lack of trust and confidence of the people behind the implementing agency of the law is likewise contributing to the breakdown of law and order. Criminal groups are now embolden to commit heinous crimes because of the inability of security agencies to effect the full force of the law.

What we need right now is someone who possess the strongest of wills to break down criminal syndicates and smash the heads of vice groups.

Let the Law prevail. Let order be re-instituted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Derek Ramsay---highest paid Pinoy actor at US$75 Million--and abandoned wife and son begging for 45 Million PESOS??

Derek Ramsay is the Philippines' highest paid actor. According to this article (please click on the link:, Derek Ramsay's estimated assets have totalled US$ 75 Million. Very interesting.

BASED ON NEWS REPORTS, Derek Ramsay's wife, Mary Jolly and their son, Austin, are asking for 45 million pesos--a measly US$ 1 million. That is pittance compared to the estimated assets of Derek which runs in the 75 million DOLLARS if this report is to be believed.

Now, Derek is saying that he is fighting for his right to be a father when in truth and in fact, he is quite adamant of giving spousal and child support??

How dare Derek is still questioning his abandoned wife's demands for spousal support when the sum demanded of him cannot really approximate the total value of monies he has generated from his job!

For those who think that 45 million pesos is quite a huge sum, think about this fact---both wife and child live in Dubai--one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Besides, by law, Mary Jolly is entitled to HALF of Derek's assets as his WIFE--that is about US$ 35 million. She is just asking US$ 1 million.

Austin, Derek's son, wants to study abroad---having a college education abroad is quite expensive. Just presume that he needs US$ 30,000 per semester or term--that is US$ 60,000 per year. Translate that to four years and that's already US$ 240,000.00.

Educational expenses alone would cost the mother and child one fourth of their monies from Derek's "spousal and child support".

Think about it before we believe the tales of this actor who cries before the public just to generate sympathy.