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Saturday, October 25, 2014

A father's take on the Senate hearings on Binay--please talk about other things and reject Grupo Cono (Cayetano-Trillanes-Pimentel-Roxas)

What more?
I just got my payslip and noticed how huge my tax deductions are. This tops those taxes being taken from me every time I eat out or buy something in the grocery or shopping mall.

Everytime I use the roads, I remember the road tax also taken from me every year. When I use my laptop or watch TV, I remember the taxes taken from me every single time I receive my Meralco billing. Each time I call or text, taxes are being taken away from me. And it irritates me whenever I see an erroneous entry in my Globe bill. You know why? Because it adds to the tax passed to me by this telco.

Even the money I keep in the bank are being taxed.

Me, my kids, their future
Every single centavo that I get from my employer, represents every single second I spent using my skills, my brain, and every single part of my body ache every week because of the strains and pressure of my work. And I'm not getting any younger. As I age, I lose opportunities. Yes, none of my skills are lost but time slowly eats me, sometimes, it eats me whole.

And then I see my kids--six of them--and I begin to worry.

With rising prices of foodstuffs, clothes, tuition fees, transportation--almost everything--how much more work do I need to do just to give them the life that I never had? What life will they have years from now? Would it be the life that I want for them?

will we sustain these gains when
dirty politics are being practised by our
so-called "leaders"
I remember how my grandparents, my mother, and my titos and titas tried very hard to raise me and provide me with the sustenance and the things I needed just to be able to finish college.

We were able to survive and get a good life because of government.

Every single centavo is precious to me. I am raising six highly active kids, my contribution to the Motherland.

That's why it irritates me, no it ANGERS me, to see my precious taxes being spent on useless hearings being conducted by three underperformers namely Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes and Koko Pimentel.

Instead of finding solutions to the pressing port congestion, rising prices of foodstuffs, MRT long lines, MRT operational problems, environmental destruction, peace and order and so many other things which make life so unbearable here, these stooges use these hearings just for their own selfish political reasons.

Check the websites of these gentlemen and ask them--what laws have they passed that benefitted me and my family? None! Trillanes put in his website that he was instrumental in the passage of the Freedom of Information Act. Where is it? It is still being debated!!

How about this Cayetano, what good did he do for the country? He just yacks, yacks, yacks. He wants us to forget that he, along with his forebears, were traitors of the Revolution. His father was also involved in an anomaly right? Cayetano and his wife were also charged with corruption and even election rigging. Instead of facing these issues like a man, Cayetano hides in the sanctity of the Senate. He is becoming so abusive.

I expect Koko Pimentel to allow the immediate passage of the Divorce Law since he himself has a very tragic personal experience about marriage but what is he doing? He is cavorting with the two other gentlemen just to exact his revenge when Binay accepted his main political nemesis as a member of the opposition.

These senators have an axe to grind against Binay, not to mention, their own personal ambitions or delusions you might say, of power and grandeur. Cayetano wants nothing more than the presidency, which, already the people are telling him not to aspire anymore since he's not capable. He cannot even solve his hair problems.

Trillanes has proven to be just a lapdog of the rich and famous, something which is expected of him. Remember those stupid outings he did in the past? Where did he allegedly fought the government of former president Gloria Arroyo? Hindi ba sa mga hotels? What will he do when he becomes vice president? Hold office too in hotels, I guess.

Worse, aside from wasting our precious taxes, these three wittingly or unwittingly allow themselves to play in the hands of the Cono group of Mar Roxas. Or maybe, these three already made a pack with the devil, pardon the pun.

If these three think that a Roxas presidency is better than Binay's or Grace Poe's or whoever, think again. The people know better. Roxas is a representative of the rich, those who own 90% of the country.

Under a Roxas presidency, expect further price hikes and expect the traditional rich, those high brow and with aquiline noses to amass more wealth.

Roxas represents neo-liberalism which means " selling every single government property to the private sector". This guy does not have a vision for this country. He is a salesman, yes. He will sell every single government agency and service to the highest and his most preferred bidder, which, incidentally, is the Ayala group.

This early, Roxas and his gang of misfits in government already revealed their true colors--they are partial with the Ayalas. The Ayalas want to own everything so that they will be able to charge exorbitant fees, the very same tactic they do with Globe and with their other "services".

The very reason why Roxas gets a very low trust rating is because the people know better. For the years that Roxas has spent in government, name just one thing that made our lives better? None! Fact is, prices of commodities and goods even went up, thanks to the neo-liberal policies of this man who is too thick-skinned, he even claims he's "Mr. Palengke."

Yes, Mar Roxas, indeed is "Mr Palengke" for Big Business--he promotes the sale of government services instead of the other way around. What we need is a builder for a future president. We don't need a salesman.

Trillanes made to eat humble pie when allowed entry at so-called "hacienda binay"

This early, we are being treated to a slew of dirty politicking that really shows how desperate Messrs Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano are just to pin down Vice president Jejomar Binay and other ordinary citizens.

Do you know that Trillanes agreed to visit the agri tourism farm of businessman Antonio Tiu at 3pm but came at 12 noon? Of course, the guards who are just doing their jobs would definitely not allow them entry for obvious reasons--the delegation are scheduled to visit the farm as agreed at 3pm, not 12 noon.

And you know why Trillanes etal did that---to make it appear that the owner or owners of the property do not want them there.

Shocked at how corrupt this Trillanes was, Tiu the businessman, was forced to go to this farm earlier than was what scheduled and agreed upon. So much for a gentleman agreement.

Nonetheless, the delegation was allowed entry--a fact that reflects the owner's willingness to really help clear the air and rectify those false accusations made during the Senate hearings.

Since he was made to eat humble pie and totally humiliated, Trillanes mumbled for the rest of the time that he was inside the farm---not knowing that the public already knew that he was one of those who initially praised the property of Tiu as " a successful venture" and even Trillanes described Mr. Tiu as a "visionary". So much for honesty of a public servant.

What Trillanes described as "fanciful", "lavish", was the very same place which he praised before when he was invited at the launch of the agri-farm of his "friend" Antonio Tiu whom he once praised for being a "visionary" and a friend of agriculture adviser Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan.

Trillanes is supposed to be investigating graft and corrupt practices. Yet, he himself is corrupt. Corruption involves not just playing or stealing other people's monies. Corruption also includes dishonesty and abuse of power.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Cayetano-Trillanes-Pimentel Fascist Show--how senate hearings are being used just to advance two dreamers' illusions of more power

Two members of the Nacionalista Party, namely, Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV, are moving heaven and earth just to give flesh to their hallucinations.

In a war path, these two dreamers are using everything in their power, and worse, even the monies of the Filipino taxpayers, just to pin down Vice president Jejomar Binay. These hearings, of which these two politicians cum misers are using, are being funded by Filipino taxpayers monies.

So far, what has the Filipino citizen got after seven or so hearings? Nothing but air, baseless accusations, political harassment and stupid innuendoes.

Of course, the duo are laughing themselves hoarse since they are getting free publicity every single time they ask for a hearing. These two probably thought that they can use public money to propel their political careers. They are so stingy they want US, ordinary taxpayers, to fund their warped dreams thru these hearings of which we finance thru our forced tax deductions.

They are doing so at the expense of ordinary citizens like businessman Antonio Tiu who agreed to be grilled for hours and gave his version of reality by telling and showing these two Fascists how he was able to get the 140 hectare property and transformed it into an agri-tourism park.

Trillanes probably thinks he is still grilling hapless student activists by trying very hard to pin down his former friend businessman Tiu with accusations that borders to the insane. Or maybe Trillanes still remembers his stint at the Navy, when he bullies ship owners in Manila Bay or those times when he sells equipment to the AFP/DND?

I now understand why he did those dramatic takeovers of hotels and why my fellow YOU colleague described him as "bobo" and "a lackey."

Since the start of his political career, Trillanes has been a lapdog of political interests. Before, he probably served as the spy of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Remember he admitted going to Arroyo and asked her to meet him because he wants to expose what his other fellow soldiers plan against her administration? That is treachery, plain and simple.

Trillanes probably was asked by several businessmen who were'nt able to "prosper" during Arroyo's time to seize the reins of power and turn it over to them so that they, themselves, would use that power to harass their competitors who were closed to Arroyo at that time.

It was God's will that Trillanes failed because had he succeeded, this country could have been managed by idiots.

Like millions of idealistic Filipinos, I was one of those who got convinced of his so-called "idealism." Now, thank God, my eyes are now open.

I do not share his idealism because his is NOT an idealism. Trillanes version of change is fascism.

Ask Trillanes what laws did he ever passed and you"ll get nothing, Nada. zilch, Puro satsat itong batang ito.

How about Cayetano? Well, he dreams of extending his hairline, that's why he does all these things. I remember him running for the chairmanship of the UP student council decades back and I remember him emptying his tear ducts dry when he lost to a SAMASA candidate.

Remember how Cayetano's father behaved during his time? Cayetano's father lawyered for those corrupt businessmen involved in the Belle corp controversy.

Rene Cayetano was not as clean as what his son, Alan Peter pictured him. Besides, this Alan Peter accuses the Binays of having their own political dynasty when he, along with his sister and wife are all in politics?

Nakakatulog pa ba ng mahimbing itong panot na ito? Mahirap magsinungaling araw-araw.

As a taxpayer, I don't want my money spent on useless hearings such as what this sub-committee is doing.

Lastly, how about Koko Pimentel? Why did his wife left him for another man? People used to admire and even envy Koko after getting the top spot in the bar exams.

He probably has everything--a blossoming career at law, Koko is perceived to be more intelligent than his father and he even capped it by marrying a beauty queen.

What really led that beauty queen to abandon him and go to another man? Is it because of his abusive behavior? Remember that this beauty queen told the public how abusive Koko was.  Back then, I half believe this.

Now, with his abusive behavior at the hearings, I believed everything which Labaton told us, journalists during those times.

This fascist show of a hearing deserve none of our support. This is just a waste of our money. Worse, we are being dragged into this useless and stupid hearings by two senators who are so drunk with power, they are using our monies to get free publicity and prop their sagging ratings. 



Senate sub-committee hearing by Cayetano-Trillanes-Roxas a dirty tricks probe

The two senators whose behavior smacks of dirty politics
After watching how Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano treated businessman Antonio Tiu during the last hearing of the "sub" committee of the Blue Ribbon, I, along with millions of other ordinary taxpayers are convinced that what they are doing are just "in aid of political dirty tricks" instead of "in aid of legislation."

Everyone knows that Cayetano has his own hallucation of becoming president, which, at the very same vein, Trillanes also has his illusions of grandeur.

Trillanes may have coopted out and even chickened during those dramatic takeovers of hotels, yet, fascist thoughts still linger in his ape-like brain.

These hearings are by far, show how gross, stupid and how low these legislators would go just to further their own political dreams. I describe their plans as "dreams" because no voter would ever vote for these two people.

Imagine if these two are given executive powers---they would definitely use them to harass, harangue and prosecute businessmen and ordinary people who will stand before them.

Businessman Tiu went to the hearings to provide information and to rectify what these senators have accused him of.

Tiu, as everyone knows in the local business community, is an honest and astute businessman. Fact is, unlike others, Tiu wants nothing more than help jobless people by providing them with employment in his farms and businesses.

What Cayetano and Trillanes did was malign and sully the reputation of this man who, just like most of us, works for an honest living.

If these two, God forbid, succeed and eventually get themselves to Malacanan, how many more ordinary businessmen and people would they victimize?

I thank God that, this early, these two senators are exposing themselves and we are being given a glimpse of how these two nincoompoops behave or conduct themselves while in power.

Cayetano acts like a petty mayor who uses legalese just to prove his point. Trillanes, on the other hand, acts like a cop who bullies people and tries everything just for people to submit to his will. Let me rectify what I said--Trillanes is not a cop but a Fascist who wears high boots.

Worse, Trillanes has his own warped view of the world and he has this tendency of using everything at his disposal just so people would subscribe to what he hallucinates about.

These two senators have abused their powers. What is so unfortunate is that these two belong to OUR generation. Alan Peter Cayetano belongs to our generation and so does Trillanes. They should show the people how different our generation is compared with others.

As what former Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson once described a young Manila councilor who eventually became a senator---" so young, yet so corrupt."

Corruption involves not just stealing monies of the people. The worst form of corruption is not involving money but using one's power in a very abusive manner.

Cayetano and Trillanes should be ashamed. They should have been different. Yet, the very system which they tried to fight is the very sordid one who transformed them into pitiful bullies.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trillanes praising "Binay Dummy" Tony Tiu

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is trying very hard to pin down Vice president Jejomar Binay and for many reasons one of them, to save enough money to finance the gambling activities of his "you know who".

Trillanes is really trying very hard that he even went to the extent of picking a fight with a businessman Antonio "Tony" Tiu whom he now accuses of being a front or a dummy of Vice president Binay.

Maybe Trillanes may have forgotten that the very same property which he claims to be owned by Binay, was actually the site of a launching which he himself attended and even described Tiu as a "visionary"

Tiu has always claimed ownership of the project and the alleged "hacienda Binay" is actually a agritourism park developed by Tiu himself and which, if you see the video below, was even praised by Trillanes.

Napaka fake nitong si Trillanes na ito. Operator kasi eh.

Slam Senate sub-committee hearing on Binay

Saan ka nakakita ng isang hearing "in aid of legislation" na may conclusion na kaagad ang mga miyembro ng sub-committee of the Senate blue ribbon?

When I was watching yesterday's hearing, I was very sad. It is time, I thought, of going back abroad and just work there. Our politics here, sucks.

As I was watching the three senators: Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel, I thought that they are the Gestapos masquerading as judges.

Unlike our politicians of old, where they exercised decency and the adherence to law, these hearings lack the impartiality expected of these legislators.

Hearings, which by the way are being funded by the ordinary taxpayer, are supposed to be for "in aid of legislation" and not "in aid of election."

By the way things are unfolding, these senators are acting like hatchet men. Look at what they did to this businessman, Antonio Tiu.

In order to establish that he's a "dummy" these senators, especially Cayetano tried to pin him down by saying that he does not own the property which he bought from a certain Laureano Gregorio. Tiu said he paid for the 140 hectare property with a downpayment of 11 million pesos. He issued post-dated checks to the tune of 446 million pesos, the amount of the sale.

Everyone knows that one assumes ownership of the property at the time that the sale is consummated. The sale, in this case, was, and therefore, Tiu assumes that he already owns the property although of course, the transfer of the title of ownership still hangs pending completion of the entire payment.

Technically, Tiu is still the owner. But what did the senators give as reaction? They tried to downplay what Tiu was telling them.

But, what did the senators assumed? They still told the public that the property is not owned by Tiu, but by the Vice president and his family.

These senators are abusing the power given to them by us, ordinary taxpayers. They are using public money to gain media mileage, something which I, as a taxpayer of this country, refuses to acknowledge.

We, the people, should unite and stop these hearings. Walang patutunguhan ito, at we are just allowing these senators na bilugin ang ulo nating lahat.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Senate hearings against Vice President Binay--a tiredsome fishing expedition

Listening to today's senate hearing of the sub-committee of the Blue Ribbon makes my stomach churn. Clearly, these three non-performing assets of the Senate, namely Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes and Koko Pimentel are doing their darnest best, trying to make a big issue out of thin air. And they are clearly abusive.

Imagine, a civilian by the name of Chinese-Filipino businessman Antonio "Tony" Tiu is clearly being harassed and intimated by these three stooges, trying desperately to prove their allegation that the businessman is a dummy of the Binays.

When the businessman refuses and stood up against them, the three stooges were clearly upstaged by him, and clearly Tiu demolished their allegations by just merely telling the truth. He is a president of a listed company. He is a private person. His business is commercial agriproduction.

It is fortunate that Trillanes did not get to be the head of the palace because had he meaning, had he succeeded in all those botched coups and became this country's undisputed polticial figure, how many businessmen kaya would fall by the wayside? Many I believe. Sanay na sanay manakot si Trillanes. By the way, hindi ba dating Navy itong si Trillanes? Hindi ba kagawian sa Navy yang mananakot?

Heto namang si Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, gustong gustong magpahaba ng buhok kaya hayan, papel ng papel.

This hearing sucks.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mar Roxas and his clique: Roxas-Ayala-Zamora

Why is it that Mar Roxas and his bunch of rich kids all belonging to traditional rich families want the presidency come 2016?

Is it because Roxas is the next best thing to happen in Philippine politics? Is it because Roxas is the one expected to follow the "tuwid na daan."? Probably.

If you're one of those who think that the meaning of "tuwid na daan" means doing everything you can so that all efforts lead to the strengthening of one's political affiliation even to the detriment of the people and everybody, and you"ll be protected because of your rabid-ness, then, definitely Roxas would continue it.

Tuwid na daan means for Roxas and his group as "Thievery, Unlimited Way Into our Doors".

Roxas, as you know, represents business interests, BIG BUSINESS. Do you know that the Ayalas support him and for obvious reasons? Aside from being Roxas' relatives, the Ayalas want to control major governmental utilities. They are now into LRT-MRT, water and infrastructure development.

Ayala is moving with Roxas men behind them. For one, their main man, Cesar Purisima, backs their every move. They are now targetting Private-Public Partnerships. Nothing wrong except that they intend to influence every bidding to favor the Ayalas.

DOTC secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya is an Ayala man. Certain officials of DOTC, particularly those involved in the bidding of projects, are linked with the Ayala Group.

Roxas is also being financially backed by the Zamoras. The Zamoras are responsible for large-scale destructive mining practices. Since the time of the dictatorship, the Zamoras have been at it, exploiting and destroying virgin forests for nickel, copper, gold and others.

The Zamoras are banking on Roxas to frustrate the idea of the Bangsamoro republic. Yes, the Roxas-Ayala-Zamora clique wants nothing more than cause the defeat of this concept so that their other rich amigas in Mindanao, particularly the Lobregats, would continue their economic and political domination of the region.

These high-brow scions of traditional traitors of the Philippine republic are salivating on the rich resources of this country. They want to control it precisely because they are losing money on their lands, their haciendas.

Since these scumbags are being edged out in business by the hard-working Taipans, they want to regain dominance thru the election of Mar Roxas. They want to resume their power tripping using the backdoor. And who to help them but one of their own?

If Roxas wins, so much for democracy here in the Philippines.

Confused Trillanes invents Inquirer bannerstory

" Nakakoryente na naman ako, hehehe"--
Antonio Trillanes IV on his contrived story of Binay
asking Pnoy to stop DOJ probe
Antonio Trillanes IV, whose posturing as a nationalist is now being exposed as a fraud, got banner story status from the Philippine Daily Inquirer today for something he definitely invented. see this link:

And frankly, I myself, cannot understand why the Philippine Daily Inquirer considered Trillanes' story as "banner material."

For one, Trillanes admitted that he just heard this from a "reliable source", meaning its second or even third hand information. Trillanes was not primary source.

The problem with this is, since it's "second-hand or third hand even", it may even be just a rumor. That's a serious credibility problem for the Inquirer---the country's number one newspaper treating a rumor as "truth". So much for its tagline--"balanced news, fearless views."

By treating something as "truth", the Inquirer exposed its political biases once more.

Look at the story---Trillanes during an hallucination, said that Binay actually tried to convince or ask the President to stop a Department of Justice (DoJ) probe.

How would this happen when the decision to probe Binay actually happened a few days after Binay and the Pnoy meeting?

Besides, why would Binay ask for something which has'nt happened yet?

According to sources, Trillanes is so desperate now because his ratings have fallen desperately low. He is now seen by the public as a loose cannon, an attack dog by the camp of the conos, led by Mar Roxas. His rabid-ness is really unfortunate. Instead of fighting the ones who are causing our current problems, Trillanes decided to side with these conos probably out of his desire to dip his fingers more on the billions these people systematically steal from us.

Shame on you, Mr. Trillanes. You are a disgrace to the ranks of the true Nationalists.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oplan Anti-Nognog 2016

Atty. JV Bautista is now all over town, exposing what I believe is the biggest political scandal that hit this country for decades.

Oplan Anti-Nognog 2016 is supposed to be a conspiracy meant to attack Vice president Jejomar Binay. Binay, as everyone knows, still leads other contenders in the presidential surveys. Inspite of a 15 percentage points drop, Binay's name still edges that of Grace Poe, Chiz Escudero and of course, the Liberal party's "sentimental choice" according to Butch Abad, Mar Roxas.

If Roxas is the "sentimental choice" of the Liberal party, Binay appears and is still the opposition's best bet come 2016, according to former president Joseph Estrada.

Now, if this presidential thing leads to a "duel", then, who wins but the most statistically probable, and that is Binay.

Not if the elections becomes manual and other camps distribute monies....

Several people, including those in the business community, fears a Binay presidency. Why so? Because Binay, being a reasonable man and a believer of creating a fair and balanced playing field, represents the people's interests, something so despicable to the ears of Big Business.

People's interests means lower prices of food stuffs, of transportation fees, of MRT fees and even of gas.

What Atty Bautista reveals are shocking facts of several LP and administration officials meeting every Thursday in a building office of Buddy Zamora, known nemesis of Binay.

Who attends but Ronald Llamas, presidential adviser for political affairs of the Aquino administration and is a known ally of Mar Roxas, LP man Cong Egay Erice who is the business partner of businessman Eric and of course, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, the publicly declared hatchet man of the group.

Cayetano, inspite of his highly public declaration of his warped dream of becoming president, has reportedly withdrawn already in favor of Mar, after a convincing talk with Ronnie Zamora, one of the Nacionalista Party's political heavyweights.

Zamora who was once an ally of the Binay-Estrada camp, is now working against UNA after a fallout. Zamora is brother of Buddy and Manuel Zamora, whose family is involved in mining. They own NickelAsia, the only mining firm in operation right now.

The thing is, there is a tactical alliance between the Liberals and the Nacionalistas. This came about when Binay announced that he is forming his own political party, thereby isolating traditionalists even from his very own base of support, the opposition. That pronouncement, says sources, was the cue that eventually led to this alliance.

Now, I don't know if the Villars approve of this but it seems that this move by Cayetano is such a stupid move that the possibility of a split within their party looms.

(more of this later...)

Kris Aquino---protective "momma" of actors with legal problems?

Several years ago, I remembered what Kris Aquino admitted in public--she wants to be the Local version of highly respected African-American TV host Oprah Winfrey. Kris was so enamored with her that she copied Oprah's every single move. Look at the sets of her shows and you"ll find that it looks like Oprah's, from the backdrop to the sala sets.

Oprah is known to be quite generous, and here you have Kris giving millions of pesos worth of prizes in ABS-CBN game shows.

Now, Oprah is considered as the No. 1 star in Hollywood, the most influential person right now in the United states. But inspite of her status, there is no news of Oprah using her influence to help a colleague with legal issues.

This is different with what the Queen of All Talk is doing, according to several people.

Talks swirled when news about Kris Aquino calling up some people to help beleaguered actor Vhong Navarro. Navarro was accused of rape by a former commercial model. How true?

Now, the Queen of All Talk is at it again, this time with highly controversial actor Derek Ramsay Junior.

Everyone knows that Derek Ramsay jr is encountering numerous legal problems, among those concubinage and of violating Republic Act 9262 or the law against violence committed against women and children.

A few nights ago, Kris Aquino was seen with Derek Ramsay in a concert date. This video was shown over TV 5 news program. TV5 as everyone knows, is Derek's home studio.

Every single soul in this country knows that the cases filed against Derek are now under initial investigation. Meaning, these are still being investigated.

How would it look if an accused is seen with Kris Aquino, THE PRESIDENTIAL SISTER?

Nothing wrong with dating someone but at least do it without being seen in public? How would it look if the PRESIDENTIAL SISTER is dating someone facing criminal cases?

Kris Aquino should exercise prudence sana in her actions because it affects other people. What would  Mary Christine Jolly Ramsay and her son say once they see her dating Derek?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dunkin Donuts TV commercial demeans women and when Derek Ramsay lied again to Angelica Panganiban

Talaga lang ah?
Are we so used and so jaded that we just simply tend to bypass things that actually injure us but appears harmless?

Take the case of Dunkin Donuts commercial featuring actor hunk Derek Ramsay. Nothing wrong with making donuts as sexy as this guy with a six pack abs, but, portraying women all ogling and like salivating infront of him and even wanting him, makes the commercial rather problematic for me.

The issue I have with this commercial is that the main actor, Derek Ramsay, has a legal tussle with his legal wife and kid. For years, this actor fooled so many people into believing that he is a bachelor and never married. For years, this actor made us believe that his relationship with Angelica Panganiban is one for the books, and that he is the "knight in shining armor."

He even lied again with Angelica Panganiban, who is now dragged into this controversy when Derek's wife Mary Christine Jolly filed a concubinage case by saying that Panganiban will eventually be excluded from the charge.

Everybody knows that in the crimes of concubinage, adultery or bigamy, the offended party charges both the offending spouse and his/her partner.

Anyway, going back to Dunkin Donuts...

There is a scene in the commercial where Derek is facing a group of women all wanting a slice of him. Nothing wrong? Well, Derek is a married man. And as far as I'm concerned, if you're a married guy you will not entertain any of these foolishness anymore, right?

It seems that this commercial even intends to encourage such a behavior and mind you, even with women??

For a more detailed discussion of this, see this link (