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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ex Makati Vice Mayor Mercado accuses VP Binay of corruption

He sounded like a very street-smart politico that he sounds believable. Former Makati vice mayor Mercado admitted before the Senate that he benefitted from the now controversial Makati City government building when he was still vice mayor, and Vice President Jejomar Binay was still mayor. Though he did not directly said it, yet Mercado insinuated that Binay probably benefited from the project as well.

We all know that the vice mayor is the one who attends and conducts a city's council. He acts as the council's head. Contracts such as these real estate developments go thru the city council for approval. Of course, who controls the proceedings--its the vice mayor. The mayor only signs upon the concurrence of his councilors.

Now, is it already really a "given" that, if the vice mayor earns something from a project, his mayor also gets a slice of the pie too? This is speculative. It may be so in some instances and not in others.

What is certain for what Mercado told the Senate was he earned from the project. That is a categorical answer. Being categorical, it is an admission. And since he already admitted it, it is now up to the authorities for them to use Mercado's admission as basis for filing a graft case against him, right?

Wrong, because the Binay prosecutors in the Senate, in the persons of Alan Peter Cayetano, a tattle-tale who dreams of becoming president, of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who dreams of becoming vice and of Senator Aquilino Pimentel, who wants nothing more than revenge against Binay because Pimentel thought that Binay betrayed his father under PDP-Laban are all in unison. They want Mercado protected probably because they had already agreements with him.

Now, if Mercado is there leading the charge against Binay, surely, not far behind are the Locsins, who also lost in the 2010 elections due to Binay.

Will Mercado disclose how much did he earn from being Binay's accuser? Mercado, by the way, maintains vast landholdings in Zambales and Bataan, one of which is a property fronting the beach. Where did Mercado get the money to build such a resort?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Split among middle forces could put Aquino's administration in extreme jeopardy

I am personally sad by what I heard today---the split between those who want change in this country. Those who want to abolish pork, prosecute the thieves even those inside Malacanang, institutionalize change through people's initiative and support impeachment are encamped in Luneta. Another group, the Black and White movement led by Leah Navarro is forming a Coalition of  ordinary citizens who want reforms. Navarro's group obviously supports Pnoy because most of them work inside the Aquino administration, foremost of whom are Manolo Quezon and edwin lacierda who are part of the  President's communication team. Leah Navarro was once an appointee.They are expected to go against those who have legitimate causes against the Aquino administration since most of them are supportive of Dbm secretary butch Abad and are personally linked with Dilg secretary mar roxas and members of the Hyatt 10.

It is sad to see this once strong coalition of reformers now going on separate ways. During arroyo's time, Navarro and the rest of those now supporting the Scrap the Pork Network were allies, all united regardless of their differing ideologies. Now, this strong coalition is no more.

This split really is based on benefits. Navarro's group is benefitting from the powers in Malacanan. They are showing pragmatism mainly because they know that they'll lose access to the president if they show their true feelings about what is happening. This pork barrel issue and this impeachment has caused a very serious wedge that harms instead of improve the reformist movement in thePhilippines.

Why do I say so? Because the real enemies of Aquino could actually use this to justify extra constitutional action. I would not delve into specifics except to say that this split is a sign that there is now a clear existence of a revolutionary situation,something that could prove providential to those who truly want real change to happen and of course, this is likewise the case to those who only want nothing more than to snatch power from Aquino.

More than a drop in the surveys, this is a sign of a weakening of the Aquino administration. This split reflects the wedge between the Samar and balai groups,two groups which propelled Aquino to power. This rally is definitely just a public manifestation of this internal power struggle and is beginning to even spill over civil society ranks.

Blame the stupidity of this President and his men, for wanting nothing more than protect their own hides instead of pursuing the true path of change. Eventually,history will show that Aquino committed a very grave sin that will lead towards perdition. His perfidy, his hard line stance to protect Abad and members of the Hyatt 10 will eventually cause the early downfall of his regime.

Sad, but true.

Why you need to go to Luneta today

While I write this, several of my friends are already up and about, and are preparing for today's historic activity, which is, of course, that rally in Luneta.Various groups have all expressed their intentions of leaving the comforts of their homes and again, reliving that feeling a year ago, when the first stories about how several government officials abused the people's taxes came into fore.

Of course, today should be different. A year ago, impromptu organizers of the march stopped people from expressing their anger. Now, people are definitely angry because they are getting the raw end of the deal. While these thieves wallow in luxury, most people suffer in abject poverty, the consequence of an inhumane and lopsided arrangement which, if we look at our history, all came about because the Ilustrados in collaboration with the caciques,  snatched the leadership of the Katipunan from its legitimate leaders.

The same treachery exists today, with the economic elites conniving with their political counterparts to steal the people's hard earned taxes by way of public-private partnerships. Lack of government intervention and of implementing regulations have resulted to an environment punctuated by wanton rise of the prices of commodities and the seemingly disregard of Big Business in the overall welfare of consumers.

Abuse of the people's monies is a manifestation of the lack of respect these people, the economic and political elites, have towards ordinary Filipino citizens. They act as the real and present oppressors of the people, the scourge of democracy, the threat against liberty.

When you take part in today's event, you do so out of sheer love to the Motherland, who nurtured you and took you near her bosom. Luneta is a great place to express all those anger, its grounds made holy by the blood of many Filipinos who sacrificed their lives for liberty.

It is there, in Luneta, where shouts of liberty first came into being, muffled by the repeated sounds of bullets coming from the muskets of the foreign colonizers. While our patriots fell, they committed their souls to the Motherland. They shouted liberty until the very end.

When you go to Luneta today, re-commit yourselves to the Motherland by remembering these patriots who before you, laid down their lives before the altar of Liberty. When you take part in this massive event, be comforted by the fact that the very souls of these patriots are with you, raising their fists, shouting at the top of their voices and beating their breasts all for love of country.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

No el scenario part of self-coup plan by Palace hawks

Edwin Lacierda's slip of the tongue was deliberate. Some sources say, it was a deliberate move meant to see the reaction of the public if such an idea is acceptable or not.

Some palace insiders are consulting with several groups, making some temperature checks and even planning a scenario which will justify a no election.

Fact is, some of them are even thinking of launching a "self-coup" to justify the establishment of a revolutionary government patterned after Thailand. That is the fastest way possible to achieve what President Aquino and some of his allies want--a change in the Constitution.

You ask--why is it that the Palace right now is actively charging the atmosphere with talks about succession?

The explanation is simple--these talks were instigated by several members of the economic elite. Some of them are feeling apprehensive about the policies to be implemented by the next administration. Since these elites have enjoyed a modicum of order and frankly, of a faster pace in social services under Aquino, they want nothing more than a continuation of the present policies.

This is a perennial problem in Philippine politics and society. Since the very nature of our system is personalistic and paternal, policies change whenever there is a change in the administration of the Executive department. There is no continuity.

We have a system based on laws, yet, we leave it to the Executive to execute those laws based on how they see fit. That explains why every single year, several interpretations are being put forward by whoever deems fit inside the palace. There is no continuity, hence, no consistent interpretation of laws.

The Constitution gives every President six years to do his job. Have'nt we even discussed why the framers of the Constitution says six years? What is the basis for the six years?

The 1935 Constitution says its six for one term without re-election. The 1972 Constitution lifts term limits which allowed former president Ferdinand Marcos to serve another term. Our Constitution reverted to the 1935 Constitution, which, when I checked the deliberations, our framers did not back this up with any research whatsover--they just decided that it is six and no minute longer.

Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote in the New York times how he is against amending the US constitution to change the term limit of the President to a single six year term (The US system is different from ours. They re-elect their president every four years). Schlesinger Jr says it will perpetuate the "President's knows best" myth and which deprives the people with their democratic right to have a better president.

Woodrow Wilson, former US president says six years is too long for a bad president and too short for a good one, but the decision lies with the people.

Truly, there is no scientific basis why we allow a six year term limit for the president. Hence, this "test"

Liberal party hitting Binay directly

Is it true that die-hard loyalists of Mar Roxas are now openly funding the smear campaign against Vice president Jejomar Binay? That's what the United Nationalist Alliance or UNA's accusation is. UNA spokesperson Toby Tiangco even said talks between Binay's camp and those of the president are being sabotaged by a small group of Liberal party members close to Roxas.

What this writer heard is that several members of the President's inner circle are trying to influence Pnoy not to endorse Binay and instead, keep in the tradition of a president endorsing one of his cabinet members. Pnoy was so convinced by his classmates' suggestions that he gave the blessing for some of his political allies to hit Binay the hardest.

That explains why Senator Trillianes IV is going around town, trying to ruin the vice president's reputation, picturing him as a trapo with a billion peso graft scandal.

There are reports which show how fractured Malacanang is right now, with one group trying to block Binay's access to the President and another group, close family members of the Cojuangco clan, wanting nothing else but for the president to nominate Binay as his candidate come 2016.

What is certain is that this inner wranglings will definitely lead to one result---a major split between the President and Binay. Yes, the Binays are personal friends of the Aquinos, but you know politics? Like in showbizness, there are no permanent friends in politics. When power is in the trading block, friendships dissolve like wafer.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Flora Pineda--the woman who wanted Pnoy to step down--is no mental case

Why is it always axiomatic for some of our journalists to consider a person a mental case whenever someone does something out of the ordinary?

News reports depict Flora Pineda--the woman who packed a pistol just to scare Pnoy and ask him to step down--as a mental case. I mean, the woman is even more sane than the rest of us!

First, she had the courage to tell everybody, even the President, that she is sick and tired of what's happening around her and she's concerned with the condition of the poor and the poorest of the poor, especially those kids forced as beggars due to poverty.

Don't tell me that a woman who went pass strict Presidential Security Group protocols armed with a loaded 45 caliber pistol is a nutcase? I had the privilege before of covering Malacanan and mind you, it is not as easy as it looks going pass those metal detectors and eagle-eyed presidential guards. Yet, Flora Pineda managed to elude those and was caught inside the palace grounds. Of course, Pineda probably does not know that Pinoy does not reside in that area, but what if she knew?

Pineda had the courage to do what she intended to do and that, to our mind, is psychotic?

I remember several years ago, of this tragic incident that happened when a man occupied the airport signalling tower at the Ninoy Aquino international airport. Actually, this man was a retired government official.

Armed with only a pistol, this man occupied the tower and demanded that former president Gloria Arroyo steps down from power. During that time, this man even called broadcaster Arnold Clavio and expressed his disgusts against Arroyo and her way of managing things. While he was talking with Clavio, heavily armed airport assault teams barged into his room and gunned him down. It was all recorded on audio.

I also remembered how a man took several kids hostaged inside a bus in Manila. This man, who built a school for children, was armed with an assault rifle and I think several other people assisted him in holding hostage several school children for several hours. Eventually, a friend of his, a legislator, managed to convince him to stand down and surrender. He did, but not after getting half an hour of exposure on air which he used in lambasting government to smithereens.

These people did what they did probably out of sheer frustration over what is happening in our society today. I don't think they were out of their minds when they did those things which shocked the Nation.

Random acts of violence committed by ordinary Filipinos are tell-tale signs of an undercurrent of dissent being felt by majority of the people. There is a brewing revolt among the people, now feeling the tremendous pressure and strain caused by high prices of goods and of everything and the obvious lack of support coming from government. There is an evident breakdown of law and order. Systems are now suffering severe neglect and services are getting worse by the minute. And all because most, if not all of those elected or appointed by the People to manage the government are now busy trying to secure their futures post-Aquino.

Everything is getting nuttier by the second and expect more dramatic incidents such as these in the future because the people are really tired, frustrated and angry over what is happening in their country today.It is just a matter of time before things get out of hand and the crowd's passions boil over.

Friday, August 15, 2014

NFA chief quits due to 15M extort try--the true story

Arthur Juan is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy at the same class as that of Defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin. Juan served for about eleven years in the Philippine Air force before he transferred to Monterrey, a subsidiary under San Miguel Foods. There, Juan carved a name in the agriculture and food business as an astute player. Meaning, Juan knows what happens in the food production and manufacturing industry. Sources say, Juan is one of the players.

When he was tapped to replace another NFA chief who was himself caught in a corruption scandal, Juan immediately went into action and made his presence felt in the industry. This has always been the case whenever a new "boss" ascends the administrator post or whenever any person becomes the boss of an agency of government or department. Many calls this "shakedowns" when the new "Boss" tries to show his power over his subordinates.

Juan is not new in the rice industry. He is, in fact, a veteran of many "wars".

Sources told me that Juan gave his cell phone number (a Globe Line) to numerous reporters covering the NFA beat. That number was the one which a certain Jojo Soliman claims to be the number used by Juan in his alleged extortion activities.

Soliman's allegations are deathly serious because aside from numerous text messages he received from Juan, the Bulacan-based businessman has an audio recording of Juan telling him or instructing him how to deposit 15 million pesos in several bank accounts.

Juan reportedly told Soliman to deposit fifteen million pesos to several accounts. The NFA chief allegedly volunteered to give presidential adviser on agriculture Kiko Pangilinan and DILG secretary Mar Roxas five million each, and the remaining 5 million for his "troubles".

When Juan was interviewed by Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja in their afternoon show over at DZMM, Juan categorically denied every single allegation hurled against him.

Juan even said, matter-o-factly, that he does not know the Chinoy-sounding names rattled off by Soliman in his affidavit. In truth, several sources say, those Chinoys were Juan's long-time associates, involved in the trade of rice and other foodstuffs.

This is a very serious matter which the palace should definitely not ignore.

News reports say Juan reportedly tendered his resignation but which was rejected by Secretary Pangilinan. Why?

Meanwhile, the National Bureau of Investigation is now busy gathering more evidence against the embattled head of the country's food administration.

Issue is not just about Pork--it's now Abuse of Power!

ScrapthePork network wants the people to go to Luneta on August 25 to protest against pork. Much as I want to go there, but the issue now is beyond the misuse of pork.

People must now militate against the unconstitutional use of Power.

Besides, why are they getting signatures for charter change? This is a dangerous thing. I am extremely doubtful about their real intentions--they want to use the people's initiative as a way to change the charter. That jibes with the palace intention of tickering with the Charter.

I think this group will just use these signatures to justify what the palace has been shouting about--the people's alleged demand for a second term for the president.

What well-meaning groups should protest about is the plan of the palace to get more power to perpetuate themselves in power. That is the issue right now.

Whatever some people say--that the President's pronouncement that he is open to another term is just a ruse--I still say that it is the duty of everyone to stand up and count himself in opposition of this very infantile thought.

Someone tried to assuage my feelings by saying that every President does that: announce that he is running again or is salivating for another dig at Power at the very end of his term to avoid the perception that he is now just a lameduck president.

How serious is the president in claiming for another term? His public announcement mocked the very words of his spokesmen and even his siblings, Kris Aquino and Balsy who even said that when the President did the SONA, he was practically saying goodbye or was on the verge of preparing for a valedictory address.

If President Aquino pursues this ridiculous and highly dangerous thought, this idea of a second term thru a cha-cha, there is actually no more time to do just that. For one, Congress will be busy discussing the five impeachment complaints lodged against Aquino. While mulling on whether those complaints are sufficient in form and substance, Congress will likewise do its primary job of reviewing the proposed nearly 3 trillion national budget.

Some believes that the President is just playing a game or put forth what many say is a red herring. The palace has successfully convinced the media to shift their attention from the anomalous DAP to other issues. Malacanang is trying to distract the public so that their attention is focused on other things rather than the anomalous disbursement acceleration program.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

RP headed for serious political confrontation--Pnoy thinking of becoming god

What President Aquino shared with TV5 will change forever the political fate of this country. For one, what the President announced is a veritable declaration of war against every principle he once believed in and what his mother, former president Corazon "Cory" Aquino and even his father, Benigno Aquino Jr. stood for and died for--that of preserving the pillars of democracy.

see this link:

Aquino is now veering away from using his Constitutional powers and is mulling the possibility of further increasing his own powers by diluting the powers of the other branches of government. He did so when he and his friend, Butch Abad, invented the DAP. That is like assuming the power of the Purse which the Constitution only gave to Congress to exercise. He continues to mock the decision of the Supreme Court over the DAP and even uses the BIR, an agency of the Executive, to undertake a witch hunt against members of the Judiciary.

Whoever is advising the president--let me send this message very clearly--you are doing a great disservice to the Peoples of this Nation by giving this president an advice that puts this country in such terrible risks.

By putting this idea in the infantile mind of this president that he is god and deserves a second chance is like creating the very atomic bomb that is sure to obliterate every shred of democracy off this wonderful land.

How can we now say that it's more fun in the Philippines when the very ones who lead this government is thinking of having more fun for another six years?

Are the people ready for another six years of thievery, of goofs, of disservices, of poor public services, of higher prices of goods, of an aristocracy living in luxury while the rest live in utter destitution and poverty?

I remember one professor of mine in law who said that it is better to bet your bottom dollar on democracy rather than earn millions out of anarchy and despotism.

Pnoy and his classmates and friends are treading a path least taken by other mortals for fear of failure.  When these people were young, they envisioned a society free from dictatorship.

Now that they are in power, they are becoming the very same people they once tried to fight against.

As they say, how besotted the young mind becomes when exposed to the trappings of power! How man tries to ascend to the heavens as a god rather than a mortal?

And as what God described Lucifer when he revolted against the powers of Heaven:

“How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer,[a] son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!
13 For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’
15 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,
To the lowest depths of the Pit.
16 “Those who see you will gaze at you,
And consider you, saying:
‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble,
Who shook kingdoms,
17 Who made the world as a wilderness
And destroyed its cities,
Who did not open the house of his prisoners?’ (Isaiah 14: 12-17, NKJV)

Mr. President, please re-read your history books. Those who made themselves gods are themselves made low by the very people whom God granted the right to be His sons.

Those who thought of themselves as gods eventually got what the Prophet Isaiah described Lucifer's reward--a place in Sheol.

Pnoy counting not on end of term but of disaster

Aside from the MRT train which rammed its barrier and derailed itself which led to about 70 people injured, another shocking news happened yesterday.

President Benigno S. Aquino III, in an interview last night with my former Family and Relations professor Atty. Mel Sta Maria over TV5 dropped something which several people, including this writer, actually expected him to announce---the possibility of him getting another term.

Aquino shared with Atty. Sta Maria what has been occupying his mind since the Supreme Court disagreed with him over the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP---his desire to further clip the powers of the Supreme Court and his ambitions for another term.

see this link:

And how will Aquino do this, considering that what he has shared is against the very vow he took when he assumed the presidency---respect for the Rule of Law and of the Constitution.

A second term for the president is expressly prohibited before the present Charter. Our founding fathers explicitly inserted that provision to deter any crazed man from assuming himself as god.

Is the president so afraid that the possibility of him getting the same fate as his former professor Arroyo and former political ally Estrada looms bigger now than before?

Is the President now siding with a faction of his cabinet whose desire is to ram the possibility of a Roxas presidency down our throats?

Is this the reason why coup rumors were floated about by a political ally of the president so that palace sickos are to mobilize their own forces for a self-coup?

Or the president really is convinced of his invincibility, of his power, or what people now presume--allies of the president probably coaxed Pnoy to near perfection that he is besotted with power?

Everyone knows that the possibility of the House initiating a cha-cha right now is as far as the moon. Though the Liberals have an upper hand in terms of numerical superiority, everyone knows that this superiority does not necessarily result to what the House desires--open the Charter.

This cha-cha has been attempted before by almost every administration which nears its term. And always, cha-cha attempts fail and always suffer the same fate--that of being thrown in the trashcan of the people's consciousness.

Opening the charter just to satisfy the paranoia of the One sitting at the Palace so that he protects himself from prosecution post-term is to me, as sick as one having a throat cancer or someone who already is sick before but is trying to put a brave face?

The President is now leading this country towards greater ruin and disaster.

Incidents like the one that happened at the LRT-MRT is not exactly an accident---this is a sign of a breakdown of the system.

And this breakdown is a result of the absence of leadership. No one is manning the fort. Who is now in charge?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Liberal Party fears Losing Power

When Pnoy won the presidential elections, many thought that the Liberal Party would be the party to beat come 2016. Mar Roxas, whose presidential and even vice presidential ambitions crumbled when mayor Jejomar Binay won the people's vote, had an epiphany--he thought he had six years to work for his ambition.

Four years later, and inspite of what his team is doing, Roxas remains at the bottom rung of practically all surveys. What is most evident is that when the people decide on something or when the people reject someone, that decision stays practically the same for years.

What is going against Roxas is that his performance as Dilg secretary is far from ideal, his pre election campaign team is totally inefficient and worse, he is perceived now as part of a Losing Proposition.frankly, Roxas has no where to go but out.

Credit that to a long standing perception that Roxas remains and continues to be a losing bet. Worse, several people have floated ideas of other possible heirs to the a Palace throne, most of them political allies of the President. Seems like he continues to be the odd man out, and this perception if not corrected, will remain stuck in the public consciousness possibly even until 2016. As several LP members say, time to jump out while the ship remains afloat.

It would definitely take a miracle to get Roxas out of this lingering perception. And the LP knows it.

That's why several members of the. Aquino cabinet want an extension, an additional few years to further convince and ram into our throats the possibility of a Roxas presidency.

What these people do not know is this---Roxas would soon reveal a shocking thing to them very soon. This revelation will definitely shock the very foundations of the LP whose members are concerned about losing power come 2016.

Group out to frustrate Possible LP-Binay tandem

A Motley crew of former government officials, former generals, former Communists, active Socialists, and catholic priests have reportedly bonded together for one mission-- to frustrate a possible win of Vice President Jejomar Binay in 2016. These individuals have one thing in common--they hate the present administration. And they hate those who align themselves with it.

Vice President Binay is not formally aligned with the administration---not yet. There are several signs that some LP stalwarts are considering him to be their presidential bet come 2016, since Mar Roxas continues to lag behind in surveys after surveys.The Aquino sisters are out in the open already, expressing their unwavering support behind the former Mayor of Makati.

There are of course, die-hard LP members who predict the destruction of their party once Binay enters into the picture. That explains why there are plans to establish a political party for Binay whose members come from various political aggrupations. This is a logical answer to the problem of many LP members--honorable way out of their present rut without incurring the ire of cabinet members still supportive of Roxas.

What is now puzzling is the entry of this new group which puts the question who funds them and why did they appear only now? There are even talks that some cabinet members support this group simply out of fear that a Binay presidency might put their own social and political statuses in jeopardy.

What is most certain is this--a third force is rising and is building their own mechanism. Nothing wrong except that with the existence of such a group, expect the political pot to brew as wildly, as violently and as unwieldy unheard of since the foundation of the Republic.