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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pnoy, what is happening in our society?

Criminality is on the rise, and predictably so. For one, these so-called "economic gains" have not been felt by majority of the population, leading to others, undertaking desperate measures just to survive in the highly competitive environment.

The World Bank in unison with the United Nations released a December 2013 report cautioning governments of the inevitability of the rise of economic-related crimes. As food prices spiral out of control, and this administration seems unable to protect the rights of the ordinary consumer, and of the bleak job environment out there, expect crimes to rise out of control.

But this is not just the reason. The general lack of trust and confidence of the people behind the implementing agency of the law is likewise contributing to the breakdown of law and order. Criminal groups are now embolden to commit heinous crimes because of the inability of security agencies to effect the full force of the law.

What we need right now is someone who possess the strongest of wills to break down criminal syndicates and smash the heads of vice groups.

Let the Law prevail. Let order be re-instituted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Derek Ramsay---highest paid Pinoy actor at US$75 Million--and abandoned wife and son begging for 45 Million PESOS??

Derek Ramsay is the Philippines' highest paid actor. According to this article (please click on the link:, Derek Ramsay's estimated assets have totalled US$ 75 Million. Very interesting.

BASED ON NEWS REPORTS, Derek Ramsay's wife, Mary Jolly and their son, Austin, are asking for 45 million pesos--a measly US$ 1 million. That is pittance compared to the estimated assets of Derek which runs in the 75 million DOLLARS if this report is to be believed.

Now, Derek is saying that he is fighting for his right to be a father when in truth and in fact, he is quite adamant of giving spousal and child support??

How dare Derek is still questioning his abandoned wife's demands for spousal support when the sum demanded of him cannot really approximate the total value of monies he has generated from his job!

For those who think that 45 million pesos is quite a huge sum, think about this fact---both wife and child live in Dubai--one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Besides, by law, Mary Jolly is entitled to HALF of Derek's assets as his WIFE--that is about US$ 35 million. She is just asking US$ 1 million.

Austin, Derek's son, wants to study abroad---having a college education abroad is quite expensive. Just presume that he needs US$ 30,000 per semester or term--that is US$ 60,000 per year. Translate that to four years and that's already US$ 240,000.00.

Educational expenses alone would cost the mother and child one fourth of their monies from Derek's "spousal and child support".

Think about it before we believe the tales of this actor who cries before the public just to generate sympathy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Had Ninoy lived, he would have allowed Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani

I must admire President Aquino. Nagpakatotong tao siya when he publicly told the public that he felt he needed to exact revenge against those who conspired to kill his father. He believed then that the Marcoses were responsible.

He was, however, constrained by his friend, who told him that he, and his mother, had a loftier mission--to bring to justice the dictatorship. Aquino realized that there were many other people victimized by the system, and his role is to help them.

And help them he did.

Aquino even remembered how his father told him the very reason why he left Boston to go back to the Philippines despite threats to his life---Ninoy, his father, still believed that there is still goodness in the heart of former president Ferdinand Marcos, and that the president was just being given bad advices by those who surround him.

Ninoy got killed at the tarmac and all hell broke loose.

What is significant in what his father did was Ninoy showed Noynoy the power of forgiveness and of hope. Ninoy just taught Noynoy that people, even if others perceived them as bad to the bone, are inherently good. There is goodness in people. People act the way they do due to circumstances.

That is the power of Ninoy---he is now considered as a martryred hero of this land because he did what no other hero did---he showed people the true path towards political rectification. Instead of perpetuating injustice, Ninoy thought of instituting justice.

Now, when Ninoy was alive, he respected other people, especially his enemies. Noynoy Aquino must learn from his father.

There is still time for Noynoy Aquino to do what his father expected him to---forgive his enemies and erase every shred of enmity in his heart.

Noynoy Aquino could start by allowing the burial of a war hero at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I sincerely believe that had Ninoy lived, he would have allowed his former friend and fraternity brother the right to be buried there.

The Ghosts of Those Thirsting for Justice Roam the Land

There is a belief among old people that spirits of victims of injustice still remain on earth. They roam the landscape, seeking for people to help them get justice. Do you believe this?

A cycle of injustice exists in our generation today because the injustices committed in the past remain unsolved. From the treachery committed against the Supremo, to the treachery committed against Ninoy Aquino, there seems to be no let-up on the crimes committed against people of principle.

This just shows that the justice system in this country is flawed and serves only the caprices of the rich and powerful among us.

It is not that we lack laws that punishes those who violate them---it is that the implementors of the law are weaklings and are readily influenced by money and influence.

As they say, the system can only be as strong as the people who operate them.

Even in a very ideal system, if the people who run this system is corruptible, then, there is nothing anyone can do except accept this or totally fire all these people and throw this system down.

Now, what President Aquino said in his speech is highly relevant. He personally wanted revenge. He felt that his family got the raw end of the deal when his father was assasinated.

However, a friend gave him a valuable advice--save your strength and focus on how to help other people victimized by the dictatorship.

This he did, according to Aquino.

An injustice cannot undo a previous injustice. It is only thru the imposition of true Justice can injustice be undone.

Now, if Aquino decided against using violence, then, why is it that he continues to do injustice to the perceived political nemesis of his father?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Derek ramsay says he loves his kid. So why did his son hate him so much?

Derek Ramsay, the actor who portrayed a philanderer in several of his movie hits, says he loves his kid. Okey, so why did the kid write a scathing letter addressed to the judge? The letter, shown to the media last Thursday, was authentic. It was full of information that shows how negligent Derek was in relation to his kid.

Will the actor do all the things expected of him as a father? Will the alleged amicable settlement lead to a normalization of the lives of the mother, mary jolly ramsay and the kid? We all hope for the best for them.

Some say that 48 or 45 million pesos being demanded by the wife of Derek ramsay is an exhorbitant amount. Well, come to think of it, that is just 1 million dollars. The kid is just 11years old. Imagine the cost of education when he goes to college, especially since he is based abroad. That amount includes spousal support.

We may think that the amount is excessive but derek ramsay's estimated net asset is beyond 500 millionn pesos rigt now being one o fthe most sought after actors in the industry today. According to sources, derek got 200 million pesos from tv5 and if he renews his contract which is expected to end by November, he is expected to get another 250 million. That is beside his earnings from numerous advertising contracts.

The Family code says that the wife is entitled to half of the properties earned by her husband. That is mandated by law. Since they are still married, mary jolly ramsay is legally entitled to half of derek's properties and assets which is about 200million. What is 48million pesos then?

Thats why i believe this case is not about money---  it is about derek  assuming the responsibility of a father to his kid and a husband to his legal wife. Now, why would he even contest that?

Kris Aquino behind dismissal of rape case against Vhong Navarro?

Talks are swirling about the alleged involvement of Kris Aquino in the Vhong Navarro rape case. According to these rumors, Kris reportedly called up a high government official to influence the decision of the city prosecutor to dismiss Deniece cornejo's rape charge filed against navarro. Navarro, according to several sources, tearfully asked Kris for help. The host reportedly obliged and called up one government official to take care of the case.

As a sister of the president, these kinds of rumors affect the perception of the people regarding the Aquinos. Kris should answer these allegations. Of course, she would deny it but several witnesses are reportedly willing to come out from the woodwork to point a finger at Kris.

Vhong Navarro is now in Canada.

Another "news", this time again involving another abs cbn star involved her tiff with the bureau of internal revenue. Based on shared information, a lawyer reportedly got wind of the bir's plan to file tax evasion charges against this pretty young thing, a late twenties star, who is also a host of abs. This PYT of a star is likewise friends with the fortish Kris. Kris reportedly did this star a great favor when she called up someone high up who then called someone from the bir. Afterwards, we just saw headlines showing another star and not the PYT being charged with tax evasion. Someone called this "palit ulo" or an exchange.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cono politician faces lack of election financiers

For being bull-headed, a politician with presidential ambitions is now suffering from possible financial distress. Yes, his political backers have left him.

That is an obvious sign for him to just abandon his ambition. Yet, this politician is so blinded by his ambition that, sources say, he will still continue the path which his advisers already told him to abandon while he still can.

The thing is, this politician's attacks have backfired. Instead of his survey ratings going up, it went miserably down, even on the negative range. The victim of the attacks even improved in the ratings game.

This politician belongs to the oldest political party in the country, like his fellow attacker who is likewise desperate because he now lacks financial support as well. Worse for this fellow, this co-attacker is now being villified and is being isolated by his very own mass base.

Who is this politician who, according to sources is now feeling morose and is in the brink of maniacal depression?

Binay assumes statesmanship in speech---a small man being bullied by a Cono in the person of Cayetano

Binay goe on high ground which frustrated his enemies
News reports say political analysts were "baffled" with Vice President Jejomar Binay's speech. What is so baffling about his speech?

When a brand is being attacked, which in this case, the "Binay" political trademark, what is the best solution? The best way is to go back or revert to the brand's DNA. Why?

One must remind people of why they supported the brand in the first place. Reminding them, meaning the people, the audience, of the Binay political trademark evokes in them the feelings and thoughts which they originally had and had contributed towards their support of the vice president.

Fact is, the speech is a good example of the use of metaphors. The speech is filled with metaphors that appeal to the masses.

The vice president reminded people of his proletarian roots, of his struggle as a human rights lawyer and of his efforts to uplift the lives of Makati residents. He then distances himself from his political nemesis by stating that he came from the lowest rungs of society, he knows the condition of the masses and he wants the model of service he already did in Makati to benefit most of the country.

The thing is, says the vice president, is that some forces who belong to the traditional rich, are raising hell, and trying to prevent him from his ambition of giving comfort to the poor.

By using this strategy, the vice president effectively used metaphors to connect himself with the masses.

What the Vice President meant was all these attacks were perpetuated by rich people, referring to Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV. Fact is, the speech was directed at Cayetano, who is widely believed to belong and being supported by rich financiers.

So, what is the image being evoked when you hear the speech? It is a strong image of a high-nose white man symbolized by Cayetano, and of a mosquito (as described by former senator Joker Arroyo) as represented by Trillanes IV, bullying a small, brown man symbolized by the Vice president Jejomar Binay.

What a creative move! The speech demolished whatever moves the opposition against the Vice President planned or is still in the works, because what the Vice President did was to elevate the discussion and provided the masses the MOTIVE behind the attacks.

Now, the opposition criticized the Vice President for not answering point-by-point allegations against him. Why would he?

Who, in his proper mind, would do that? That is like foolishly stepping on the pathological trap ensnared by his enemies. The opposition wants nothing more than get free space in their propaganda. The answer to that is limit this space by not engaging them in a public forum.

The opposition would rant and rant but they will not succeed.

(By the way, read by second book on Public Relations and Issues Management to be published soon on Amazon)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mayweather vs. Maiana--what a forgettable fight

As expected Mayweather outclassed that boxer named Maiana. Unlike their first fight, what Mayweather did in this second outing was as boring as the weigh-in--the American braggart just danced his way away from Maiana's strong jabs. Mayweather was so effective dancing that I felt like I was watching Swanlake.

Mayweather is a dancer, not a fighter.

The only applause the fans made was when Mayweather answered a question about Manny Pacquiao.  The American brags that he is considering a fight with the Pnoy champ probably after Pacquiao demolishes Algieri, a boxer of questionable note, in Macau this November. After that, let's see, says Mayweather.

I think Mayweather is now convinced that there is no more fights left for him, and that the only one worthy of considering is this fight with Pacquiao. Fact is, I believe Mayweather realized that his world is getting smaller by the day and fewer and fewer people are interested about him and his story as a boxer.

Yes, you may have all the belts in the world, but if you are a bore of a story, you'll eventually lose not just respect but support from boxing afficionados.

Championship belts are nothing. They don't prove you're the best fighter. Fighters are judged in the ring. I think Mayweather has already realized that he has nowhere else to go but fight the Pacman.

Conversely, the Pacman's story is something which every boxing afficiado finds quite interesting. Pacquiao has risen from the depths so to speak, after getting two serious losses in his career. That is an interesting story, because it says much about the human condition. People feel Pacquiao and thinks of him as a worthy act to follow than Mayweather. Yes, you may be undefeated because of one reason--you, Mayweather, do not have the balls enough to admit that maybe there is someone out there who are more of a fighter and a boxer than you. Unless you face your fear, people would never really consider Mayweather as the greatest one in boxing.

Pnoy defends Alan Purisima

Before President Aquino left for Europe last Friday, he made a speech which surprised many. Some say, Aquino woke up probably refreshed and in good spirits that's why he made that speech. Others say, well, the presidential handlers were so effective in convincing Aquino to assume the role of this country's morale booster that he began being such the minute he went unto that podium and told us what many say, was his "second SONA (State of the Nation Address)".

First off, Aquino asked "us" if it is okey to fire such a man like Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima. He conveniently answered no. Aquino was convinced that Purisima is doing a great job, inspite of these high profile crimes being reported to the media.

So there. What these reported crimes are, are so unique that it baffles us, thinking Pinoys, why the very same guy whom we expect to be a model of reason and a paragon of anti-corruption is himself, so convinced of the efficiency of such a guy like Purisima.

Some say, probably Pnoy thought of "Purisima" as "Cesar" and not "Alan". Whatda...

Others say, Pnoy protected Purisima because he represents Masonic interests. Remember that Purisima is now the head of the Masons. If Pnoy replaces him at this point, this harms the Palace relations with the Masons?

Or maybe Aquino has not been briefed properly and thought that these crimes are mere indiscretions, that these crimes are bound to happen anyway, or that Aquino believed in that dictum "shit happens."

Well, these crimes involved cops, and it baffles the mind why the President did not hold Alan Purisima responsible for such nasty crimes which his own men were involved.

Remember that no news of any gambling joint or any jueteng front being dismantled under Alan Purisima's watch. Remember that drug addiction remains a very serious problem under Purisima's watch. Remember that high profile kidnappings and carnappings abound under Purisima's watch.

Such things are happening, yet, President Pnoy seemed unconvinced. Maybe Pnoy is living in a dream. Maybe he sees things very differently.

I challenge Pnoy to walk the length of Leveriza in Pasay or just spend an hour in Cubao, without bodyguards. Will he survive the Lakad Leveriza challenge? Will be survive an hour in Cubao without he being mugged or being snatched of his watch?

So low regard for the security of his bosses that Pnoy is convinced of lowering his standards just to protect a friend, a kabarilan, and someone who "produces."

Political full court press up against Vice President Jejomar Binay

Vice president Jejomar Binay is besieged..politically. He is now being attacked on all corners. His former political friends now his embittered foes are launching bombs almost every day.

At his left are his former political associates—people whom he used to entrench himself to power. At his right are close personal associates, like President Benigno S. Aquino III, who have distanced themselves from him due to his involvement in the current controversy behind that billion peso government building.

It seems that the strategy is to isolate Binay from his closest supporters who belong to the middle class. Their wrecking campaign may have achieved little in demolishing his stature as the frontrunner in the presidential surveys, yet, it is causing serious trouble with his support from the middle forces and with the business community.

For Binay to win, he needs logistical support from his political base. Normally , this comes from contributions from the business community.

Seems like these attacks are trained at isolating Binay from his potential and present financiers and make him weak and unable to move and campaign.

Binay’s communications team may have assessed this strategy in the wrong way. They think that this campaign aims to drag Binay down in the surveys. They think that these attacks are aimed at his strong mass base of voters.

Wrong. Admittedly, Binay has his solid supporters from the mass of voters. These attacks are being articulated for those among the middle forces, or voters from the middle class and for the business community, for businessmen to form a strong aversion against him, for being corrupt.

Corruption is a big election-related issue for businessmen and for reformist-minded voters among the middle class. They have the money. They have the network and financial strength to push or pull a presidential candidacy down.

This is the core strategy which Pnoy used last 2010.  Most of those who campaigned actively for him were members of civil society and SMEs. They were not just active campaigners but influential voter-getters who convinced many of their workers to vote for Pnoy.

However, given the very shallow bench of aspirants for the presidency in 2016, with even the likes of Miriam Defensor-Santiago now being considered as a contender, Binay is expected to remain a top choice because no one among those being considered equal him in anyway.

Now these attacks could move either way—it may propel Binay to the top or it may actually drag him to the pits like how former Senator Manny Villar experienced when he threw his hat unto the presidential ring in 2010.

The clitcher in this teledrama being parlayed by Binay’s attackers before the media is not about Binay’s version of a burloloy building, but the eventual effect of such an involvement in an alleged corruption---his bloated bank accounts.

The next episode seems to be questions about how he got so wealthy in such a period of time when Binay is not a businessman like Villar.

Binay himself said that he came from the lowest rungs of society. He was just a human rights lawyer when he began his political career as a mayor. As a lawyer, Binay did not have any note-worthy client to speak of. How then did he amass so much wealth?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vice President Jejomar Binay still tops presidential survey inspite of billion peso building controversy

A source reveals to me a survey conducted during the height of accusations of graft against Vice President Jejomar Binay. The survey reveals that Vice President Jejomar Binay is still the top man to beat, with 42%, followed by 12% favoring Grace Poe, Estrada at 9%, with Chiz Escudero and Mar Roxas sharing the fourth spot with 8% and Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr at 7%.

Looking at the surveys, even if three of the names included in this survey join forces, their respective ratings still are insufficient to even go at par level with Binay's.

Now, where are the two accusers of Binay--Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes, the very first ones who declared an intention to run for President and Vice president, respectively? Well, curiously, Cayetano got a negative rating (negative 12) and Trillanes (negative 17).

So there. Controversies surrounding Binay's own version of a Burloloy building failed to sully the reputation of the vice president, as far as the people are concerned.

Seemed like Binay has achieved a status which only Erap got--a Teflon-like personality.

Hey wait, this survey was conducted before Senator Miriam Santiago announced her intention of running for the top post. Now that she already threw her hat unto the ring, the question is--will this change the survey ratings the next time? Will Santiago's announcement affect Binay's standing? Will Santiago get the expected fall out from Binay's?

Let us see. For now, seems like the Public is believing the yarn spun by Binay's handlers that all these accusations are just plain and simple politics.

By the way, these figures are already "out in the open" in a very tight circle of this country's influencers.