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Friday, February 5, 2016


This is a tall order. But, if we can at least delimit the hold of the Oligarchy by at least 40% (from a staggering 90% of GDP), we will be able to reach first world status sooner than expected. I don't believe that the fault lies in all of us. I have always believed that this country became what it is because of the greed of a few wealthy men and the diminished capacity of the middle class to revolt.

The State follows a basic paradigm: Parasitism

" Let those who rule through force, control even the guts of those who are living in the margins. Land must become a commodity. Control of land means control of production. Make the people work the lands, the landowner controls supply and therefore, prices. Profit from the hard work of the majority."

The middle class is the class that is expected to support the basic masses in its struggle against equity.  Since if we analyze the class structure, we find that there are really just two distinct classes---the super rich and the poor. There is no middle class--it is too small to be considered as a major class. It is therefore, the duty of the middle class to organize the masses and assume a temporary vanguard role before the revolution and increase representation of the basic masses after victory has been achieved.

The question really is--who among the presidentiables has the "goods" or the strong political will to do this?

Duterte? Maybe. He has been doing the rounds advocating for federalism. The only thing or the only comment I have about him is his tendency to veer towards gangsterism or syndicated politics. Maybe he has his own thoughts but if we elect him, he has a tendency towards gangsterism which does not bode well to most of the citizens, especially the business community. We can only push for federalism if our reasons are right, meaning, federalism as a solution towards poverty alleviation and for equalizing rights, not to perpetuate a perceived historical or cultural notion that we are a nation of many voices, therefore, allow dispersal of power based on cultural uniqueness.

How about Binay--will it be to his best interest to shift towards federalism? Yes, if it allows him more power. There are federalist setups where the President becomes a strong political hegemon, similar to the one Russia has.

We might probably exclude both Roxas and Poe to this because what these two espouse is neo-liberalism which does not include this possibility in their political agendum.

For us to achieve delimitation of oligarchical power we need to:

1. Increase government power and control of resources
2. Implement a level playing field
3. strong regulatory control to discourage monopoly capital

Icing predictions for May 2016 elections

What is at stake for the Philippines this coming new year (Chinese, I mean)? I consulted the I Ching, a very old divination tool and this is what resulted.

25. Without Pretense
Line 1:
Being without pretense.
Going brings good fortune.
Being natural, without pretending to be other than one really is. What one does will go well.
Line 2:
Not plowing yields uncultivated land.
Thus, it is beneficial to have a goal to move to.
Not taking action to make things happen, so nothing happens. It is better to work towards a goal.

Hexagram is changing to:
6. Conflict
Trust has stopped.
Cautiousness while in the middle of this brings good fortune,
at the end misfortune.
It is beneficial to see a senior person.
A disadvantage for crossing the big river.
There is a conflict, so there is no trust in the other party any more. One must be cautious now, while in the middle of this conflict. If one needs to stay cautious things would not go well. An advisor or mediator could be helpful. This situation is a problem when important things are at stake.
Seems like what the IChing is telling us that if trust on the electoral system fails, then, it would lead to conflict and an eventual resolution by a "senior person"? Will we see a Fidel Ramos again, intervening to bring balance to the political system once more? We will see.

Another hexagram is hexagram 7

7 - Seven
Shih / Recruiting Allies

Deep Water beneath the Earth's surface:
Untapped resources are available.
The Superior Person nourishes and instructs the people, building a loyal, disciplined following.
Good fortune.
No mistakes if you follow a course led by experience.
This senior person, as what the IChing describes, is building a "loyal, disciplined following". Who is this "senior person"?

On the question as to who will win in the May 2016 elections, the IChing gave this very cryptic answer:

16 - Sixteen
YĆ¼ / Enthusiasm

Thunder comes resounding out of the Earth:
Similar thunder roars up from the masses when the Superior Person strikes a chord in their hearts.
Whip up enthusiasm, rally your forces, and move boldly forward.
There is a rhythmic force, a world music, that lives deep in the Unconscious of each of us.
It's a primitive drumbeat, a shaking rattle, a tribal chant that invokes the primal self to rise up and join the dance.
This is the enthusiasm that is generated now.
Not rhetorical persuasion, not a play on the emotions, but a charismatic, irresistible Call of the Wild.
Confucius said that the person who could comprehend this could 'rule the world as though it were spinning in his hand.'
This is a time for instinct, not intellect -- the Thunder from Beneath.

Who would stir such "thunder" from the hearts of the people? Whoever this is, is expected to win the elections. This thunder, as the IChing described, is likened to a "tribal chant that invokes the primal self to rise up and join the dance"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Plan to disfranchise voters meant to snatch victory from Vice President Binay

""Things are going as planned", says source on the alleged plan to disfranchise thousands of voters in the May National and local elections. The plan, says source, is meant to pull off a stunning victory for administration candidate Mar Roxas.

According to the source who is privy with these things, said that the plan was hatched as early as 2014. And the plan is simply directed against Vice president Jejomar Binay, who is still the biggest threat against Roxas' ambition.

Binay, says the source, remains the only legitimate and the most potent opposition against Roxas. As proven by numerous surveys, Binay has a very stable mass base of 25-30% of voters, a very formidable number in a four-way race. This base is loyal to him and any effort to make it appear that he's losing his traditional mass base would simply amount to nothing. No one would believe that Binay would get votes lower than 25% of the actual number of voters.

The next best thing going for Binay is he has a formidable grassroots machinery that would ensure protection of votes come election time. Poe-Llamanzares does not have that kind of network and neither is Duterte.

Poe's network is dependent on Chiz Escudero and by the time of the elections, their "makeshift" political party would have difficulty securing the last copy of election results because no traditional political party has given their blessing for the Poe-Escudero tandem.

In the end, Poe-Llamanzares would have to find a way to form her own network to protect her votes. And that is a formidable thing to accomplish in so short a time. Meaning, Poe-Llamanzares is vulnerable to cheating. 

This same thing applies with Duterte who, even with an army of volunteers, would simply find it extremely difficult to organize them in time for the elections. Yes, Duterte can find the solace of getting a copy of the election papers due to his being the official candidate of PDP-Laban, yet his funds are not enough to sustain a decent campaign much alone muster enough strength to organize a decent army of volunteers up to the precinct levels to protect his votes.

Even if his political enemies stay their hand and not order a cheating operation against Duterte, the candidate's numbers are not enough to pull off a surprise victory as expected by several analysts, who liken Duterte's run with that of Ramos in 1992.

Ramos' numbers and grassroots machinery were operated with military-like precision, and during those times, there was a feeling against traditional politicos and there was no alternative candidate except Ramos. In this elections, there is Poe-Llamanzares who is perceived to be a viable alternative for a Binay and a Roxas.

Duterte's would find it extremely difficult to muster a base higher than Binay's and Poe's. Therefore, victory would elude the feisty Davao mayor this time around. Let's see if the February survey shows an improvement in Duterte's numbers. If his survey ratings move up North, then, let's re-analyze.

So, in terms of actually pulling off a victory from the elections, the only two candidates with the most stable organizational base and with LGU support are Binay and Roxas.

The plan is simply ensure that Binay's survey numbers are not reaching the magic figure of 35% because that would simply ensure him electoral victory in a four-way fight. The latest survey pits him at 31%

Alleged "analysts" would be given media space to say that there is a statistical tie among Binay, Poe, Mar and Duterte. The latest survey actually does not reflect a statistical tie among the four contenders. The fact is, Binay has pulled away from the pack already.

Daring predictions:

1. Poe-Llamanzares' name would be included in the printing of the official ballots. The Commission on Elections would allow her inclusion. The previous plan was not to include her. However, this changed when Roxas' numbers remained at rock bottom levels. Administration strategists saw that potential votes for Poe-Llamanzares actually goes to Duterte and some to Binay, not to Roxas. There was a perception that, Poe-Llamanzares votes came from a base of administration supporters, hence, a fallout from Poe-Llamanzares would benefit Roxas. No such thing occurred.  The voter profile belies this. Poe-Llamanzares votes come from FPJ die-hards and the bulk from former Aquino supporters who hate Roxas. However, those from Aquino supporters are fragmented, and some are shifting and are actually rooting for Duterte, while some are going to Binay, the former number of voters who shifted to Poe-Llamanzares when the graft trials began,

Their plan is really make sure that Poe-Llamanzares name is there to divide voters against Binay and since there is already an indication that Poe's numbers would simply not pull away to 30 plus percentage points, and would even stay at 20-21%, it is more convenient and better if she runs, rather than make her efforts at disqualifying her from the race because she does not have the strength anyway to win. So, making her stay there is most convenient to justify a surprise pull off of Roxas in the end game.

2. Daring prediction--in the end, it is Mar Roxas who would win this electoral contest.

First of second parts...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WHY President Aquino vetoes SSS PENSION FUND hike

President Benigno S. Aquino III vetoed the SSS pension fund hike not because of fears that the fund will dissipate by 2024, but because it will AFFECT THE BILLIONS OF INVESTMENTS put forth by the Social Security Systems (SSS) to numerous blue-chip companies, most of which, invested their monies to Aquino's 2010 presidential campaign.

SSS Executive Vice president Edgar Sollipsi said in July of 2013, that SSS plans to boost their investments in stocks. Currently, SSS invests the funds in banking, telecommunications, real estate, utilities, infrastructure, mining and power generation. 

Sollipsi says SSS plans to boost its investments in mining from 25 to 30%, or from 85BILLION TO 95 BILLION PESOS. The fact is, the fund is earning so much monies in stock investments. Pensioners are just asking for 56 billion pesos every year. 

SSS Chief Executive Edgar de Quiros Jr. boasts that the fund manager has 350 billion pesos in total investible funds, including 18 to 19 billion invested in stocks. In just six months, SSS earned 16 billion pesos, 13 billion earned from stocks. Again, pensioners are just asking for 56 billion pesos, or just 16% of the total investible funds. 

When we say investible funds, we mean funds allocated to be put in the stock market.

The fact is--in 2014, De Quiros even said that they are planning to put 3 billion pesos in the capital markets, invested in peso denominated equities and fixed income instruments.

Now, we ask---where did the SSS invested its funds? You guessed right--majority of the firms owned by people who supported Aquino III in his presidential campaign last 2010.

That explains why SSS and the President do not want to hike pensioners pay because it will dilute the monies being invested by the SSS in these firms. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Oligarchs are planning for the restoration of a Marcos in Malacanang this May 2016 thru backdoor

The more candidates for the presidency fight each other out in a very aggressive and in a hotly contested manner, the more they cancel themselves out. These presidentiables are expected to eat each other out, and claw their way to the top. The billions they are already spending for their campaigns pre-election says much.

And who emerges the penultimate winner of this political contest? It's Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr and the oligarchs who back him up.

The fact is--these oligarchs who are behind the presidential and vice presidential campaigns, those funding these candidates, are formerly connected with the dictatorship. These oligarchs have tasted power and with a more competitive business environment caused by globalization, expect these oligarchs to once more spend monies just to have that power of control over government once more. They had that luxury during martial rule. Everybody knows that the only way for local conglomerates to survive in a globalizing business environment is control over regulations. The aim therefore of these oligarchs is to use government as a tool against their foreign competitors.

Consider the backers of these candidates, both in the presidential and vice presidential contests. They have the same bond---they are former cronies of the Marcos dictatorship.

You have the San Miguel group backing Grace Poe-Llamanzares and Chiz Escudero. We all know how Danding Cojuangco got his wealth--as a crony of Macoy. There is talk that Ramon S. Ang is the bright boy that invested much of the Marcos wealth in several offshore accounts, a source says. Escudero is a Danding boy, being a son also of Marcos' agrarian minister. The reason why there is a strong affinity between the two is the fact that it was during the term of Escudero's father that the coco levy scheme was hatched. There is talk that Escudero's father was one of those who supported and helped Danding get those coco levy funds.

And we all know how close the Poe family to the Marcoses during martial rule, the very same way, the Estradas (meaning ERAP) find affinity with Madame Imelda Marcos. That explains why the former president Joseph Estrada raised the hand of Bongbong Marcos instead of his erstwhile political godson, Chiz Escudero.

Another Marcos crony, Lucio Tan, is reportedly funding the campaign of another presidentiable--Rody Duterte. We all know how Tan got his riches--by closely identifying himself with Marcos during Martial law. Besides Tan, several other personalities most of them former cronies of the old dictatorial regime are not just funding but are running Duterte's campaign team.

Duterte's running mate--Alan Peter Cayetano--is being supported by the Zamoras, and the Villars, as well as several others who once got the taste of power during Marcos time. Associates of Cayetano's father who now owns a big corporation that runs resorts and casinos here, are likewise backing him up.

I'm not finished. Even Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who claims to be "clean" and "not supported by anybody" admitted that the Nacionalista Party is partly supporting his campaign. The Nacionalista Party is the party of the former dictator, and is being supported silently by Oligarchs.

And do you know that Mar Roxas is not spared from all of these? We all know that the Aranetas are close relatives of the Marcoses. Liza Araneta, the spouse of Bongbong Marcos Jr., is an Araneta. Likewise, Mar is a cousin of former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, who is now friends with several personalities of the other camps.

So there. In the vice presidential contest, who will laugh the most would be the Villars because they are supporting three candidates--Bongbong Marcos, Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV. One of these gentlemen would eventually become president someday since most candidates, except Mar Roxas, has legal infirmities. Aside from the Villars, the Zamoras as well as Ang would also count themselves lucky should anyone of these three clinch the second top spot.

By the way--the Villars, Ang and the Zamoras as well as those other oligarchs are not just involved in real estate and infrastructure development. They are into mining, large scale. Who wins and laughs their way to the bank come May? Yes, you guessed right---the miners.

Trillanes IV made a major blunder when he revealed during a DZMM interview of what will happen to Binay if he wins. Trillanes said there is a move to issue the warrant for Binay's arrest the minute he wins the presidency. So, what these evil people want is to destabilize the entire political electoral process to pave the way for their eventual ascension to the presidency.

A destabilized presidential contest benefits the winner of the vice presidential contest because of the constitutional succession provision under the 1987 Constitution. This eventuality looms because this is the only remaining constitutional provision that has not been contested or has not been legally discussed.

And again, why do I say that Bongbong will become president? The Oligarchs will not allow his defeat this elections because if he loses this contest this year, Bongbong will find it extremely hard to go back to the national scene come 2019. And he will become irrelevant politically come 2022.

So, Chiz, you know what to do.

Marcos Presidency looms big in May 2016

We may not know it but we may probably wake up on May 10, with Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. as president of this country. And if this happens, this may yet be the biggest indictment of what the people did in EDSA thirty years ago.

Fact 1---we are so engrossed with the presidential campaign runs of at least four big ones that we forget the close fights happening at the vice presidential race. Based on the latest Social Weather Stations, Bongbong is now inching closer to the top spot now being occupied by Chiz Escudero, the son of the agrarian minister of Bongbong's father. The sons and daughters of EDSA pioneers like Leni Robredo, Alan Peter Cayetano and Gringo Honasan are at near bottom levels.

Cayetano's numbers are not improving precisely because of the perception of him as hatchet man and the main antagonist of Vice president Jejomar Binay. Binay, among the presidential contenders, has the widest and the most stable grassroots network in the country today. Imagine the effects of such a network in the reputation of Cayetano.

Cayetano's propaganda work against Binay, together with another hatchet man, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, is supposed to benefit Mar Roxas. Now, they are realising that what they did with the vice president has actually harmed Roxas more than Binay. As I wrote in this blog a year ago, Binay has a solid mass base of 20-25% of the electorate, and when this number goes up, it just shows that a significant portion of the middle class has just been converted to him. His 31% rating in SWS shows that some portion of the middle class who belonged to Grace Poe-Llamanzares has now "migrated" to his side.

Leni Robredo's numbers are slowly going South. The more Leni opens her mouth and the more she associates herself with this administration, the more her ratings go down. The initial euphoria and the promise of her being a progressive candidate for the vice presidency has dissipated. Without anything good being ascribed to her, Leni is now just a candidate for the vice presidency, period. Her numbers will not move anymore if she continues to do nothing to separate herself from the pack.

Honasan's ratings are expected to plateau since he does not have anything in his sleeves anymore to show to the public. Honasan needs to present a fresher platform.

Now, going back to the original topic of this blog, why do I say that the possibility of a Marcos presidency looms big in May?

Fact 2---indications are rife that this elections would be hotly contested by these presidentiables. For one, their financial backers expect them to fight it out and slug it out considering the billions they are spending just to prop their numbers up.

Just look at what Nielsen research has shown several weeks ago---ad spending alone of these contenders is reaching the billion peso mark--and it is not yet campaign period. That's only advertising. Imagine, how many millions of pesos they are now spending for their grassroots and political machinery buildup.

The sheer inanity of this is a sign of how people behind these candidates consider this presidential contest--this has become not just a political fight but more of a personal fight amongs oligarchs.

This presidential contest is like how gamblers bet in horse races or how the Filipino oligarchs bet in boxing or cockfighting--they bet big and they expect their ROI immediately.

These people behind these presidentiables are expected to do everything in their power for their candidate to eventually win come May. The ones who are ready to kill and be killed will win. This presidential elections is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Fact 3---elections this May will be very messy and chaotic. Why? Because the ones who really want nothing more than win this elections for their own personal survivals are also conditioning the minds of the people and are strategizing to cheat. Likewise, they are maneuvering so much that they don't even mind that what they are doing would actually mess things up for this country.

Consider what they are doing against Vice president Jejomar Binay, the strongest bet for the presidency. Senator Trillanes IV hinted that even if Binay wins, he will be ordered arrested by the Office of the Ombudsman because of the graft charges some nincoompoop filed against the VP.

That's just one of the things they did, but what the public does not realize is this---these people are planning to muck up this elections and they are creating the scenario for massive disfranchisement of voters.

And they would do it, courtesy of Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares.

I have a strong feeling that Poe-Llamanzares' name would still be included in the official ballot come January 20. This eventuality will favor not Poe-Llamanzares, but Mar Roxas. Why?

Let's admit it---Poe-Llamanzares' campaign is terribly problematic. Her winning prospects are getting slimmer by the minute because the initial euphoria of her candidacy is now, slowly waning. The more she exposes herself, the more people realize how amateurish she is, and how unprepared she is for the big job of the presidency.

Poe-Llamanzares' camp knows that she is unqualified for the presidency, not because of issues about her citizenship but of her. There is no cause for her to run. There is simply nothing so big a reason for voters to even consider such a candidate as Poe-Llamanzares.

Kumbaga, Poe-Llamanzares is really a pambarag candidate--just to weaken votes intended for Binay.If her name continues to be in the ballot, that would weaken Binay's and create a statistical tie with Roxas.

Now, massive disfranchisement will occur if the Supreme Court suddenly release a decision disqualifying Poe-Llamanzares a few days or even a week before the May 9 elections. Imagine that scenario.

Of course, violence will break out if Roxas suddenly becomes the winner of this contest. As I told some of my friends, even if Roxas wins with a very clear mandate, and there is simply no cheating involved, most people will not believe it and will eventually go out to the streets to protest. There is already this lingering perception that Roxas is a losing candidate, and it will be very hard for the Liberals to erase that perception, even with a ton full of advertisements and commercials.

Admit it---there is not enough time to erase that perception. The fact is--the SWS survey shows how the people really perceive Roxas. Inspite of wasting millions for TV ads, Roxas' survey ratings even went further south. Robredo's brand equity is supposed to rub off Roxas' but as I said, the initial euphoria or even promise of being a progressive candidate has dissipated and there is no more transference of equity now.

Duterte might pull out a surprise in the end, yet, some sectors, especially those among several progressives will contest his win and will also use the streets to frustrate his win. However, if you really look at his campaign, Duterte is initially perceived to be a strong candidate yet without a strong grassroots machinery, his win will still be questionable. Why? Who would protect his votes in the precinct levels? Even if he has a million volunteers, the logistical costs of such an operation runs in the millions. Hence, Duterte is vulnerable to disfranchisement.

The best that people expect Duterte to do is endorse another candidate--that way, the perception that we will elect a minority president will not happen. Really now, a minority president will not be good for us because, unlike in the State where groups unite behind the Office of the Presidency shortly after the elections, in our country, opposing groups continue hitting the winner even after he has already taken his oath of office.

A Duterte endorsement, say, of Binay will ease the political tension and will be good for the country. However, without it, expect a mess of an election.

Now, with a mess of a presidential contest, who benefits in the end but the winner of the vice presidency? With Bongbong closing in, his date with destiny is just within arm's reach.

Oppose China's socialist imperialism

There is a growing demand for the Supreme Court to reverse its decision on the EDCA or the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement between the Philippines and the United States. Activist groups are using the sovereignty card in opposing the EDCA, saying, and even portraying the agreement as something that would eventually lead to the re-opening of military bases in the Philippines.

The public expects these groups to show a similar act and use the sovereignty card before China's hawkish leaders. Deng Xiaoping, the one who ushered the revival of capitalism in China through state reforms, agrees with me when I say, that sovereign peoples around the world, have the right to oppose this growing threat of China's socialist imperialism.The fact is--Deng was the one who told the United Nations to oppose China if it shows its ugly face as an imperialist.

Socialist imperialism is like any other form of imperialism---abusive, offensive and downright oppressive to other peoples, and therefore, must be defeated at the soonest possible time. This is not about a balance of powers--this is about containing a country which has taken a decisive route in abandoning Socialist economics in exchange for capitalism, and now suffers from over supply, the very same scourge that they already know when they were still true-blue Socialists.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ad conditioning outcome in Supreme Court re Grace Poe TV ad

Tignan mo kung gaano kasinungaling itong si Grace Poe-Llamanzares.

Poe-Llamanzares TV ad tries to portray her case as similar with that of her deceased adoptive father, Fernando Poe Jr. Worse, she even claimed through that ad that she'll win.

Poe-Llamanzares' case is about questions on her true nationality since she is a foundling whose parents are not known and her lack of residency which is one of the requisites for qualification for those running for the presidency.

The camp of the losing presidentiable is conditioning the minds of the people that she is on the verge of clinching a win from the three cases filed against her before the Highest Court of the land. The fact is--those ads were even shown prior to the oral argument set before the SC this January 18.

This is not just immoral, improper but plain and downright crass!

Is this the way Poe-Llamanzares will conduct herself once she is in power? Are we seeing another Gloria Arroyo here in the persona of Poe-Llamanzares?

Arroyo acted LEGALLY though most of her acts are IMMORAL. Yes, I agree with Rex Gatchalian that no law has been broken. They can advertise anytime and as many as they want. Yet, look at the moral implications of their action.

I thought they are projecting Grace Poe-Llamanzares' as a moral advocate? These placements show how desperate this losing presidentiable is, just to win.

Grace Poe-Llamanzares is becoming the female counterpart of Mar Roxas. Sad, very sad.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Vice Presidentiable's campaign team getting ready for the flak

The communications team of this vice presidentiable is getting ready for more flak. They are anticipating an attack against their candidate who remains very strong grassroots based and is poised to get the top survey spot soon if his opponent does not do anything "drastic." What I mean here is an operation to undermine whatever political gains this vice presidentiable has generated for the last few months. The thing is seems like the political winds are simply going gainst the way of this candidate. For one, it is just months away from EDSA30, and obviously, the very sins of the candidate's family will again be exposed to the public. There is now a conscious movement by several people to remind voters about the time when this country was plunged to the darkest depths of someone's megalomania and the record-shattering acts of this family which created the pitiful condition of the country today.

Spouse of vice presidentiable at war with mother in law

As the campaign heats up, the spouse of this candidate did the unthinkable and made war against her mother-in-law. Mother-in-law is the source of the candidate's funds, funds kept in several secret bank accounts abroad and being funneled to several offshore and legitimate business enterprises. Mother in law wants her eldest daughter to personally manage and run the campaign. However, it seems that the eldest daughter is messing things up for the candidate. If the candidate loses this time, he/she will encounter rough sailing for the presidency by 2022. The fact is--this candidate will even be scratched off from the list containing names of those with very high chances of getting the top plum by then.

And what was the cause of the acrimony? You guessed it---power.

Opponents of presidentiable surprised by candidate's survivability

Opponents of this top rating candidate is surprised when Nielsen showed the numbers--this candidate was able to spend half a billion pesos worth of ads for his campaign, and to think that it is still not yet election period.

Meaning, the candidate is still awash with electoral funds that he just do his thing in silence, yet his campaign run is described as a highly effective one. One of this opponents had a pack with another presidentiable. This politician who figures at the bottom cellar of every single survey out there, wants to unleash hell but it seems that even if he does that, it would not amount to anything.

The candidate is extremely crafty and innovative.

All indications point to a well-oiled political machine, ready to fight tit-for-tat with any major political candidate.

Tobacco magnate bankrolling campaign of tough talking presidentiable

Sources swear that Lucio Tan, the country's tobacco magnate, is bankrolling the candidacy of Davao mayor Rody Duterte. In the past, the Tan camp is known to spread the gravy equally amongs the contenders but this time, like how the Zamora brothers did for Grace Poe, Tan is now betting on Duterte.

The reason is simple--Tan got a nasty beating from the Aquino administration since day one. The administration has not been very kind with the Filipino-Chinese business magnate, that explains why his net worth has just inched a few notches compared with several Taipans close to the Powers-that-be. There are also rumours that Manny Villar has also entered into the picture, funneling his support thru the Cayetano camp. Cayetano has been forthwith--he is getting support from his party, the Nacionalista, which is being run by the Villars. I heard that even his counterpart, vice presidentiable Bongbong Marcos Jr. is getting some support from the Villars.

Kudos to my friend, Vince, for brokering the deal between Duterte and Cayetano. Vince, who once served as undersecretary for Ronald Llamas, is probably smiling broadly now.

So now, this is now an update on who are supporting the candidacies of these presidentiables. Let's start.

  • The Peninsulares block composed of the Ayala-Zobels-Aranetas are behind Mar Roxas along with their amigas and amigos. 
  • The Chinese taipans with two (2) Peninsulares groups composed of Ang-Cojuangco, Ricky Razon, Inigo Zobel and Manny Villar supporting Grace Poe/Chiz Escudero.
  • Filipino-Chinese businessmen supporting Vice president Jejomar Binay's campaign run. No indication of outside support from alleged Indonesian super rich family.
  • Tobacco magnate Lucio Tan, several former Ramos financiers and Filipino-Chinese businessmen backing Davao mayor Rody Duterte.
  • Small group of contractors c/o husband of Miriam Defensor-Santiago bankrolling her candidacy with support from the Marcoses. 







Presidentiable's campaign in tatters

Presidentiable in serious sh....t

Do you know that this presidentiable's campaign team is in tatters? I mean, infighting is a very kind way of describing what is happening to them, but demoralization.

For one, their candidate is in a very serious domestic spat with his/her partner. I mean, not just the political partner but even the "other spouse." The other spouse is reportedly living in a different home, and the children have already taken sides and some are using the more popular surname of one of their parents and abandoning their legal surnames.

There are palpable signs of disintegration. For one---imagine, the candidate is now going to elementary and high schools instead of the usual public markets and instead of addressing the parents of these toddlers and teenagers, the candidate is now being fed to the wrong audience.

This is an indication that the political organizers and campaigners are losing either their marbles or just too incompetent. Or, they are losing precious political ground.

The reason for these lies before them---the candidate is heavily reliant on his/her "political partner" whose grassroots machinery is working perfectly fine and well-oiled. The political partner has not even spent millions in TV ads yet the partner tops the surveys. While, this candidate has spent close to half a billion pesos.

Many believe that the candidate wants all the election funders to pour their monies to finance TV, radio, print and even online ads because she/he gets a fat commission from placement agencies, which is actually a very safe way of generating funds for her/himself.

What was the cause of the serious rift between the presidentiable and his/her lovey dovey? You guessed right---money. One big port operator has given close to a billion and a half pesos for the campaign yet, the fund flow suddenly stopped when his/her partner complained that he/she is not being given a piece of the action.

Worse, the partner already knew that his/her "presidentiable" has, at one time, toyed with the idea of getting another person as her/his vice presidentiable. The possible partnership did not push thru because of a miscommunication--when this presidentiable invited the prospect, the prospect thought that they'll be discussing a possible political partnership with him as the presidentiable and not the other way around. He was invited austensibly to explore the possibility of a partnership when this person told him that she's ready to take part in the polls, as "vice." It turned out that this person was really salivating for the top post.

And to think that this person and her/his partner have been friends for several years, even this presidentiable always citing the name of her/his partner as the one who remained close to her/his deceased relative at the very end.

The problem with this presidentiable is that, until now, she/he does not have a very strong and stable political machinery to marshall her/his supporters to the precincts and ensure that her/his votes are counted. So, this campaign is really doomed from the very start.

Poor thing. Well, honestly, it's her fault. At this early stage, God has shown us how vulnerable this person is and how "starry eyed" she is with power.

There is still time for this presidentiable to quit before there is still time for her/him to salvage whatever reputation is still left.


From "Tuwid" to "Tuwad"--Government now "open for business"

Do you know why nobody believes in what Mar Roxas is telling people about the necessity of Tuwid na Daan? The reason is simple--he and the rest of the members of this administration, particularly those who count themselves as members of the Liberal party are the very ones not implementing the true principles of Tuwid na Daan.

As early as November of last year, these scumbags from the LP have taken a path which I described as Tuwad na daan---encouraging their members to generate funds for the party. This is actually worse than what Walden Bello recently had the occasion to tell the people. Worse that these scumbags are using billions from Big Businessmen's monies but worst still is when these people use public funds or use agencies of government as cash cows.

These people are jeopardizing national security, as in the case of the Bureau of Immigration where, I heard from highly reliable sources, Associate Commissioner Gilbert Repizo has ordered several close people of a Faizal Hussin, who now got his old job back as BI intelligence chief, to open ports for "business". What this means is that the very bureau tasked by the People to safeguard border controls and disallow fellow Filipinos from being trafficked abroad, is now once more "open for business--meaning for a sum of money, these BI officials would allow a foreign criminal to enter or leave this country inspite of his cases or allow an OFW to go to a war-torn country for a petty sum of 40,000 pesos each. The Immigration is our last defense against the entry of criminals and foreign demons. Now, the floodgates have been opened.

I can cite many more agencies of government now "open for business" when before syndicates of old are fearful of being prosecuted for doing illicit activities; now, the entire bureaucracy is now tolerating the very acts of graft that this administration has vowed to suppress in its first years.

Why, Mr. President--why did you abandon Tuwid na Daan? Why did you do it for the sake of a unacceptable candidate and a moribund traditional political party? 

Is it worth it? Is it worth it allowing your very close associates to generate funds for themselves and for the party? Is it worth it sacrificing the very name and legacy of your father and mother just to ensure your political future sans legal cases?

I heard that people are now looking for third party suppliers in DPWH and DECS and other agencies of government. Several government officials are looking for "trusted third parties" who will look the other way, and give them fat commissions from projects already approved for implementation. Several people are now actively soliciting funds and the practice of getting 14% commissions from the provincial allocated funds have now reared its ugly head. 

However, when before this was organized like a well-oiled machine--now, several Janet Lim Napoleses have sprouted almost everywhere, each desirous to get at least a measy portion of the pie.

And we simply don't see any protection against these devils because the very head of government is now tolerating these immoral acts now being committed by these demons in barongs.

It is not just enough to just shrug these all off and say--its just months away from the new administration. No.

We, as citizens of this country, should stand up and protest against what is happening. 

And sadly, almost every single one of them are involved in one way or another, in worsening our condition and of prostituting government to the interests of Big Business and grafters and syndicate members imbedded in government. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Vice president Jejomar Binay pulling away from the pack: Leads Poe, Duterte and Roxas

Vice president Jejomar Binay is slowly pulling away from his political opponents in the Presidential run, with a very reliable survey placing him about 11 percentage points away from Grace Poe (second), Rody Duterte and Mar Roxas.  The survey was not commissioned by the Binay camp, but was commissioned by a businessman and it was a foreign firm which conducted the survey.

I am not at liberty here of revealing the name of this survey outfit but this outfit is highly respected and reliable. This firm is usually resorted to as a perceptions measuring tool by foreign investors.

With February just around the corner, if Binay sustains this lead, it may well ease fears of a very contentious presidential derby by May. Many investors are apprehensive of such a scenario because it creates a politically destabilising situation. A highly contested presidential race could create a very nasty outcome not just in politics, but would also affect the markets.

Why do voters prefer Binay over the others? I think there is a perception that Binay is the right choice, for several reasons: First, Binay is not linked with any big business interest, unlike Poe-Llamanzares who is being financed heavily by Ramon Ang of San Miguel, the Zamora brothers who are involved heavily in mining and of Ricky Razon. The Ayala-Zobels and the Aranetas obviously backs Mar Roxas' campaign being their relative and who does not know that Filipino-Chinese businessmen are behind Duterte's campaign?

The thing here is this--these businessmen who are now financing the political futures of Poe-Llamanzares, Roxas and Duterte would surely ask for economic concessions once any one of them successfully gets elected to power. The fact is, as early as now, Poe-Llamanzares is thinking of tinkering with our Constitution to further widen foreign investor influence over our markets. Poe-Llamanzares wants foreigners to own land, a move that could severely weaken the position of our local businessmen. Probably, Poe-Llamanzares does not know about the effects of severe capitalist competition.

Besides, most of Poe-Llamanzares' funders have interests in public-private partnerships. San Miguel bids for 12 of 13 PPP projects that government has lined up. Same goes with Roxas' Ayala. The minute either one wins the presidency, expect these Big Businessmen to ask for billions as ROI. The fact is, I estimate that they would ask for a trillion pesos in exchange for the billions they poured into the campaign kitties of their candidates.

We all know that Binay is not financially as stable as that of Roxas or of Poe-Llamanzares. What I got from a source is that ordinary people are trying to help the vice president in whatever way possible for him to win this contest.

The second reason is that Binay has a provan track record as a public servant. He really helps people. He goes out of his way to help those in need. As a Makati resident myself, I have heard of legendary things that Binay did and continues to do for his people here. That explains why incumbent mayor Kid Pena stands to lose this elections, even if Abby does not campaign.

Pena and his minions are running around like amateurs, even allowing online casinos to operate in the city and messing around with the funds allocated for medicines and all, according to several senior citizens I had the pleasure of talking to.

The last reason is this---Binay would surely serve the people and the Office of the President with all honesty and I hate to counter what Senator Antonio Trillianes IV said that a plunderer will always plunder--I think it will be a totally different ball game this time around for Binay.

Binay knows that he will be risking his political future once he does an impropriety in office. If he runs as president, many groups would assume a "wait and see" attitude and will stalk him like crazy. If Binay commits any act that would even suggest impropriety, he would surely get what he deserves--a repeat of the coup which groups committed against Binay's compadre, Erap Estrada.