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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Duterte emerges as No.1 Presidential candidate in first NPR online survey

Thanks my dear readers for participating in the first NPR Presidential survey which ran for 3 months. Of 1,644 online voters, 28% voted for Davao Mayor Rudy Duterte, followed by Senator Grace Poe (25% or 412 votes) and Mar Roxas with 301 votes or 18%.

Vice president Jejomar Binay, who is always at the top rung of various surveys got 5% or 85 online votes, the same percentage which Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago got (5%) yet, Santiago's votes are even higher by six votes against Binay's.

1. Rudy Duterte----28% (461 votes)
2. Grace Poe--------25% (412 votes)
3. Mar Roxas-------18% (301 votes)
4. Alan Peter Cayetano---7% (127 votes)
5. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr--7% (122 votes)
6. Miriam Defensor Santiago---5% (91 votes)
7. Jejomar Binay----5% (85 votes)
8. Panfilo Lacson---2% (45 votes)

Below is the final results of the first survey. The next survey will be today. Vote for your favorite candidate. I will change the period of voting. I will make this one and a half months.

Jejomar Binay
  85 (5%)
Grace Poe
  412 (25%)
Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr
  122 (7%)
Mar Roxas
  301 (18%)
Rudy Duterte
  461 (28%)
Panfilo "Ping" Lacson
  45 (2%)
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
  91 (5%)
Alan Peter Cayetano
  127 (7%)

Votes so far: 1644
Poll closed 

2016 Presidential Elections could lead to True Change in Philippine society

Elite groups are fighting against each other for the biggest booty ever in Philippine History--control over a trillion pesos worth of resources. With an investment of just 2 billion pesos (for a Presidential candidate), one could earn a triple or even a hundred times if his bet succeeds in clinching the top Executive post.

Wittingly or unwittingly, these groups have gone exactly overboard by turning this election into an emotional one. When the Liberal Party and their non-LP cohorts, Senators Cayetano, Trillanes and Pimentel attacked Vice president Binay, they wittingly or unwittingly made this election, personal rather than purely political. Not only did they tried to destroy the credibility of their political enemy, they foolishly dragged other personalities in the fray, which could prove disastrous not just to their individual political careers but more so, to the general conduct of the 2016 Presidential elections in particular.

Now, who will believe that Binay will lose this election fair and square, when at a very early stage, these personalities have spent not just their time but their financial resources just to derail the campaign of Binay for the presidency? These political attacks, at this very early, have surely backfired.

Yes, it did its goal of portraying Binay's ratings going South, but without manipulating results to show another candidate emerging from the woodwork. The people are not stupid. They know what is happening. Who will then believe of a Binay loss now that the people knew that these elite groups have conspired against him and who will not believe that these groups paid and even manipulated election results just to stop Binay from winning?

What would prevent Binay's supporters from engaging in extra-constitutional means in 2016? None. The same way goes to supporters of Poe. They were made to believe that Poe's numbers are improving and are reflective of a general sentiment of support. They don't know that Poe's ratings can be likened to a balloon ready to explode before their faces anytime soon. Why? Because their candidate's true nature is farthest from her public persona and the minute this is exposed, this would surely be very big.

Of course, the LP cannot, by conscience, claim victory for Mar because no one would believe it. This early, Roxas is a goner. Ask anyone. Even if the LP publishes a favorable survey result, it would be very hard for them to justify a Roxas win. A Roxas win is to be perceived as a fraud, a manipulation.

If Roxas wins, groups will militate. If Binay loses, people will wage a people's revolt. If Poe wins, Binay's camp will surely arm themselves and militate. If Poe loses, her segment of supporters will cry fraud.

No one among these three candidates will bulge. Why? Because their financial backers are gung-ho to see their respective investments bear fruit. Behind every candidate lurks carpetbaggers who will risk billions just to get power over the people's purse.

Eventually, if not a direct and armed confrontation, this will probably result to an entendre or compromise among these elite groups just to avoid a vacuum of power. 

Grace Poe is sure to run for the presidency come 2016 as the Top Miners' Candidate

Her handlers are portraying her as a reluctant candidate. Sources say this is farthest from the truth. Grace Poe's feet are itching to start her campaign for the presidency because she has nothing to lose and all to gain from this.

Poe has already received campaign contributions from her electoral financiers, mostly involved in the mining business. Sources say, Ramon Ang of San Miguel has already bankrolled her campaign with the three Zamora brothers: Manny, Buddy and Ronnie Zamora, the very first time that these three brothers united under one candidate. Of course, this is quite obvious, simply because Ronnie Zamora hates the guts of Vice president Jejomar Binay whom he had a political spat several years ago. Zamora actually financed the Vice President's political nemesis, Vice mayor Mercado and Teddy Locsin, people whom Binay alienated in 2010 when the former Makati mayor sided with other political allies in Makati.

Anyway, Poe enjoys a perception of being the strongest contender as yet, based again on these surveys. Her backers are mostly coming from the Nationalist People's Coalition or NPC of Danding Cojuangco, the very same political Kingmaker who supported Poe's dear friend and mentor, Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero Jr.

By the way, do you know why Cojuangco supports Chiz? Cojuangco's ties with the Escudero family go a long way back, even from the days of the Marcos regime. Escudero's father, former Bicol Congressman Salvador Escudero, was formerly Food and Agriculture Minister of former president Ferdinand Marcos. 

It was under Escudero's term when the controversial COCO levy fund scandal was hatched, and we all know how this scheme benefitted Danding Cojuangco. Cojuangco was able to use these funds to purchase a major stake at San Miguel Corporation. And the rest is history.

That explains why Cojuangco supports Escudero. What Cojuangco's gang wants now is for Chiz to get the vice presidency. Why?

Again, this is all about monies. Several fund investments exist which was set up as far back as the Marcos regime. These investments must be recovered. The only way is for someone close to the Cojuangcos to get into the Executive department. 

Now, does Chiz deserve the vice presidency? Those who know the real Chiz, those who had the misfortune of meeting him up close and personal, will tell you disappointing things about this man. 

When Chiz was still married to this former lounge singer, this man reportedly goes home late at night, drunk, and sometimes, try to make a punching bag out of his wife. He dishes unmentionable things here whenever he's drunk. Some people told this writer that Chiz becomes Mr. Hide when intoxicated. 

How about Grace Poe? Poe is the adopted daughter of Fernando Poe Jr who happens to be a friend of Cojuangco. Remember how FPJ endorsed San Miguel beer?

Poe has political ambitions not because she really wants to continue what FPJ started,  but she wants to run to prove to herself and to her "so-called family" that she is better than them.

Aside from this, don't mention to Grace that some people know why she is desperate to run for the presidency. She knows what she violated last 2010 and 2013 which could easily invalidate her status as a government official now. 

President Pnoy endorses FOI as priority bill

Masasabi nating last minute ito, pero, okey pa rin.

President Pnoy just made my day. In an apparent effort to recover his integrity, this President has just endorsed the Freedom on Information bill as a priority measure. I think my good friend, former Majority Floor leader Erin Tanada would really be very happy with this development.

Tanada has been advocating for the passage of this bill for more than five years already. The fact is, this FOI is the commitment of Pnoy when he is asking us for support. Most groups agreed to support Pnoy when he agreed to make this a priority measure. Now that he did in spite of this being a last minute thing, this is still okay with me.

Why is this a very important thing? This bill allows the public to gain access to government documents. A highly transparent government is a good thing. It is an empowering measure and is an effective deterrent against graft and corrupt practices.

I have personally seen the effects of transparency in government. This philosophy has been effected at the Bureau of Immigration and in all sincerity, this has brought miracles to the bureaucracy.

I'm crossing my fingers and hope that this time, this President is sincere enough to see this bill passes thru Congress.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The forgotten SAF 44

Just like what I mentioned in my radio program Action Line sa Radyo Inquirer 990 (every Saturday, 12:30-1:30pm), this government has fully abandoned the pursuit for justice of its brave warriors, the SAF 44.

President Aquino did not even mentioned them in his State of the Nation address, a big and controversial issue that nearly tore this country apart. What the President did not understand is the fact that it is highly necessary for the government to campaign for the attainment of justice for these ill-fated troopers because they were supposed to be the long arm of the law!

What kind of leadership do we show the world when we cannot even protect and defend the rights of the very ones who are supposed to implement the law? In other countries, when criminals kill cops, groups of cops undertake hot pursuit operations to kill those bastards. The reason is simple--government must impress upon everybody it is a serious crime to kill even one cop. How will our people respect the cop uniform when we see them getting none of the justice which they truly deserve?

It is now 185 days after that Mamasapano massacre, and government has not even moved an inch towards filing criminal charges against those responsible for killing our brave warriors. Why?

The blood of our warriors shout unto high heavens from those fields where they fell.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Left and the 2016 Presidential Elections

For most of those who are leaning towards Socialism, this 2016 presidential elections is just a waste of time. This election will just be a clash between and among the ruling classes, leaving the rest of the impoverished masses in their present predicament. The fact is, as I was writing in several entries in this blog-- the struggle for power is already happening behind the facade of press releases of different political personalities and parties. Proxies and their principals in the business community are analysing the landscape and by this time, some of them have already decided who to support to this coming elections.

However, it is inevitable for the Left to take part in this elections because its fate is inescapably linked with whoever ascends the Chief Executive's office in 2016. Since the Left has decided to follow the flow of the tide, it is now in a marginalized state and it is only a matter of time before it finally succumbs to the organisational disease that has afflicted other Leftist movements in other countries.

The next six years is crucial for the Change Movement here in the Philippines for three (3) reasons: Relevance, Strength and Influence. In relevance, the changing labor landscape has affected the status of labor unions. At this point, labor unions are at their weakest due to inaction and even encouragement of government of Contractualization.There is disorganisation of labor. This phenomenon is affecting the strength and influence of the Left in Philippine politics.

And because the labor front is weak, it likewise weakens the support structures that are operating fundamentally above-board. There lies the exigency of a re-study of the situation to enable survival of the Left.

The main source of recruits for cadres has also weakened because of the changed complexion of the student movement. What is being discussed right now in most universities and colleges is not Socialism but social integration.

Why is there marginalization of the Left in the Philippines? Two things: First, the cooptation of the Left by traditional politics and second, the pesky problem of succession. By cooptation, I meant the participation of the Left in the elections. This is, for me, a tacit admission or even an indirect abandonment of armed struggle as a viable solution to the ills of Philippine society.

The Left is now suffering the effects of the downside of its decision to play the Big Boy's game. The effect is organisational, not entirely ideological. The exposure to the "dynamics" of traditional politics has put a damning mark to the proposition of an armed struggle, thereupon, affecting its relevance in today's situation.

If you analyze this closely, you will arrive at the conclusion that the expectation that intra-elite struggle will inevitably lead to a break is false, totally erroneous. The fact is, the more these elite groups had fought against each other, the more they had eventually arrive at measures aimed at consolidation. The false assumption that the elites will weaken as they fight justified the earlier decision to tread the parliamentary road instead of the road least taken.

Truly, the relevance of an armed struggle as the alternative to a dis fractured system is most evident now than before. The only problem is, the Legal Left has played the Big Boy's game so long and so well that the Left is even convinced that the solution is participation instead of emancipation thru war.

The convergence of forces this 2016 is expected to be quite explosive. There is now an expectation that these contending forces will never ever allow an entendre at the end of this struggle. They will fight it out. The question really is--how strong will the Left be by then to effect a removal of these elites and how ready it is for it to fill the vacuum and supplant the elites in power? Totally questionable in terms of readiness.

Aquino-Cojuangco clan and Miners triumph in electing next President

President Aquino has just endorsed someone who he describes as the "tuwid na daan" candidate as his best possible successor. For course, this is somewhat a damper since Senate president Franklin Drilon has just revealed what Pnoy is expected to do after his last State of the Nation address--proclaims his anointed one, and surely, everyone expects him to anoint Mar Roxas.

Aquino's pronouncement yesterday is somewhat an anti-climax because every Juan already knows who he would anoint. Pnoy has no choice but to toe the party line because he risks isolation. The minute Pnoy announces his true preferred candidate, Pnoy loses his main support base. With a Grace Poe-Chiz Escudero tandem looms, Pnoy has no other option except to accept his party's decision to field an unpopular candidate. Pnoy's hands are tied. He risks creating another possible political "enemy" in the camp of Roxas.

With Poe running for the presidency, Aquino's future is already secured. That five-hour dinner aims to  assure the departing Chief Executive that no criminal case would be filed against him. A Mar victory is an icing in the cake. Poe is not expected to do the right thing and punish those responsible for the celebrated DAP/PDAF scandal. Why?

Who supports Poe and Escudero but none other than the Nationalist People's Coalition or NPC which is controlled by Danding Cojuangco, uncle of the president. Aside from Cojuangco, the Zamora brothers and Ramon Ang of San Miguel Corporation. These people are MINERS.

Ang is interested in Tampakan gold mines in Cotabato, while the Zamoras maintain several mining concessions. Of course, the Cojuangcos are active as well in the extractive industry in cement.

Who triumphs if Poe succeeds in her candidacy? It would be the miners. These financiers expect their Return on Investments or ROI, and it will not just be political ROI.

And if Roxas succeeds, who wins? It would be Eric Gutierrez, the mining partner of Edgar Erice, the lapdog of Roxas in the Liberal party. Gutierrez is a protege of Zamora. So, even if Zamora is not physically there in support of Roxas, he has his proxy in the person of Gutierrez.

See those luscious forests in Mindanao? It would surely be gone the minute Poe or Roxas wins. Heard those deaths in Semirara? That would increase the minute either one of these candidates win.

Scoping these candidates for the presidency and surely almost everyone with the exception of Ping Lacson has backers connected with the mining sector.

If Poe or Roxas wins, their backers in the business community also wins. And we all know what happened during the Aquino administration, when no one among his erring Cabinet members got punished for their dastardly sins against the people because they were well protected by the political equity of the incumbent President. This should change with the next administration.

Now, before we even consider who to vote for, please for the sake of our country, our choice should never be an emotional one. The next president should be elected based on meritocracy.

Why? Because the next six years would see this country prosper beyond everyone's expectations. Our politics should mature. Our governance should improve to complement this growth in the economic sector.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

US Backs Senator Grace Poe for president--why?

Highly reliable sources just confirmed what I felt all along--that there is that sinister hand of the State department behind Senator Grace Poe's candidacy for the presidency.

Yes, Kiko, it's confirmed.

Several people whom I will not identify say that the US state department wants nothing more than their own citizen as President of this country. Yes, Philip Ilustre, you heard me right.

Who will be the best to push for Uncle Sam's agenda in the Asia-Pacific? Obviously, someone who knows and feels how it is to be an American.

The US will not support Mar Roxas simply because he has Spanish blood and the Spanish-American war is still a hot subject in the teaching of American history for elementary and high school American students. Who will want a Spaniard to become president of this Republican-loving country?

Who will want Duterte as president? Definitely not Uncle Sam, because Duterte's heart is in the right place and he was born poor and he does not know how it is to be an American (although his daughter looks like one. )

Are you asking me about Miriam? Who in his right mind would vote for someone like her?

How about Ping? Yes, Ping is the ideal president, although we need to ask China and the US about him. I know that in 2008, the State department has already rejected his previous request for support. Wasn't it his subordinates who were caught smuggling intelligence reports out of the FBI several years ago?

Okey, okey, definitely NOT Binay. Binay is not really that close with Uncle Sam despite looking like Obama. IN 2010, handlers of Pnoy likened him to Obama, when really, the only likeness to the US president is their thinning hair and shiny scalp.

And surely, some Americans still harbor imperialist and racist views. How do they view Binay? Those who don white robes with two holes for eyes will tell you. And the irony is that they call themselves KKK?

Anyway, imagine this scenario....

Her Excellency Grace Poe with First Gentleman, American so and so who works for the US navy...and here comes the Presidential daughters, so and so, also American citizens being naturally born in the States. 

With Grace Poe as President, that completes the colonialization of the Philippines. Well, that would be good news for most Filipinos who want nothing more than see the Philippines as the next Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, or Mexico.

Good for some, bad for others.

Imagine, how many Chinoy traders would be left shirtless when the Americanos and the Pensionados assume power.

Grace Poe-Escudero for 2016. Mar Roxas to be endorsed by Pnoy

Seems like Pnoy will do what his mother, the late Cory, did when she faced the same quandary in 1992--endorse what her political allies recommended yet changed tack when the election nears.

Cory Aquino initially endorsed Ramon Mitra as her presidential candidate only to change late in the game in support of her general, Fidel Valdes Ramos. 

The possibility of a Mar-Poe tandem is now just that--a possibility. Two things: first, Poe will surely not abandon her team-mate Escudero for one simple reason--Poe relies on Escudero's machinery. Last 2013, it was Escudero's and Osmena's vaulted network that propelled her to victory. Without it, even if she's so popular, Poe stands to lose. That's the lesson her late father knew late in the game in 2004.

Second, Escudero's big-time financiers are backing Poe. The three Zamora brothers--Manny, Buddy and Congressman Zamora are bankrolling her candidacy, same goes with Ricky Razon and of course,

Mar Roxas' LP is a big machinery because it has money. However, without a popular leader, even with money, LP's chances remain shaky.

What the Liberals does not recognize is the fact that even with Mar Roxas alone and even if Mar fares well at the surveys, he suffers the same predicament as what Binay right now still agonizes--the lack of a proper running mate. If the Aquino-Poe talks falter, Mar will be left without a running mate.

Monday, July 13, 2015

We salute Leo Espina

Leo Espina, one of those whom this country owes a lot
Just three days before his retirement day, but General Leo Espina seems excited donning another uniform--this time, probably an overall. Today, Leo Espina, that Gentleman and an Officer, is officially a civilian. And the country once more loses one of its most illustrious sons.

Espina is an epitome of a perfect Official. He is courteous, humble and highly efficient. No politics in his head. He does not play politics or games. I remember former PNP chief Ed Aglipay in him.

He held his own in a highly politicized PNP. This is the first time in the PNP's history that this once revered institution was thrust into politics. What is so wonderful about Espina is he rose above it all.

That, for me, is a class act.

I hope the country does not see the last of Espina.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Will a Roxas-Poe tandem be enough to defeat a Jejomar Binay?

It seems that, based on newspaper reports, President Aquino himself is brokering a Mar Roxas-Grace Poe tandem. Sources say a Grace Poe-Chiz Escudero tandem is a 100% certainty already. Lately, things are reportedly changing, as Aquino himself is trying his darn best to isolate Escudero and give a Roxas-Poe a chance.

Closest associates with Chiz say the Senator will think twice campaigning against Poe. Poe is in a bind. If she runs as vice president, chances are good, because she fares well at the surveys. That will leave a biblical fight between Roxas and Binay, which, if surveys are again to be believed, would result to a Binay presidency.

Binay's numbers may be slowly going South, but that is exactly what the LP camp wants us to believe. Look closely at these surveys and the opposite is the actual result. Binay is not losing his base. Grace Poe's numbers are improving because she is getting those additional points from somewhere, possibly from Bongbong Marcos' or from other names put there by the survey firm. Binay is holding on.

If talks falter, that assures a Poe-Escudero tandem, which, to be blunt, benefits Escudero more than Poe. Poe would have to fight it out with the vaulted LP machinery and the UNA. Without a very solid support base, Poe stands to lose.

Escudero, meanwhile, will be the runaway winner in the vice-presidential race if Bongbong Marcos will not run. If the NP fields a Cayetano-Marcos campaign, Cayetano will surely lose yet Marcos will definitely win.

Meanwhile, Senator Antonio Trillianes is definitely sure of running for the vice presidency. He's expected to give his opponents a run for their money since his political machinery is stable and expansive.

There is a belief that a two-way fight might result to a dismal defeat of Binay. I don't believe that yarn. Ask around and you'll know what the masses think. In a two-way fight between Roxas and Binay, people will choose Binay anytime. There is this unexplainable disdain against Roxas by most people.

In a two-way fight between Poe and Binay, Poe is expected to put out a good fight but eventually Binay will emerge the winner. If Poe gets Roxas' constituency and some of former president Joseph Estrada's, that is more than enough to defeat Binay.

However, in a three-way fight, with Binay keeping his 25-30% mass base, Poe could probably pull out a stunner since she will eat Roxas' constituency up and may possibly get the numbers enough to pull Binay down to a very slim margin.

Possible configurations this 2016:

1. If talks between the LP camp and the Poe-Escudero camp fails, Mar Roxas may have to run all by himself, which, to be frank, will be perceived as a weak campaign leading to his second defeat at the polls.

2. Binay's camp is leaning towards Berberabe as a potential running mate yet there is a surprise man in the equation which is being convinced to run opposite Binay. I am not at liberty revealing this man but if he agrees, his tandem with Binay will surely be one of the most talked about tandems of this election.

3. The NP is still in a quandary: field their own or coalesce and ensure the victories of their senatorial candidates. There are reports that a Cayetano-Marcos is being prepped. We all know what would happen to Cayetano but at least that gives him a proper "training" for the 2022 elections, yes?

4. The Poe-Escudero tandem is 100% certain. If this happens, expect a Binay-Escudero administration.

5. A Binay-Marcos administration  is only possible if Poe runs as a presidential candidate. If Poe runs for the vice presidency, she wins and a Binay-Poe administration looms.

On Kobe Paras and How Excellent His Father is

Kobe Paras is one of those rarerities now of a son following closely the foot steps of his illustrious father, Benjie. As a dad myself, I am always in the opinion that my kids should step up, out-grow and try their best against what I have achieved in my life. One's kids should be better than their parents. That's how families grow not just in prominence but in wealth too.

I envy Benjie because despite being a single parent, he was able to raise a beautiful son in the person of Kobe. I'm trying it very hard with my kids right now. I want them to be better, achieve more and suffer none of the hardships I faced when I was growing up.

My circumstances were different. I grew up without a father. My grandmother, aunts and uncles and a hard-working mother raised me. Early on in my life, I struggled very hard. Whatever I do, I make sure that I give my best. I might have lacked money, but I compensate with patience, steady labor and a strict code of conduct which guide me to get the best results. While others read, I read more. I should always be two or three steps ahead. That's my philosophy in life.

I've been trying very hard to give my kids a most comfortable life. I saved up and allowed them to study in private schools. I make sure that they have clothes, and eat enough to make them strong and healthy, stronger than me.

However, in spite of my strivings, what do I get? Two dissenting and rebellious kids. A disrespectful kid who even had the gall to tell my wife that she can't wait to grow up and do the things that my wife does to discipline her. And another boy who even fought me! Imagine, a kid throwing punches against his father? Fortunately, I am not that weak a person and punched him to sanity. I may look like a geek,  but I was schooled at the University of Hard knocks! I know how to defend myself. I know Martial arts and I know how to knock out my enemies. When I was still a teenager, I had my share of fights and surely, during my college days at the UP, I had my fair share of rumbles and wins tucked in my belt. My son is taller than me but I was able to punch him and he stumbled back. While lying at the bed, he was kicking me but I was able to subdue him and I wrestled him while punching him in the face. He does not know that I know judo.

How do you treat someone, your kid at that, challenging you to a fist fight and even threatening you with harm? You might say it's child abuse, but as a father, how do you discipline a kid who is so full of himself, he thinks he is now ready to challenge your authority? Sometimes, you need to stand up against your own flesh and blood especially if he's doing the wrong things.

I will not allow any person to be a potential threat to others, even if that person happens to be my kid. I will not allow anybody to disrespect my wife, even if those who do so happens to be my own flesh and blood.

That's why, for fathers out there encountering the same thing with their overbearing child, do not allow them to do these wrong things. Stand up. Best to correct these kids now before they become a menace to society.

I commend and praise Benjie for raising his kid the proper way. I simply don't know what to do. I thought I was doing the right thing--saving up, giving my kids a better life, and asking them to study in better schools. But, no. They're growing up the wrong way.