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Monday, December 5, 2016

Lets get MAD (Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte)!

As they say, " like minds gravitate toward each other" and this is obvious with the political grouping of the Marcoses, the Arroyos and Duterte, which I now call MAD.

Look at history---it was Marcos who pushed the envelope by declaring a conjugal dictatorship. He advocated strong man rule, which is in the extreme Right of the political spectrum. By doing so, Marcos got the brutal end of it---he lost power in the most ignominious way.

Arroyo tried to replicate what Marcos did in a constitutional way--she became a beneficiary of EDSA Uno, cheated her way towards a second term, and managed to control the country for nine long years.  Like Marcos, Arroyo's term saw the rise of extrajudicial killings (Ampatuan massacre was the highlight), and an economy which acted like an old crank of a machine. The standard of life deteriorated because people close to the Powers-That-Be helped themselves with the people's monies.

Now, because of the failure of the previous administration to hasten the flow of economic gains to the lower and lowest sections of the socio-economic classes (a fault not entirely to be blamed on them--it is more of the nature of the state economy), discontent grew and became a silent movement among the majority. This disgusto became all the more serious when cases of corruption blew out of proportion, with known preachers of the Tuwid na Maan themselves involved in robbing people of their monies. The discontent became the reason for millions to veer towards strong man rule---a proposition which Marcos once toyed with in destructive fashion.

Duterte and his men discovered this and used it to win the elections. The people, hungry for true change, thought that they had in Duterte the caudillo that they so prayed for for many years. They saw in him a mythical figure, someone like an FPJ on horseback. This very same image saved Aguinaldo from historical infamy, gave Magsaysay and Ramos the presidency and even made Panfilo Ping Lacson one.

The only problem is, Duterte is suffering from logorrhea-like symptoms, and is now being peeled slowly but surely, as a 70 year old Don Quixote de la Mancha. His over indulgence in ridding this country from drugs is getting to be too annoying and is even contributing to the growing suspicion that, he, himself, is on drugs or probably protecting those who are real drug lords. Just take a look at his photo with suspected drug lord Peter Lim.

Duterte's personal vendetta against his arch-rival Senator Leila de Lima has entirely politicized his campaign so much so that it has veritably lost its credibility. Yes, Duterte's minions, his security forces continue their blood-thirsty attacks against poor drug addicts in thousands of communities throughout the archiepelago, killing innocents in the process, while not improving the situation on the ground. Shabu remains the staple drug and is continually being peddled not just in Metro Manila but in different parts of the country. The only thing that changed is the price of this drug---it spiked.

While Duterte harbors views that, in truth, are slanted in favor of the people, yet, his half-heartedness in implementing what he thinks is right, is contributing towards a slow diminution of him as a leader and thereupon, is eroding the trust of the People in the process. While surveys try to show a different picture, but nowadays, people are mocking these surveys, a clear manifestation of the loss of trust.

These three tragic political personalities are espousing a value that has been rejected many times by the Filipino people--one in 1986 and the other, in 2001. Actually, it nearly went on third albeit became a frustration because of the amateurish handling of a motley crue of soldiers.

Now, the elites who back these three personalities are gunning for the kill---they want to re-create the very same environment which allowed them and their forebears to monopolize every single affair of this country.

This environment is what we call, a regime of impunity where they are allowed to annihilate and kill their political and economic enemies while helping themselves with the people's monies---and getting away with it without their heads being cut off.

The Marcoses are asking not for forgiveness but for forgetfulness. Forget about the deaths. Forget about the abductions. Forget about the ham letting. Forget about the sonas. Forget about the thievery. Forget about the billions stashed abroad. 1986 has cured us all. We survived. We got ourselves elected into office, proof that we now have rehabilitated ourselves and is ready for some more thievery and getting away with murder.

Arroyo is likewise asking the very same thing--forget about the billions we stole, forget about hundreds of us getting extremely wealthy for 9 years of carving the country into economic fiefdoms and forget about the people suffering economically during those years. The Supreme Court has cut my neck brace and look at me now.

Now, we are being asked---surrender your freedoms in exchange for peace and order. Give up your liberties in exchange for a drug free society.

To the Bangsamoros, forget about tribalism and agree on Federalism. To the Communists, forget about the Protracted People's War and be content with enjoying your sinecures. To the RAM-YOU, forget your dreams---your thoughts of dominating this country and of recovering what you lost during those turbulent years are over---we have given you power, just allow us to re-create the environment that allowed a few to slaughter the many.

We say to these parasites--- to hell with all of you! The Spirit that rose up and aroused the people from their stupor, is alive once more.

Now, the Spirit is filling the very hearts of this generation. It is awakening the consciousness of the People and the People are realizing their mistakes.

Down with MAD! Down with the oligarchs! Down with the elites of this country!

Let us slay the MAD ideology, these MAD thoughts, these MAD dreams! Let us replace them with the Katipunan ideals, the very foundation which kept this Republic alive, but let us change it, improve it, strengthen it.

We will not allow the petty Mustards to again seize and gain power. They had their chance and they blew it.

From the loins of the impoverished masses, from the depths of their anger and their frustration comes the Spirit, taking shape, taking definitive form of the Motherland with her bolo in hand ready to strike the enemies of her sons, those who robbed her people blind for years and got away with it and those who poisoned the minds of the Youth, making them sonnabulists and consumers of philistinism!

Robredo resignation---an open declaration of war against Duterte?

Has Leni Robredo, the elected Vice president of this Republic just drawn the lines that would define next year's political intramurals? Is Robredo's resignation an open declaration of war against the Duterte administration who, in the past few weeks, has openly shown its political partiality with Robredo's closest electoral rival, the Marcoses? It seems like it.

Duterte's nearly six months into power has magnified class divisions within Philippine society so much that an eruption of sorts is inevitable. Unlike in previous months when many observers had a hard time reading Duterte--now it seems that there is a very clear reading where Duterte wants his administration to go---he wants to replicate the governance model he so advocated for for many years in Davao on a national scale, and that is, pure warlordism.

Admit it--Duterte is a warlord. He frowns on democratic processes, he openly supports quick fixes in some of the most serious political, social and even economic problems of this country and he even sometimes indulge in anachronistic actions that muddle and confuse most, particularly the business community. Nothing wrong with being a warlord---analyse and study historical figures and you"ll find most of them are like Duterte; except that some of these warlords act like one based on a firm ideological and sound grounding.

Duterte is a pure nationalist---plain and simple. Yet, his nationalism is ill-defined and is predicated on soft ground that, it sometimes veer towards a more populist bent that does not fit conventional frameworks, let alone, clear distinctions between and among ideologies. By being so, Duterte's nationalism becomes just the mere ramblings of a seventy year old who grew up getting most of what he wants.

And since Duterte's men (those who are not that close to him, but only knew him when they were appointed into power) does not really know what's on his mind, no clear message or positioning is formed in the public's mind that further contributes to the deterioration of the people's trust for Duterte.

His open declaration of fielty with the Marcoses pictures him as a Marcos mini-me, a pup, and an overrated pseudo-dictator. Worse, when Duterte was seen sharing supper with Gloria Arroyo, his image is further muddled as someone who does not really know who to really worship---a false messiah with an overinflated ego or a former technocrat whose hunger for money just keeps getting better by the minute.

And just because Duterte does not advocate for any ideology except pushing for Federalism which, frankly, is not an ideology but a governance model, eventually, his place in History would probably be in the Hall of the Overthrown Powers.

Duterte's open support of two of this country's previous political pariahs---the Marcoses and the Arroyos while playing the Communists in their own guessing games, the Bangsamoros being lulled to accepting Federalism instead of the more acceptable Bangsamoro Republic and reviving the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) as a counterpose are all excellent political maneuvers except that there is simply no clear direction where Duterte wants these actions to lead him and the country to.

Literally, Duterte is everywhere. He is seen openly approving pro-people policies while the next day dining with oligarchs and palace carpet baggers. Duterte professes as a Socialist while advocating for a stronger one-man rule by telling the people that he wants to suspend the writ of habeas corpus.

This over contradiction has its reasons. Unfortunately, this strategy has expended its value. This playful over extension of political chameleon-ism has lived its usefulness. Unknown to Duterte and his men, there is no more misreading of Duterte's true intentions. His tendency, nay, logorrhea has given many not just a glimpse of what really is on his mind but has unraveled him as a frustrated Piped Piper who blows his pipe to lead some people to one direction of destruction.

Duterte suffers from logorrhea and this is evident by the way he repeats his hatred against drugs over and over again, in every event regardless of who is the audience and whatever occasion. He seems too obsessed with ridding the country with drugs while leaving everything else aside.

Now, with Robredo's action, the tempo and the complexion of the power game has changed. Robredo's resignation clearly sets the tenor of the events which will happen by next year.

The fight will now be those who are with Robredo against the Duterte-Marcos-Arroyo (DMA) clique.  It is not entirely clear who among the active social groups right now are siding or are placing their bets on Robredo, but I presume that these are groups left outside of the political colambo so to speak, those who were clearly not close enough to Duterte. Throw in the kawali those whose economic interests were affected when Duterte came into power and those who are emotionally just disgusted by the way government is being run by a perceived amateur political braggadocio.

Here is the clincher---- are these forces sufficient to overthrow Duterte?

Yes---if Robredo plays her anti-Marcos card right. Those who are in the know and are close with the Marcoses and with Duterte are misreading the situation. Because of the mishandling of the Marcos burial (credit that to the brilliant Communication strategists whom Imee Marcos employed, who, I got word, are foreign consultants), there are now more people moving towards an ala-EDSA type of uprising motivated solely by their disdain of strong man rule.

If you ask me, this is clearly a serious threat to the stability and survival of this administration. Now, no amount of trolls or online bashing perpetuated by Duterte's minions are sufficient to counter the rising tide of anti-Duterte-ism. Blame the overzealous-ness of Duterte's loyalists. Blame the lack of sophistication of Duterte's supporters and blame the over the top responses of his paid online hacks for fuelling this rising hatred against the President.

Robredo, will, in the next few days and weeks, marshall her forces to her side as a political maneuver.  There are now two camps fighting for the grand political prize---Robredo's and the DMA clique.

What is so sad about this is the fact that clearly, this over extension of the political drama that is the May presidential elections is not, and will not, be the solution to the country's problems. Both cliques are just fighting for power, and when we say that, we mean, the power to monopolize the 4 trillion peso budget full of infrastructure projects now being dangled upon the heads of hundreds of hungry and rapacious carpet baggers and oligarchs wanting to have their slice of the money pie.

Admit it---Robredo's group is not the ideal counterpose of the DMA clique. Robredo's camp is composed of political operators who once dipped their crooked fingers unto the public's coffers without shame. They are the worst of the lot because they try to show to the public that they are saints and are morally upright when everyone knew that they enriched themselves while in power.

The fact is----they not only enriched themselves with illicit wealth but also displayed arrogance while in power.

The choice is definitely clear AND simple----these two cliques represent none of the aspirations of the Filipino People. They are a despicable lot. These are sycophants, evil doers and immoral pseudo leaders who tried to show us their good side while silently robbing us of our hard-earned peso.

In the revolution that is to come---the people, the true Patriots of this beautiful land---must make a decisive choice.

When the decisive moment comes when all of these things boil over---let us rise up not in defense of the Duterte-Marcos-Arroyo clique, no. Let us rise up not to install Robredo and her gang to power, no.

Let us rise up and this time, launch an authentic EDSA revolution that would decisively end all of the contentious issues bedevilling our country today.

Let's be willing to re-calibrate our society and start from Day 1.

When this revolution does happen, let us:

1. Detain these people who were accused of graft and corruption--from all administrations. Charge them in court. Let us revive the death penalty. Mete these people the proper punishment they deserve. They deserve no second chances. Make an example of them now so that our children and our grandchildren will realize that there is simply no reward for robbing the people of their monies.

2. Establish a Council of Nationalists who will bond together just to create policies that would protect and pursue the people's agenda.

3. Hunt down the true drug lords, arrest them, show them in public and if found guilty, cut their heads off---figuratively and literally. Those who benefit from their evil deeds, hunt them down, and like their masters, mete them the most severe of punishments.

4. Tame these oligarchical parasites, those who salivate for the people's monies. If they refuse to do their patriotic duties and still decide to do things in the name of Capital, slap them with cases, confiscate their assets and either exile them to Babuyan Islands or incarcerate them.  Those oligarchs who have caused irreparable damage to the lives of the people with their exorbitant rates, arrest them, charge them in court and if found guilty, let them suffer the penalties as befitting these demon sloths.

5. Summon the patriotic elements of this country and make them serve the Motherland. Give them enough for their families to survive the rigors of life, but none of the powers that would tempt them to enrich themselves while in office.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A New Revolution Arises from the Marcos Burial Issue!

US presumptive president Donald Trump's chief strategist says going into darkness is "good" even better. Wrong.

Being into the light means having the capabilities of choosing the right thing for you. Those under darkness survive yes, like robots. They simply are being denied the right to know what is wrong and what is Right.

We, Filipinos, have experienced being under darkness for about 300 years. And in our lifetime, we got to that situation for more than 14 years under the tyranny of a conjugal dictatorship.

We ask--what gives the Marcos family the right to rule over us? Is it because they built those buildings, these bridges and those roads? Did they use their own monies in the first place? No. They used ours. They built those things so that we would be blind and be entertained while they plunder our coffers and distribute it amongst themselves, those who believe that they are superior than every single one of us.

Why did all those administrations fail after Marcos? Is it because their mismanaged the state? Yes, they did. And why? Because our government lacked the monies to revive our economy. After the Marcos family left the Philippines in 1986, our economy was in shambles. We have billions of dollarsd worth of debt, both local and foreign, and there was simply no monies left in the public treasury because these were distributed and stolen by these people close to the dictatorship.

Another factor that led to the failures of previous administration was our adoption of the very same system which supported the dictatorship in the first place. Corazon Aquino was wrong when she decided not to re-engineer the State post-EDSA uno. When she did, Aquino chose to change the governance model and retained the very same system that justified strong man rule in the first place. Aquino just liberated the civil aspect of our slavery and allowed the political and economic systems under the tyranny of Big Business.

This is our story for the past 30 years. The past 30 years saw us struggling economically, trying to find our place in the world, and fixing our international image as a sick man of Asia.

And the past six years saw us moving away from this sickness and becoming the most dynamic and the tiger economy of Asia. We were free. We were happy. And just three quarters more and we would really experience a better life for all.

I fear that all of these would now be lost just because of the mishappened view of 16 million of us who, out of desparation, tried to go near to darkness in exchange of light. Yes, I admit, I am one of them who believed, out of desparation, that we need strong man rule to enable us to punish those who continually steal our people's monies and commit grievous crimes against us by manipulating prices of commodities, especially rates of our electricty and other utilities.

It is clear to everybody who are our enemies---these are the oligarchs who manipulate the market for them to get humongous profits. They are worse than drug lords. Millions of my people suffer every single day because of them.

Our enemy are the bureaucrat capitalists---those who live off public coffers and who shame themselves and their families by providing their dinner tables with food out of their imagined commissions from government projects.

Our enemies are these politicians in our midsts who think highly of themselves as our masters and who believe that they have the God-given Right to get our monies for themselves.

Our enemies are those who sell drugs to our kids, kidnap innocent people among us, and rob our banks and our homes---these are the big-time louses who deserve nothing more than the gallows.

Are we hopeless? No.

This Marcos burial has awakened our Youth. Thousands, nay, millions are now awake and are now readying themselves to fight the resurrection of this ungodly Ideology called Dictatorship.

We don't need strongmen---we need New Patriots who are willing to serve God, Country and Family with utmost dedication and sacrifice of their futures.

The Marcos burial has given us the Spark necessary for the Youth of this Generation to fight, fight for what is Right and condemn what is Wrong.

It is wrong to allow a Strong Man to dictate to us what to do. It is wrong for a Strong Man to kill Filipinos out of a mistaken view of fighting the proliferation of drugs and criminality.

Yes, it is right to eliminate these dregs of society but under a better system where the Innocents are spared from this and only the guilty getting the right punishment for their sins.

It is right to condemn the system of impunity that Big Business is thriving in, and replace it with a better system where economic opportunities abound, and more people are given the opportunities to better their lives and their families.

It is wrong to allow Federalism when the political system is so underdeveloped and being dominated by political families out to manipulate and dominate the system for their own conjugal interests.

Now, it is time to launch an authentic revolution that would show the world that Filipinos like us are still decent people. We love democracy and we only want to create a more freer and more democratic society that allows us, Filipinos, to live in peace and in comfort.

We are now at a juncture when we can rightfully claim that we can build an economic system which can support 100 million lives. Our only problem right now is how to dismantle the hold of Big Business over a huge chunk of our resources, and free these resources for the benefit of the People.

We need of course, to destroy the domination of Big Political families over our political system.

These systems need to be destroyed. And the only way possible is for us to launch a Revolution, yes, a Revolution!!

O, you New Patriots, Filipinos who love this country, arise, and work for the attainment of this Revolution!!! Now is the time for us to change our country!!

Let us not tire of holding on to the Light! Let us love the light and spread it throughout this archiepelago! And let that Light guide us to a better future.

Mabuhay!!! Ipagpatuloy ang Rebolusyon!!

And when this Revolution do, indeed come to fruition, let us not shrink to our duty to God, Country and Family.

Eliminate these enemies from our midsts! Smite them with the People's hammer! Use the People's sickle to destroy counter-revolutionaries! Let us create a New Philippines! This is the Right Time for revolutionists to do what is Right, and condemn what is Wrong. And the peoples of the world will support us.

Why do we need to militate against Marcos burial?

Many think that the Filipino already forgot the atrocities committed by several men of purient natures thirty five years ago. Many think that we have forgotten all those billions of dollars stolen from our public coffers by the very same men who want nothing more than our adulation and our continued subservience to their wills. And many think that it is now the right time for them to recover their wealth, their status and this country for themselves.

They are wrong.

Nevermore will tyranny reign in these lands, nevermore will one man dominate the lives and futures of the many and nevermore will the Filipino allow his freedom to be trampled upon by those who think they hold the key towards this nation's salvation.

Several generations have never forgotten that sordid affair called Martial law. The scars left by that era are still seen throughout the land.

Look at millions of Filipino families who are still struggling for survival, those families who lost their loved ones and those who suffered the brutalities of a regime who wanted nothing more than further enslave the slaves.

For thirty years, we have slowly recovered, and we have once more re-discovered ourselves, and for that, regained the respect of the entire world. We, the People, are serious when we told the world enough is enough and we want to be free, free from the inanities of One Family who thinks they own us.

We, this generation of Filipinos should rise up, rise up and fight! Fight for the liberties we have enjoyed for years. Fight for the restitution of our values which the Marcoses tried to steal from us.

Fight and launch a true revolution, o you fellow Filipinos!! Fight for the right to be free! Fight for the right to have our own futures carved by us! Fight for the poor, the widows and the orphans around us!Let us not allow this burial because by doing so, we have just wagered our future, and we have just told the world that we have accepted the revival of Fascism.

If we succeed in this upcoming revolution, let us do the right thing---annihilate those who caused our miseries. Jail them. Exile them somewhere. Kill those who would resist us.

The consolidation of capital

The Philippine economy is beginning to weaken, and apologists say, this is not the fault of the current administration. Our economy is reacting with the current efforts of the United States to revive its sagging economy, what with newly elected president Donald Trump projecting a 4% growth by next year. Economic analysts based in the US see a 2-3% growth, which, for all intents and purposes, is good already if it happens because for how many years, the US economy has not seen that rate of a growth.

Defnitely, the fed will increase interest rates and this will affect banks throughout the world. The banking system has been the willing partner of capitalists throughout the world and with higher rates, it will discourage smaller and medium-sized firms from lending, leading to difficulties in production. It will likewise protect US firms from being bought out by moneyed and international firms, and avoid capital from leaving the shores of the mainland.

Of course, we all know what would happen to other economies when the US flexes its muscles--somewhere, somehow, two or three medium and small size economies would weaken to allow this growth to happen. As I wrote in previous entries, when the US goes inward, it aims to become an imperialist power, which would translate into uneven trade relationships with its partners and other economies and markets around the world.

The formula in every capitalist system is predicated on production---monies are spent to enable production of goods and these goods are then sold to markets. Profits are then converted into capital, and the cycle continues. To further expand capital, it needs more markets and less competition. Crises are created when there are more competition in the market. Without innovation, capital fails to thrive and survive, leading to bankruptcies and death.

This is where it gets extremely worrisome---when innovation fails, and demands are low, capital deflate and it is now a function of conquering markets. In the olden days, capitalists solve these thru conquests. Now, it would be consolidation of capital.

There would be one universal market, with other markets connecting with this biggest of all capitalist markets. This explains why there is a universal trend leading to strong man rule because for this to be achieved, it needs force.

Markets and economies will collide, and some to collapse while others operate thru the mercy of bigger ones. What the biggest capitalist economy wants is a return to the status of the fifties and sixties when the US economy was the most dominant power on earth.

The question really is---is this attainable? Will the depth and extent of globalization really lead to an integrative system dominated by One?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ERC Commissioners junked Duterte's call for their resignation: Where is delicadeza?

Directors of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), the agency which President Duterte accused of dabbling in corruption, did the unthinkable---they are not resigning and are literally standing against the President. Atty Jose Salazar, who is in the midst of this serious controversy, wants an audience with Duterte to convince the president that it is to the best interests of everyone that every single member of the ERC stay in their sinecures.

Huh? Are you mocking the President? Duterte, the President, knows what he is doing. The President will not order the sacking of these people if the information is not verified. The Chief Executive has spoken and people like Salazar should follow.

This is a test case. Duterte is right---they should resign while authorities are investigating allegations of graft and corruption against them, members of the ERC board.

Is Salazar and the rest of the board ready for the consequences? Meron pa ba silang delicadeza? I mean, they should step aside because that's the right thing to do.

And the one calling for their resignation is not an ordinary person--he is the President. Why disrespect the President?

This is a very interesting story to watch. Will Duterte back down? Or will he impose his will upon these people?

I think many people will back the President on this issue because Duterte is right on this.

Let's see how this develops. If these people are not removed from their sinecures, then, Duterte is all huff and puff, not the President we thought he is. He is just a small town bully, preying on small drug pushers and addicts and is extremely ineffectual against lawyers, like Salazar.

Ramos accuses the Duterte administration of going backward

Former president Fidel Valdez Ramos has been extremely vocal and critical of his "protege" Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Ramos described the Marcos burial as a "step backwards" for the Duterte administration. It seems that the issue is still a very emotional issue for Filipinos, especially Ramos who was one of those who stood against the dictatorship and re-drew history. He specifically called for a presscon just to express his disgusts against the decision to allow the burial to push thru.

Ramos was so emotional, he even called for the prosecution of members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) who reportedly "connived" with the Marcos family on implementing this travesty. For Ramos, they committed a grievous crime which dishonored the military's reputation as an institution.

Many people admired Ramos for standing up for what is Right. And that comes from an eighty two year old guy. What about those younger officers who went with Ramos and also sacrificed their futures to condemn what was wrong then?

I am talking about a Honasan who accompanied his former boss, Enrile, and declared the dictatorship an enemy? It seems that these two already forgot themselves and they themselves erased their legacies for the Filipino people.

How about the likes of Abe Purungganan, and those young military officers who threw caution out of the window and sacrificed their futures just to express their opposition to the evils of those times? Did they also forgot what they already did and like others, threw their legacies out of the window and for what?

Thirty years and many have forgotten why God put them in the Philippines in 1986 in that place at that time.

Thirty years and because the system remained a disappointment, these men and women who stood against the Strong Man and brought him down, are the very same ones who now sing Hossannas before the cadaver of the one who literally brought the entire system near the pits of depression.

At least two generations of Filipinos suffered not just in economic terms but also in sociological terms and we forgot ourselves momentarily during those times. And now we have regained ourselves and are now once more, proud of our being Filipinos, we are now being forced to accept a governance proposition that goes against every single Filipino values and democratic traditions.

Why are we allowing this to happen to us? We are on a roll and now, we are slowly slipping back to the very situation which caused us to tank 30 years ago, as a nation? Are we a nation who loves to see ourselves always behind and always being mocked at?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

What do we do when America assumes economic nationalism?

Now that we know the direction America would take in the coming months, which Trump's chief strategist defined as a movement towards "economic nationalism", a phrase which is just synonymous with protectionism, what do we do now?

The Chinese has a saying, " when a door closes, another door opens." US president John F Kennedy says the same thing when he said that crisis has a dual character: it is dangerous yet opens a great opprtunity.

Before I delve further deep into this topic, let us agree with our definition right now of the Philippine economy.

Right now, our economy stands on just three pillars: foreign remittances, offshore funds from foreign firms and a robust consumer market. Remittances from abroad come from diverse places, not just in the United States. This is variable. It depends on about 10 million or more Filipinos with jobs abroad, with 2.5 million of them based in the United States.

Trump says he would fix the American economy by bringing in jobs, while discouraging the entry of illegal immigrants. Maybe Trump knows things we don't because 90% of the American economy consists of small and medium-sized firms, most of them dependent on illegal immigrants for cheaper labor costs. If Trump successfully extricates 3 to 4.5 million illegal immigrants out of America, just how many American SMEs would lose their productive capabilities, we sincerely don't know. It is highly possible that in the interim, this will affect the U.S. economy, much the same way Malaysia experienced in the sixties and this African country when it tried to implement a "race-only" state policy.

There might be disruptions because this will be temporary. Now, will this affect the flow of foreign money remittances? No. The fact is, it would just create a momentary disruption, and the possibility of this even benefitting the Philippines in the long run is there. More Filipino professionals would be able to find work and this translates into more remittances.

The thing is, this is not the situation on the second pillar---offshore funds. Trump says he will encourage US offshore companies to shift production hub focus from Asia unto America. This is harder than what Trump thinks because the reason why the shift occurred in the first place is based on a business decision--cheaper labor. Many analysts say offshore funding would not stop because these firms will stay put in the Philippines.

I don't know with you but based on my own analysis--there would be a temporary disruption. When Trump-ism begins, expect US companies to do what is necessary to pursue their own country's interests and I believe we will see an exodus of these companies back to America.

If this happens, there are two expected events from this: first, loss of local jobs. Thousands of young Filipinos would lose their jobs and this will have a direct impact on the consumer market because the reason why the markets remain extremely active is due to the participation of these young consumers.  The retail and the services sectors would surely be affected by this.

Momentarily, this will also create a dominoe effect----it will affect the property sector which has been targetting the younger segments of the market for years. Will there be a property bubble burst? Yes, most likely.

How about the transport sector? Yes, there will be. When this happens, it will affect the financial performance of our local banks many of which have allotted billions worth of loans to car loaners. What to do with those thousands of cars which banks would surely get back?

A solution

Two days ago, the Inquirer bannered that the Philippines is the fastest growing economy in Asia posting a 7.1% growth in the third quarter of 2016, which is even higher than China's. Of course, the growth is still the effects of election spending which is bigger than foreign direct investments. Try to read the papers again after six months or two quarters.

The reality is, the Philippines remains an underdeveloped economy. The country still lacks the necessary infrastructures to further growth. There are no critical industries to enable it to produce or manufacture products that the rest of the world needs, except of course, in the agri-technological sector which is still generations away from other countries' agri-tech sectors.

What can the Philippines sell that would give it competitive advantage other than its labor pool? Former senator Ed Angara says it's agriculture, which previous administrations tried to develop but failed all because of corruption. Another one is in the tech industrial sector.

Our country should aim to be the world's food basket. We have millions of hectares worth of land, and with proper management and planning, we would be able to convert these into productive uses.

Of course, this will not be useful if we don't have a fully developed supply-chain infrastructure. Those agri produce should reach its intended destination faster and more efficient than our other competitor countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

So, aside from developing our capacity to produce, we need to develop our capabilities to process and distribute to the world. Thus, we need to focus our efforts on providing the necessary infrastructures for this to happen.

We need roads, bridges, processing plants, distribution centers with state-of-the-art facilities, freight forwarders, rail-based transport systems, and more expansive airports and seaports. Instead of allowing foreign agricultural products to penetrate our market, let us transform into an agricultural center for foreign markets instead.

This idea needs two things: local investor support and government subsidies and possibly funding. Government should create an inter-agency firm that would manage this initiative, so that this will happen. If we work under the current system, nothing will happen because right now, government agencies are hard pressed putting out fires. There should be an agency solely dedicated on this.

Right now, the government is selling projects left and right all in the name of private-public partnerships which, to be frank, is disastrous to us in the long run. We surely don't need vital utilities under private domestic firm management, because these firms have only one thing in their minds--profits.

We need to increase government assets by building these infrastructures using public monies. Of course, you'll say this will surely bear down the economy, but look at the greater risks these PPP pose to the ordinary Filipino. When you make these critical industries open to private firms, they will pass it on to the consumers the costs of making these projects thru tolls and fees, which, in the future, might hurt ordinary Filipinos.

The best thing really is to sell more global bonds and ensure that only a fraction of these bonds are sold to big corporations and conglomerates. The wider the base of buyers in domestic markets, the lower the risks of government being indebted to foreign or private business interests.


Now we go to the second suggestion which is to fully develop the industrial base of the Philippines. We cannot have an industrial manufacturing base if we don't have a minerals extraction sector. This sector must be nationalised, and there are two components which need nationalisation: extraction and processing. Duterte is right when he says we need to rebuild a National Steel industry, because most of our ore right now is being shipped to China for processing.

Congress should create a law reviving a National Minerals industry which will build processing plants for mineral ores extracted by government, with the help of foreign mining firms. Those operating in the Philippine mining sector right now should be allowed to resume operations with one caveat---they need to send whatever they extract to our government funded processing plants and barred from exporting these to their home bases.

Processed and finished products are then allowed to be exported to other countries. Government therefore profits two-fold: fees extracted from extraction and fees from processing.

How about our dependence to coal power? Government should encourage more firms to revert or shift to geofriendly power sources. But of course, this would surely take time. In the interim, we might rely on offshore power plants to satisfy current demand.

Trump's economic nationalism and what it means to the world

Is it wise to be part of a global thing this time when the rest of the world is in war? If you ask our president, that's a wise thing to do.

Presumptive US president Donald Trump has stuffed the government's national security agencies with conservative hardliners, indicating a possible reversion of the neo-liberalist approaches taken by the US government in previous administrations.

Trump has even hired Steve Bannon, an admittedly "economic nationalist" as his "chief strategist". In an interview with, Bannon had this thinking:

"The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get f---ed over. If (the Trump White House delivers), we'll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we'll govern for 50 years. That's what the Democrats missed. They were talking to these people with companies with a $9 billion market cap employing nine people. It's not reality. They lost sight of what the world is about."

As what many analysts predicted, globalization and economic liberalization--these concepts which allowed for the rise of previously inert economies such as the Philippines---are practically dead. If you ask Bannon, the main enemy of America right now is free trade liberalization. For Bannon, it allowed monies to go out of the mainland and unto Asia, thereby creating an Asian middle class, at the expense of Americans.

There is a reason why Bannon specifically identified Asia---that means, engaging China in a "trade war" and possibly, even a future armed confrontation--if that helps in pursuing a more favorable position for the United States.

What this means for the Philippines? If Trump closes the American economy, and the direction that the US takes is "inward", expect to see US investments in Asia decrease substantially. The US government will surely influence its interest rates to favor itself, therefore, affecting other currencies, particularly those dependent on the rise and fall of the US dollar.

What does Bannon meant by economic nationalism?

It means going back to an Imperialist America where trade imbalances favor the US instead of other economies. It means, trade relations are to favor American interests rather than the world's. It means abandonment, partially or in full, of US commitment to WTO.

It means getting resources outside of America in the cheapest way possible, while raising barriers to entry into the US markets thru tariffs. Trump is experimenting this thru its trade relations with China by imposing a 45% tariff for Chinese goods.

Sincerely, I really don't know how the US will do it, seeing that it is an active and looming presence in the WTO. I believe Trump will try to reconsider these trade treaties and retain those which benefit America and reject those which benefit the rest of the world.

Right now, America dominate the global economic landscape in a much limited manner. For America to become a global economic superpower once more, it has to assume a more hawkish approach to its foreign policies.

The thing is, Bannon and the rest of Trump's administration probably do not realize the extent and depth of America's involvement in trade globalization. For decades, this concept has been pursued even by previous Republican administrations. The US is deeply mired in this that the only way possible for it to successfully disengage is thru war.

Likewise, we simply don't know how the Chinese would take it when America tightens its economic borders and pursues a more Imperialist stance. China has benefitted from trade liberalization. If, and when America assumes a hawkish stance, would China reciprocate with "kindness" or would it try to " stand against America with its head raised high"?

In the past, countries like America used gunboat diplomacy in pursuit of economic interests. This was a strategy employed when all or if not most countries' economic borders were closed.

The question which is presented to us right now is this---knowing full well that America aims to regain its old status as an Imperialist, what do we expect now? Do we expect a heightening of regional tensions to lead to war? Philippine president Duterte says he does not want for the Philippines to get involved in a war but his decision to shift allegiances, even at the point of joining a "new world order" to be led by China and Russia---does this benefit us, or seriously compromised our country that eventually, it would open us to invasion?

That is my next topic.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Marcos Family gamble--is it worth it?

Many Filipinos say, the Marcoses haven't learned much from History, that the family is not cognizant of this Muse, and that the family is simply too proud and feel too powerful and too accustomed to live in an era of impunity that the Marcoses threw everything out of the window and just proceeded headlong into this travesty that happened today, November 18.

I begged to disagree. The Marcoses are dutiful and keen observers and students of History. They know that History is cruel. For decades, they spent their monies trying to defeat the Muse of History. They used democracy as a weapon. And our warped interpretation of History allowed the Marcos Family to do what they wanted to do, and do it with a sense of irreverent and godly devotion that the Family nearly turned democracy upside down.

Today, ten days after a Supreme Court overturned itself, and declared the Marcos patriarch fit to be interred at the nation's memorial for supposed heroes, the Marcos family went ahead and fulfilled the wishes of their deceased father.

And yes, the ghost of EDSA's past still haunts the family--that explains why they gambled today, and went straight to the Libingan ng mga Bayani without informing even their supporters of what they intended to do, and just put their lives, and their futures at the mercy of the Fates, re-assuring themselves that they would survive all of these, thanks to the protection being given by a sympathetic president who silently idolized the family patriarch.

For many, this is a travesty of justice. Thousands have been victimized by Ferdinand Marcos and thousands are still crying for Lady Justice to give them what they deserved. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, they said. We lost a father, a mother, a brother, a sister. Even now, we haven't found their bodies. And Ferdie was to blame for this. Let him rot in his mausoleum. And let no part of his body be buried in that hallowed ground, many demanded.

We are not to be blamed for the cruelties of martial law, the Marcos family said. There is nothing to apologize about, a sister of the deceased dictator said.

Why would we apologize when our father, Ferdie, built all those bridges, homes, roads and everything you now see being used by everybody during those times. Martial law brought peace and order. Ferdie ordered the execution of a Chinese drug lord and for two years, distribution of illicit drugs stopped.

Those killed, those arrested and those who spent their productive lives inside those cramped jails deserved to be there, they said. They were Communists. They opposed government.

And it was not Ferdinand who caused their miseries--these victims brought it upon themselves. Blame Fidel Ramos and Johnny Enrile. It was them who implemented martial law. Ferdie had no hand in the atrocities of the military.


Ferdie probably did not see those faces being tortured. Save a few, Ferdie probably did not see how an Atenean was tortured and gunned down, of how huge communities were hamletted and thousands dislodged from their homes and massacred under the name of the New Society.

Ferdie, his family and their close associates were busy helping themselves with billions from the public coffers. Ferdie was too busy carving the economy into various fiefs for his close economic advisers and economic allies. He was too busy opening Swiss accounts and lavishing Imelda, Dovie Beams and all his other bitches with riches beyond measure that Ferdie forgot to read all those military reports narrating the harrowing experiences of people caught, brought to jail and tortured by Ferdie's infamous personal army---that unit which now Senator Gregorio Honasan and Senator Ping Lacson once considered their mother unit.

Yes, those magnificent structures were built but it was not from Ferdie's own monies, oh no. Those bridges, roads and all those pleasant things were not financed by Ferdie's reported Yamasaki treasure hoard. Far from it.

Those infrastructure projects were financed by the people, of whom Ferdie deprived of their lives, their liberties and for some, their properties. Ferdie was too busy amassing wealth that he forgot to pay the interests of those humonguous debts which he entered into in the name of the people and of their government.

Ferdie was so busy making himself a billionaire that he forgot the economy. After years of amassing debts, the Philippine government failed to produce monies to pay for these debts. Thus, the economy tanked and it slid so fast, it forced Marcos to compromise his political beliefs in exchange for economic recovery. In 1982, Marcos lifted martial rule but kept the economy and the political system under his pockets.

Four years later, an angry mob nearly killed Marcos and his family when they successfully overran and ransacked Malacanan. Yes, those photos which showed the people inside Malacanan prove this. Had the Americans not recovered the family from that accursed house, Marcos would have suffered the same fate as those of other dictators who were dismembered by the very same people they once enslaved.

And now this.

The Marcos family is very much aware of the lessons of History. That's why they went ahead and asked assistance from government to fulfill the wishes of their cursed patriarch. Justice Peralta, the ponente in the Supreme Court decision allowing the burial of the former strongman at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, used the results of the 2016 Vice presidential elections to justify the lifting of restraints against the burial. Peralta says the people have spoken--and those millions say they approve of the burial.

With a stroke of his pen, Peralta ignored previous Supreme Court decisions and even a Congressional edict recognizing the atrocities committed by Marcos against thousands of his own people. Peralta spoke a different voice, and most of his colleagues, with the exception of five, were satisfied with what they heard. It was this discordant voice that the Marcoses used to justify an immorality.

Thirty years ago, a million demanded his ouster. Those voices of dissent rang throughout the world, and it was heard by millions more and became the rallying cry for change.

Now, we are listening to the miffed cries of thousands, who lost their loved ones under the name of a dubious anti-drugs campaign. Now, we are seeing a people slowly being dominated by fear and self-preservation. For years, we have tried to liberate the people's minds and empowered them and we made them realize that democracy works for them.

Thirty years later, and we see millions stretching their arms out, and trying to get back to the bosom of the StrongMan out of frustration, desperation and disappointment.

And who will save them from the Strong Man?

Every single one who portrayed himself as a patriot was exposed for what he truly is---a thief. Those who reportedly struggled against the dictator became Marcos mini-mes, all in the name of the Mammon. That ex human rights lawyer who became a mayor or a Congressman got exposed for corruption. Even that Senator who now shouts against the burial, was previously tagged as part of a systematic thievery of the public coffers.

The true patriots are now dead, their legacies they brought them to their graves. Those who sacrificed their futures are now tired, and are now busy trying to redeem what they lost. And those who were expected to replace them are now agents of the very same men whom they want dead.

People are blaming Duterte for this travesty of justice. Not too fast.

I blame the people who stood against the dictatorship for succumbing to the very evils they once fought against.

I blame those who expoused liberalism in the hopes of getting a juicy post in government and used their sinecures to advance their own political ambitions, and all for monies.

I blame Pnoy and the Yellow Army for helping themselves get their personal shares of the people's monies and of raising the hopes of many only to fall flat in their faces in the end, mesmerized by the wealth they saw in government.

Since 1949, the problem of this country is not economic---it is moral.

The people remained poor because of the immorality of their leaders. Those who shout corruption were themselves corrupt, one example, Senator Villanueva who once represented a partylist created solely against corruption.

The people remained poor because of their continued enslavement perpetuated by those who promised them salvation.

The people remained poor because they are constantly promised change when all that changed is the faces of people who assumed the mantle of government. Our leaders remain the same regardless of their ideological beliefs.

The Filipino are suckers for those who shout for change. And since the people cannot really differentiate anymore who is honest and who is not, they choose the lesser evil among the lot of demons to rule them.

Yes, I think the Marcos gamble paid off because the people right now are confused. The Marcoses read the situation right---this is their time to fulfill the wishes of their patriarch because the very people who once rejected them, are now highly susceptible and fragmented.

The Left is fragmented. Civil society is a shadow of its own self. The driving force of liberalism, the Aquinos, have been effectively demonized. The Right forces are themselves, fragmented and have lost their souls. And the Church have lost its appeal.

The people hate what is happening but they want to endure it because the alternative is worse than the perceived evil. Those who are noisy right now are those who lost their power to UNReason and are desirous of getting that power back, and for what? For the continuation of their right to amass more out of the people's frustration.

Those who know what is Right, and those who want nothing more than condemn what is wrong, are living under a spell. What is Right for them is  predicated on years of frustration. And what is Wrong is simply those which goes against conventional belief.

Let me be forthright----I blame Pnoy for not fulfilling the vision of his beloved father. Pnoy became totally reckless. He appointed people in highly sensitive posts in government, despite their dubious records and inspite of these people being dummies of higher powers.

Pnoy broke the people's heart. He promised change but failed. Will he be able to regain the people's trust? No, not in a million years.

These Liberals who fooled the people for so long, depicting themselves as honest men of honest intentions, are already exposed of who they really are. Like their counterparts in other political parties, the Liberals are themselves, thieves in barong. And they are worst. Why? Because they are self-moralizing bullshits who made thievery a fashion craze. These Liberals are agents of destruction.

That explains why, even if I wanted to go to EDSA monument or the Libingan, I restrained myself. I don't want to be used by these people who want nothing more than regain political power.

Let the true Patriots arise. Let them wake up.

America has to turn inward to be great again

The world watches as the United States burn, its people going out on the streets and protesting the very same system which they once proudly announced to the world as the freest amongst every democracy that was ever invented. People are angry. They believed that the election of Donald Trump does not reflect the public sentiment. And they are willing to call for the downfall of the very system which elected previous presidents "democratically", just to avoid their country falling into the hands of a man they believe do not hold the values and ideals which the United States stands for.

The polls show former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posting a million plus votes more than what the Trump got. But since Trump got most of the electoral college votes, he is now the presumptive president. Is it still possible for the United States to correct what many believed as an infamy and turned it into a manageable calamity?

This is the first time in US history where people are calling for a 'reconsideration" of an election. US president Barack Obama urges his people to give Trump a chance, but many are still in the streets and are even taking part in some drastic moves to frustrate a Trump administration from taking hold of the reins of power.

What is happening in the United States is a classic example of how the failures of capitalism are in fact, seeped into the political structure of a country. We know that the US superstructure has fallen into depths which only a miracle can probably undo.

Capitalism is a system which is highly dependent on production. It is a system that feeds on the creation of wealth thru capital. And its foundation is simple---the lower the costs of production, the higher the revenues generated. More revenues means more capital to use for expansion of markets, and the more markets, the better the flow of capital into more geographical areas.

The thing about America today is that there was a shift in the locus of production. When China was focused more on developing itself internally, capital remained in the United States. Jobs were a-plenty, and therefore, more people have more money to spend in the markets.

When production shifted from the US to China (because it is cheaper to produce in China than the US), capital flows also changed. This resulted to many Americans without jobs. The internal market stagnated because America is both a consumer and manufacturing market. Consumption is high because people buy stuff especially those with jobs. Without jobs, lesser people have monies. When people bought less stuff, this translates to a closure of hundreds or even thousands of firms and industries. Repeat this a thousand times and you have a capitalist system that is in the brink of despair.

This is where Trump comes in. He came in preaching to bring back America to its previous glory. Americans agreed, but what many Americans failed to ask Trump is how would he do it? Americans did not realize that for Trump to do what he promised to do--jack up the economy by at least 4%--Trump must turn America's head upside down.

Trump knows that capitalism breeds in a more controlled environment. Meaning, capital must be concentrated and not dispersed, just like what the preachers of globalization want. The more capital is dispersed, the riskier it becomes, because the more distant capital gets, control becomes less and less. And the freer the markets are, the more risk for local or domestic capitalists.

Analyze the US stock market, and you'll see that more and more Chinese firms have invested themselves in US-based companies. Investments have a dual character, with one, having a sinister nature. Its benevolent face shows of how more monies are poured into operations which benefits people. What Americans failed to realize is that those monies which Chinese firms invest in US-based companies do not translate into growth of the US economy because many of these US companies have manufacturing operations in China. So, when Chinese investors invest in a US firm, the US firm then uses the monies invested in expanding its operations in China, and capital, in reality, stays with China, not with the US.

Meaning, when Chinese investors invest their monies, they invest with the anticipation of getting those monies back thru the creation of more jobs domestically and expect more people buying more stuff in its consumerist market.

Seventy years ago, the situation is different. More firms operate in America. America back then, was a manufacturing center. Now, what America is, is basically a big capitalist acting as a middleman. Its banking system is being used by other countries with more monies and is living off the interests of those monies being put into the system by other peoples, mostly rich capitalists from Asia.

Trump sees the solution as a very simple thing--bring back America to its feet by reviving its former status as a manufacturer. He cannot do that by allowing government to spend more money helping other countries out of their financial misery. America needs to look inward before it goes outward. America needs to generate money and for America to do just that, it needs those capital back and be concentrated into America.

And for him to do just that, Trump needs to undo years of democratization of the economy of America which his predecessors did. By reviewing those lopsided trade deals and discouraging participation in regional trade blocs, Trump thinks that it is a good start. Money must stay in the United States, and it can only be done by asking US companies to consider moving their operations back to America first, and second, creating a more protectionist America.

But the more important work for Trump is to change the mindsets of Americans. Americans must believe in themselves first. Americans must re-ignite their "nationalism" by making Americans believe that they are the most dominant of the human species. Racist tolerance makes Americans believe in the equality of skills and of intelligence, which lessens America's belief of itself as a glorious nation.

Meaning, America, for it to be great again, must look inwardly, ignore the equality among races, and think of itself as the most dominant race. Trump must invigorate the rapacious side of Americans, and make Americans the most efficient conquerors not just in the military field but moreso, in the economic side, something which can be solved through social re-engineering.

Right now, most Americans are resistent mainly because of years of neoliberal indoctrination. However, when Trump begins his administration, chances are, he would slowly start destroying this neoliberal framework by first showing Americans a marked improvement in the economy. Of course, Trump can do this just by increasing tariffs on the entry of foreign goods and by managing interest rates. Note that this strategy does have its risks, but these are risks which many see as manageable ones. And heaven forbid, when Americans begin seeing more jobs created, and the economy on the "up and up", many would then reconsider their perspective on Trump and without even knowing it, unconsciously accept the "social message" that Trump is promoting.

Meaning---America has to undo decades of efforts of modern Americans to realize the ideals by which America was founded upon because "ideal America" does not conform with the economic system by which its founding fathers adopted.

Friday, November 18, 2016


Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte initially hesitated on that 24 hour trip to Peru. But, after reading what Russian president Putin did, which was, get Russia out of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Duterte had a change of mind. And many people expected it.

In his China trip, Duterte was the first one to announce to the entire world, a triumvirate of sorts, which includes the Philippines, China and Russia. Some say, Duterte's pronouncement was the 21st century version of the Axis Powers, which former German dictator Adolf Hitler led alongside Imperial Japan and Benito Mussolini's Italy. Now, what is being promoted is what I call the Asian Axis of Powers, an animal which packs an apocalyptic power deadlier than that of the EWurpean-inspired Axis powers. And like other deranged leaders who salivate on conquering the peoples of the world, Duterte thinks he is now at par with the rest of those whose hands dripped of the blood of their own peoples.

Seventy years ago, it was the ideology of intolerance that encouraged Germany to partner up with Italy and Japan. These three wanted nothing more than annihilate the rest of the world, and people it with their kind. Of course, the Germans wanted nothing more than see only blond people walking the face of the earth, and none of the kinks and had they succeeded, Hitler's Germany would have waged war against the other Axis powers, and the world would have seen only the Great Aryan Race walking and enjoying all the blessings of God, while the rest of us are probably working the mines or worse, being experimented upon inside thousands of German death camps. Or, we are likely be a few feet buried under the ground.

Right now, it is Putin, the Great Vlad, that wears Hitler's cape while China probably mimicked the Fascism of Mussolini, albeit, of the extreme Socialist kind, while, what about Duterte? Of course, Duterte thinks he has the credentials worthy of Li's and Putin's consideration---he, admittedly, inspired his own police force to turn into an efficient killing machine and look at how he and his cops already did----Filipino cops have already killed 4,000 plus of their own people and if we are to believe Duterte, there are still 2,600,000 more out there to find and murder.

Duterte wears his badge like a proud Meister. He thinks he's right and is doing the right sacrifice for his people. Like Putin, Duterte thinks killing people is the righteous way to go about his overzealous campaign against drug addiction.

A few days from now, and we will all wake up and find that there is a so-called "New World Order." This "new world order" is expected to include us, the Filipinos, all because of Duterte.

Yes, while we led the rest of the world after World War two in creating the United Nations so that all nations of the world would avoid killing each other over racism and intolerance, we are forgetting all of that, and is veering towards a "world order" that is far from being tolerant of other races and beliefs.

Of course, Duterte will say that this concept is "new" and I agree.

For the past few years, the world has transformed into a more livable place, a world that understands tolerance and cognizant of rights, of a world that lives "by the law", and a world that now sees everybody as genetically linked, thanks to advances in genome study.

Now, leaders like Duterte wants the world to turn its head upside down and reject the notion of a free world. Duterte wants nothing more than kill 3 million plus of his people to save 100 million more. And Duterte wants to see his people with their heads bowed in submission, before him, He Who Claims to be Smarter than Any other scumbag in the world.

What is "new" in this "new world order" is its cast---a bunch of Hitler wannabes whose claim to fame is that they ordered the slaughter of their own people, the very same ones whom they promised to "protect and safeguard their rights."

How do China treat dissidents or those Hongkongers who longed for freedom? They kill them by mowing them with their tanks. How did Putin deal with those who question his leadership? He had them all killed. And how, mind you, did Duterte inspired his security forces under his disposal? Duterte inspired them to go out like hunting dogs, hunt for people who use and sell drugs or even those whom these cops only suspect of being involved in drugs or plain and simply, they just hate or see people who look like addicts.

Obviously, there is nothing new about this new world order except that it a step backward, a step towards darkness, a rage against intellectualism and humanism and a noisy promotion of sectarianism, hatred and intolerance.

Yes, my son, we are going into war, a war that will put humanity back several thousands of years ago, when we kill because we hate how a person looks like, or we see zombies out of hapless drug dependents and spare those who supply these dependents with their drugs.

Yes, we are entering an era where we want just one idea to rule the world, just one look for people and just one style for people to wear. Let's throw out diversity and embrace unitarianism. Let's create our own version of order out of a perceived disorder and let's harmonize the economies of the world into one so that just one group of people continue their own domination, while we allow billions to just live like slaves working for the new order.

New world order? I dare these scumbags to just do their thing and enslave the world. And let them meet the same fate of their predecessors who once believed they were the dominant race when simply, they were the most foolish.