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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Ombudsman's Show

For the first time in many years, the Ombudsman went out of his sanctuary and denied in public that she is being influenced by Malacanan or political forces. In her signature bombastic tone, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales castigated those in the media particularly those who questioned her decisions in certain cases. "selective justice," people opposing Morales cried. " Sue me. Impeach me", was the dare put forth by Morales.

I thought the Ombudsman is still investigating the alleged complicity of the Binays on the anomalous Makati High school science building? Then, why then, did Morales went out and expressed her thoughts in public? Unwittingly, Morales just prejudged the Binays. Who will now believe her as an "impartial judge"?

Her public rantings just exposed how emotional she is as a person. Do we want someone like her occupying a very sensitive post, a post crucial in our government's efforts to cleanse the bureaucracy of grafters?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sang shot ke Dennis Sabangan!

Ilang coverages ang nasamahan
Ilang giyera rin ang natunghayan
kasama pa ang isang Bullet ang ngalan
pero walang tutulad ke Dennis Sabangan.

Palaging nakangiti, itong akala mo'y
batang teenager,
joke ang katapat pag si Dennis na payat
ang kasama mo sa event
siguradong mauubusan ka ng ulirat.

Laging nakangiti, kahit na pagod na't
walang inumin ni pagkain.
pero, kung kakausapin mo'y
me deep side din pala.
itong joker sa outside
philosopher pala sa inside.

tandang tanda ko isa sa mga napag-usapan
isang dating media dumating na naka Prada
" galing naman yan," sambit ko ke Dennis
habang kumuha siya ng isang damo
sabay subo'ng tulad ng kabayo.

" dont worry, magkakaroon ka rin nyan. ako, malabo
pero okey lang," sabi ng Dennis na ubod ng linis.
sa dinami dami ng photogs sina dong dennis lang
ang walang ka arte arte sa katawan
sasabak kahit saan
maging sa kamatayan.

ngayong nandyan ka na bok
sana'y ituloy mo ang pagshashot bok
kahit na siguro maraming alikabok
maaninag mo pa rin si Boss bok.

don't worry bok
di man tayo natamaan sa gyera
nakaligtas man tayo sa nakaw
ng mga abu sayyaf
nakapag swimming naman tayo
sa Patikul
nakakain ng masarap na yellow fin
mula sa palengke ng jolo
okey na, rest ka na bok.

may coverage ka pa dyan,
Dennis Sabangan.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Abaya is right---MRT problems, not political--its Liberal catatonia

DOTC secretary Emilio Abaya is right. MRT problems are definitely not political. It is administrative and inevitably linked with, governance.

When Abaya countered the Vice president's tirade against the MRT/LRT operational woes, the embattled DOTC secretary admonished the VP of connecting the issue with politics. There is no such thing in the DOTC, says Abaya. And I agree.

Had Abaya just lent a minute in listening to what the VP said, Binay did not link the MRT issue with politics, no. He linked it with inefficiency (kapalpakan). It is also wise to link it with the issue about "manhid" or transliterated into "paralysis" (to some, manhid means paralysis).

Abaya admitted that the problems persists and Abaya has been there for many years already and solutions remain undiscovered. Is the VP referring to operational catatonia when he accused the government of mismanaging the MRT issue? Yes. That's too obvious even for a West Pointer such as Abaya.

When you put "palpak" and "manhid" together, one term emerges---catatonic behaviour in governance. Another term is created--the inertia syndrome.

Don't worry, Mr. Abaya, this syndrome is evident in post-dictatorial administrations, something observed to really happen in countries which underwent strongman rule. Read SAŠA POLJANEC-BORIĆ paper, "Transfer of Governance Culture: A Case Study of Socio Cultural Barriers for Institutional Adaptation in Croatia." It's a deficiency.

That explains why persons such as Abaya is appointed to such positions in government to wrestle itself free from this deficiency. The problem really is when those in power do not recognise/admit or altogether gloss this deficiency over. The result is a self-destabilising catatonia (a state of immobility and stupor).

This catatonia proceeds from lack of empathy with the masses. Why is there apathy among government officials right now? It is because they belonged to the cono class, whose concern is economic meaning self-preservation.

Abaya, like his forebears, only want nothing more than preserve his family's wealth. This same goes with his principal, Mar Roxas, whose thirst for power is unquenchable because of his family's many economic interests proceeding from their businesses.

Abaya probably forgot the very reason why he is there at the DOTC. Or Abaya is right and I am wrong-- that Abaya is in there for the RIGHT REASONS, and that is, pursue the Liberal's interests.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pony hits Binay says VP is ingrate

President Pnoy hits VP Binay yesterday accusing the vice president of being an ingrate. Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda and DILG secretary Mar Roxas meanwhile put the VP to task for not discussing his gripes against certain acts of the administration during the time that he was sitting in the cabinet.

Messrs Roxas and Lacierda, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to believe what VP Binay said about this administration--of it being "inefficient" (Palpak) and "Manhid" or "uncaring" or unloving. Just open your eyes and take a look around.

You see long lines of MRT/LRT commuters waiting for their time to ride LRT/MRT trains, which usually conks out after several meters of run. You see roads filled with cars along EDSA. You see non-functioning traffic lights. You see roads filled with diggings and areas without roads at all. You see ageing bridges and areas without bridges at all. You see cars without license plates because motorists are waiting for their release from LTO. You see SSS members not having their IDs for ten months after they applied. You see pensioners not receiving their pensions on time.

These and many other things are proof enough of the inefficiency in government service.

You see government not taking action when one or some of its close allies encounter graft cases. You see port congestion. You see 12 million Filipinos trying to eck out a living out of scrap every single day.

Now, why did Pnoy accused Binay of being an ingrate? Is it because the VP told him or the public the truth? Is that a conduct unbecoming of a government official? No. VP Binay is just telling the truth.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

VP Binay felt "Bullied" by LP allies of Pnoy--Nognog fights back

So the gloves are definitely off?
Congresswoman Abby Binay says the reason why her father decided to resign from Pnoy's cabinet is his feeling of being bullied. Yep, the vice president felt that the bullying done to him by Pnoy's allies have reached a non-tolerable level. He needs to recover his honour. And being a gentleman and a good friend of the President, Binay cannot simply do that, while he's still a member of Team Pnoy.

Quite understandable. When you're being bullied, the best thing to do is stand up and fight. Our society is filled with bullies. And the only language that bullies know is violence. An eye for an eye then?

Not necessarily. I think Binay will rise above these all. He will not stoop to the level of his detractors. He is a class of his own.

Binay has been keeping his punches for so long a time that it's reasonable for him to consider a time to get back at these cono bullies. Sources say, allies of the VP have been biting their lips for so long already, that they have tasted a lot of blood already. They wouldn't mind tasting the blood of others, especially those members of the Liberal Party who reportedly spent millions of pesos just to destroy the good name and reputation of the country's second most powerful Executive.

The speech of the Vice president is really very effective in terms of convincing the masses of the true state of the nation---governed by an administration that is described as "palpak" or "inefficient" and "manhid" or "unmindful."

For most citizens, these two terms are very powerful when used in context.

These two terms describe a cono administration--which were descriptions of previous governance experienced by Filipinos.

The Ilustrados once described the colonial government as palpak and manhid. Same goes to the government which former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr experienced during his lifetime.

VP Binay hits Aquino: Palpak and Manhid

Sa dinami-dami ng mga salitang nararapat gamitin, tanging ang mga salitang ito ang ginamit ni Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay para maipakilala at mabigyang liwanag ang Aquino administrasyon--palpak at manhid.

At hinding hindi ako nagtataka bakit niya ginamit ang mga salitang ito--mga salitang dati nang nagpa-alab sa damdamin ng mga Pilipino na naging dahilan para sa pag-aalsa at rebolusyon.

Dalawang salitang sadyang napakalakas ang ibig sabihin para sa ating mga nakakaunawa. Dalawang salitang naging deskripsyon na ng ilang saling lahi sa pamahalaan natin.

Ganyan isinalarawan nina Jose Rizal at Andres Bonifacio ang kolonyal na pamamahala sa kanilang panahon---palpak at manhid. Isang matalas na pagsasalarawan niyan ay ang lagay ng Escolta noong panahon ng mga kastila. Naggagandahan ang mga buildings at puno ng makabagong ilaw dagitab na kinakargahan ng elektrisidad ang kalyeng Escolta ngunit pansinin ang kalye mismo at hindi patag, ni hindi man lamang sementado.

Ganyan isinalarawan ng nasirang bayaning si Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr ang kanyang pamahalaan nang siya ay nabubuhay pa.

Ganito rin ngayon ang pagkakilala ng ordinaryong Pilipino sa kanyang pamahalaan--palpak at manhid.

Kapag sinabing "palpak" ang isang tao, nangangahulugan ito ng di tamang gawi sa n'ai-atang na trabaho. Anong halaga ng isang tao kung ang pakahulugan sa kanya ay palpak?

Gayundin naman, mas masahol pa sa isang ganid ang manhid, sapagkat pinatutungkulan nito ang estadong emosyunal. Maganda nga ang ugali mo pero kung manhid ka naman sa mga kaganapan sa paligid mo, wala ka rin.

Pansinin---ang pinaka matindi at pinaka-makinang na pagsasalarawan sa pagka-palpak at pagka-manhid ng administrasyong Aquino ay ang patuloy na paghihirap ng mga MRT/LRT commuters.

Palpak na operasyon at nagpapatuloy dahil manhid sa kalagayan ng mga mananakay ang pamahalaan.  Inuna pa ang pagkakaroon ng panibagong ticketing system ang DOTC keysa unahin ang pagpapatibay ng sistema at pagdagdag ng makabagong bagon.

Pansinin---ang gawi ni MMDA chairman Tolentino. Imbes na alagaan ang lagay ng Metro Manila, lalo na ang traffic, ninais nitong puntahan ang isang piyesta sa isang malayong bayan sa Bicol gamit gamit ang mga pasilidad ng pamahalaan.

" Wala akong nilabag na batas," depensa ni Tolentino. Hindi ba nasagi man lamang sa isipan nitong si Tolentino na bayad ng taumbayan ang kanyang oras? Na ang ginagamit niyang sasakyan na nakalista sa MMDA ay gumagastos ng pera ng bayan? Hindi man lamang ba inisip ni Tolentino na ang perang ginagasta ng kanyang mga kasamahang taga MMDA ay galing sa pera ng bayan?

Palpak na, manhid pa itong si Tolentino. Palpak dahil sa maling pagkakilala sa kanyang tungkulin bilang lingkod bayan. Inaasahan ng bayan na sa bawat minutong kanyang pagkakasilbi bilang MMDA chairman, bayad ito sa pamamagitan ng paggamit nito sa dapat pagkagamitan--ang pag-aalay ng oras sa tungkuling ipinangakong tutupdin.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Binay quits Cabinet--why now?

Vice president Jejomar Binay has tendered his resignation as head of the OFW and housing sector of the Aquino administration. His irrevocable resignation was submitted personally by his daughter, Cong. Abby Binay. Several sectors believe that this might be the consequence of a falling out between Binay and his erstwhile buddy, President Benigno S. Aquino III.

With Binay distancing himself from Aquino which is a few months away from the 2016 elections, what is the consequence of such an action?

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV says this is a signal for the Aquino administration to go "all-out" against Binay. What does this mean? Does this mean that Binay will be "fed to the dogs"--a validation of earlier fears of the Ombudsman ruling against the Binays and submitting a probable cause charge before the Sandigan?

If that is the case then do we see the Binays behind bars before they file their candidacies before October?

If I'm the adviser of Pnoy, I would advise moving against the Binays because that would be a sign that the move is overtly political. The Aquino administration would be courting danger. That is a self-destabilising move.

Don't count VP Binay out. Binay is a survivor. Binay has so many cards in his sleeve.

One should not discount his years as a politician. His network is deep. He can pull off a surprise.

What the people expect the President to do is prepare the government for the transition. It is not advisable to wage a war when you are exiting from the political scene unless of course, you want nothing more than ensure your fate post-election?

An astute political observer would say that the President should act more presidential now that he has a few months to go. The reason is the Office of the President is not just a PUBLIC OFFICE but the HIGHEST OFFICE of the land. It is not a property of any body or any interest--it is of the Filipino People. Regardless of who the President is, this office should be treated as an INSTITUTION and not the sole property of anyone.

Now, is Binay's resignation a portent of things to come? Do we expect fireworks very soon between the President and Binay? Is this a confirmation of earlier reports that Pnoy has chosen Grace Poe as his candidate and not Mar?

This is a deft move on the part of the vice president. Now, he can go for the jugular. He can present an alternative viewpoint of the successes of the Pnoy administration. But, will this work for his advantage?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Father's Prayer

O, Father, I glorify You. I worship Your Most Holy Name.

Please Father, forgive me of my sins. Cleanse my soul by Your Grace. Fortify my Spirit with Yours. Let me be a servant of Your praise.

Father, I ask for your protection. By Your will, strengthen my wife. Give her more energy to be able to take care of my kids. Bless her with more patience. Bless her with enough beauty, so that she will be able to impart them to our children.

Father, By Your Will, guide us to the right path. Give me the knowledge to share with my kids. BY Your Leave, let me by Your Instrument. Let me be worthy of being your steward, a good example to these children whom You gave me as blessings.

Father, these children are Yours. I am but your humble servant. You have given me these children so that they may be able to feel Your Love. Let your love flow thru me and into them. Let them be obedient of Your Laws.

Father, shield them from the wiles of the Evil One. Protect them from those being used to put these children astray. Father, By Your Will, these children will enter Your Heaven and will be with you until the end of Time.

These things I ask in Your Most Holy of Names, AMEEN.

Para sa mga Amang Katulad Ko

Para sa mga amang kinalimutan ang sarili
maitaguyod lamang ang piniling
buhay at kapakanan ng kanilang pamilya
Para sa mga amang isinakripisyo ang prinsipyo
malagay lamang sa maganda ang kanilang mga anak
Para sa inyo ang tulang ito...

walang sukat paghugutan ng ligaya
nang masulyapan mo ang unang ngiti niya
karga karga mo sa iyong mga bisig
isang sanggol na ubod ng kisig
mala rosas na pisngi
kaunting buhok at anit
mapula-pulang kutis
biyaya ng langit.

sa isang iglap, buhay mo'y nabago
nag-isip na kung paano
pagkakasyahin ang iilang pisong
nakukuha sa trabaho.

masikap ka't matalino ngunit
malupit ang lipunang ito
sistemang umaalipin
hindi makatao.

ngunit para sa batang karga mo
gagawin lahat ng hiling at gusto
maitaguyod lamang ang pagpapalaki nito
mairaos hanggang sa maging Tao.

sa mumunting makakaya
titiisin maging gutom kakayanin
basta't may ulam na mahahain
sa pamilyang mamahalin.

susuungin maging kasuluk-sulukan
magawan lamang ng paraan
pamilya't mga

itaguyod ang bantayog
hanggang sa magkalasog-lasog
katawan, isipan at prinsipyo
sa panginoong bilog.

kakalkalin ang kaila-ilaliman
ng marahas na minahang bayan
sa mumong gintong napagsikapan
dalawang araw na pangangailangan.

kung dinapuan pa ng karamdaman
tatayo ng walang pakundangan
papasok sa pagawaan
huwag lang sumala sa arawan.

at kung anak naman ang dinapuan
walang lugar na hindi pupuntahan
makahanap lamang ng mauutangan
panapat sa mahal na pagamutan.

sa mga gabing malamig
pati kumot mo'y pinantatakip
walang siste kung masikip
basta anak mo'y may kisig.

sa mga sandaling nakakabahala
pilit mong binibigyang pag-asa
mga damdaming balot ng pagaalala
ikaw ma'y mayroon ding duda
ngunit bahala na.

sinasambit mo araw-araw
pangalan ng Panginoon Dios na Siya rin Mong Ama
isinasama sa panalangin
bawat miyembro ng iyong pamilya
idinadalangin ang kanilang kalusugan
makamit din nila ang lahat ng pangangailangan
upang maging halimbawa rin sila
ng wagas at walang bangis na pag-ibig
'sang pamana ng Amang Dios sa atin.

Binay is still the man to beat--and possibly, become president come 2016

If you ask me--nothing has changed even after these surveys about other candidates for the presidency showing them gaining points and eclipsing Vice president Jejomar Binay. My gut feel plus my analytical mind tell me that Binay remains a great favourite and even these latest surveys show that.

Both SWS and Pulse Asia surveys show Binay gaining pogi points from the ABC socio-economic class and losing some from the DE. This is some of the facts which were not highlighted by the media yet it stares glaringly at the face of those who tries to read the political times.

For me, this is strange since most members of this class belong to what we call "informed publics". They have greater access to information and for Binay to recover from this class means that he is doing the right thing. Or, there is something his men are doing that is helping him improve his numbers there.

As an analyst, I don't necessarily back my assumptions only on the overall results of surveys. I analyse and break them into pieces, and analyse every single thing  to get a deeper understanding of what lies beneath the veneer. As a veteran of many political wars, I have trained my mind to think strategically and identify opportunities.

His enemies are actually engaged in a  psywar against him. Binay's enemies want to destroy his organisation. They first tried to destroy his financial support base. Now, they want nothing more than create divisions and affect the morale of those who work for the vice president.

I think they failed in the first one and surely to fail again in the second plan.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

All is not lost for Mar Roxas

I've been studying the communication being purveyed by Mar Roxas to his publics, and really, it does not help him improve. For one, he allows discredited third parties to speak for and on his behalf. One example is Caloocan Congressman Edgar Erice. The very fact that he is Roxas' lapdog totally disqualifies him from speaking for and on his behalf.

Erice should be the last person to speak about Mar. Every time he opens his mouth, Erice does harm rather than add goodwill for Mar. Everyone knows how corrupt Erice is, and he is the least person to talk about a replacement for Pnoy.

I've seen Mar up close and personal and if this is just a two-party fight, and the audience choose based on capability, integrity and character, Mar has a chance to beat others.

As a strategic communications professional, I have a very important tip for Mar--- present yourself to the masses/public without any pretensions and be ready to be accepted by them without any conditions.

Mar does not need fancy advertisement. Mar does not need any embellishment. Mar is okey the way he is. Got it?

For the last time, present yourself before the people--warts and all. You don't need a publicist to do that. Present yourself and ask for some forgiveness for the things you did in the past. Meaning, come clean.

Accept that you are a bureaucrat, that you are an amazement with small groups. You are not as handsome as the others, but you have the mind, the skills, and the experience that you feel are enough qualifications for the people to consider you as their leader.

Throw away all your traditional thoughts about politics. Present yourself without any makeup, without anything and the people will accept who you are. That's the secret of attraction.

I call this strategy---pagbabagong bihis. Mar, you need this, not just to win, but to be able to really connect with the people whom you love.

Friday, June 19, 2015

When Susan Roces was offered to become President

At the height of the electoral fraud brouhaha in 2004-2005, public outrage was so high, many people thought that its best to call for another election and pit Susan Roces, wife of FPJ. Roces was more articulate than FPJ. Fact was, she did not mince words when asked to describe what Madame Arroyo did.

Many groups asked her to run for president or even serve as Titular head when a revolutionary government succeeds after the ouster of Arroyo.

Everyone knows what happened. Roces thanked all groups and politely told everyone that she has no desire to run. Yes, she's qualified--Roces is natural-born. Yes, she is educated and yes, she is bred in the finest home. Let me describe what Enrile recalled on that time:

"As Mrs. Susan Roces Poe addressed the nation today to express her indignation against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, she emerged as the strongest moral force for all opposition forces to unite in challenging the incumbent’s right to govern.
No one can dispute the strength of Mrs. Poe’s moral position in the current political crisis. Her moral ascendancy springs not only from the fact that she is the widow of our fallen leader, the late Fernando Poe, Jr. More importantly, it springs from her own attributes of intelligence, honesty, dignity and integrity.
While maintaining herself above partisan political interests, she has courageously and with admirable candor, lent her voice to echo the sentiments not only of the millions of supporters of her late husband but of all Filipinos who believe that their sacred right to choose their leader through the ballot has been trampled upon.
President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, even under detention, has provided the political leadership required in the effort to achieve cohesion among diverse opposition groups. The desired unity, however, has not been attained. Mrs. Poe’s moral leadership will likely galvanize all forces towards a common direction and objective.
When Fernando Poe, Jr. decided to run for President, he asked me to join him in his quest and to commit to pursue his mission even at the cost of our own lives. I accepted his challenge. In a meeting we had at the residence of Sen. Tessie Aquino Oreta days after the May 11, 2004 elections, FPJ told all of us in his slate that he will continue his fight and reminded me that I had pledged my life to his cause. I told him that I am standing by my commitment.
Today, though regretting that FPJ is no longer in our midst, I join his widow, Mrs. Poe, in her call for the people to voice out their rightful indignation. I repeat what I have stated before that the question of whether resignation is the patriotic and honorable thing for the President to do is ultimately addressed to her conscience. In President Arroyo’s search for what is good for the nation, let the people be "

Remember two things: Roces became a moral force and there was a cause for action---two things which Roces could have considered and made reasons for running and opposing Arroyo.

What did Roces do? SHE POLITELY ASKED THOSE GROUPS NOT TO INVOLVE HER IN THESE THINGS. Why? Because Mrs. Roces was gracious enough to admit that she is not made out for that position and that she is not prepared.

That, inspite of the fact that Roces' name registered very high in the surveys and millions of Filipinos want her as a counterforce against Arroyo. Had Roces decided right there and there, history might have been different.

So there. Mrs. Roces, wife of FPJ was not enticed nor lured by the sparkle of power. 

Susan Roces was not greedy. Susan Roces was not and never was attracted by Power. 

And how about this person who claims to be the daughter of Da King?