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Friday, October 28, 2016

Is change really coming?

I met a young Inquirer reporter recently and when I asked her how she's doing she told me she's fine and then she followed this up with a very tart statement which made me think : " Magulong magulo na sa Pilipinas, di ba sir?"

Flashback two years ago, and every thing seemed fine. Yes, there were some political noise about the alleged misdemeanor of a veteran politician, but the one sure thing that animated the minds of many was the misuse of government funds by factotums of the previous Arroyo administration. A lady by the name of Janet Lim-Napoles was tagged as the PDAF scandal queen, a reference to the scheme employed by politicians to get a humongous slice of the budget pie. Many felt anger and even went to the Luneta to express their disgusts. Of course, after the usual gathering of like minded persons, nothing came out of it afterwards. I think everybody was busy minding their own business, enjoying the fruits of an ever-growing economy, that these political noises are not as interesting as the next young bright entrepreneur making his first million in just six months.

After PDAF came a succession of stories which local journalists amplified to a pitch that it caused the defeat of this administration's bet for president. The Mamasapano massacre, the Yolanda relief tragedy, the lag lag bala at the airport and the traffic mess in Metro Manila provided a messy collage of images that headline the terms "incompetence" and " massive failure" at the front steps of Malacanan. This was amplified so much that it broke the trust of the people behind the administration and even paved the way for the Punisher from Davao to enter the national political scene and the rest seemed pretty much part of our History.

Duterte came like an asteroid from the Davao galaxy and broke the peace. He threatened drug lords and criminals with death, promised to jet ski towards Scarborough shoal to plant the Philippine flag there and blamed the oligarchs for the mess they created in this country.

Four months unto his administration, and we see every single thing lay scattered, broken, and crushed. Filipinos walk like zombies, most disoriented and disappointed with the realization that everything seemed the same, and the promise of change remains a dishonesty.

Filipinos aspire one thing---a prosperous life. Whatever government does for as long as every single one is given the opportunity to get the resources he needs to survive, and opportunities to compete in this capitalist system.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mocha Uson is a person who should be understood instead of villified

My good old friend, Leslie Bocobo, a passionate guy online, is trying to pit Rappler's Maria Ressa against Mocha Uson. This is understandable.

For one, Uson's blog has surpassed Rappler's online stats by the millions and with talks about efforts at bringing Mocha's blog down, expect this blog to gain more than rock star status in less than a month. And Mocha did it in less than a year, while Rappler gained theirs after four years of grueling work, and millions of pesos spent.

The thing about Rappler is that it claims to be a true repository of news and insights, when, for many occasions, it became a promoter of the interests of Big Business, the kind being promoted by the Iberians oligarchs and a whip master of the richest Indonesian family in the world. Rappler had their share of brickbats from readers in the past, for spreading news that serve someone's interests. For not being transparent, Rappler is courting public disapproval. Ressa has been asked several times before who funds them, and she always refused to reveal who really. This is a disconcerting thing, something which our readers should seriously consider while they read every single thing at Rappler.

For all the claims made by Ressa, that she's a journalist par excellence, she can never replicate what Mocha Uson did---bring out the voice of the masa to the fore of discussions about this country. Mocha represents the thoughts and views of ordinary Filipinos who are victimized by this system every single day. I noticed that the discussions and the way Mocha presents her views and her news updates shadow those being talked about by our fellow Filipinos in alleys, offices, department stores and even in most barbershops throughout the country. It follows a certain logical pattern of thought that is simple. What is most admiring about this is that people are showing signs of extraordinary interest in everything political and this is good. Mocha has surely engaged the masa in a way that no other person or organisation had for the past twenty years of online engagement.

Bocobo's cousin, the eminent Dean, disagrees with me when I took a stand against the petition to bring Mocha Uson's Facebook blog down. Dean has excellent points though. Arpee Lazaro too. They believe she's spreading disinformation and outright lies. For that, Facebook needs to bring her Facebook page down.

My disagreement stems from my staunch belief that the minute you do that to Mocha, she becomes another victim of a vicious and inhumane society. I don't want to be a part of a self-moralizing mob who thinks that they have the monopoly of what is Right and what is Wrong. We are entitled to our own version of Reality and if Mocha writes about her reality, that's her right, who am I to judge her?

The only thing I asked of Mocha is this---you once aimed to be a nurse, a profession which requires its servants to be extremely precise in what they do. This requires one having an inquisitive mind, and some skills in research. One advice---better to research the data that you spread online first. If your material is not supported by any study or is an outright fantasy, exercise your better judgement as a patriot, and stop yourself from spreading such lies.

Mocha Uson means well. Mocha wants to change the world, but I hope for the better, and one thing that she should start doing is be responsible for what she shares with her audience. Research first if the thing is true or not or just some figment of someone's brilliant yet demonic mind.

If Mocha loves her fellow Filipinos, she should encourage them to seek knowledge and not be another tool, another instrument of destructive politics. Likewise, Mocha should not worship Duterte, her idol, like he is god. Remember that Duterte himself admonished his DDS cheering squad to stop doing that. By exhibiting such blind and false worship, DDS supporters are just proving to the world that Duterte is Adolf Hitler incarnate, something which the enemies of this administration wants.

Wittingly or unwittingly, the DDS cheering squad being led by Mocha Uson is the one tainting the very image and reputation of Mayor Duterte. By acting like they are a rowdy bunch of blind philistines, DDS is giving the world the impression and the scare that this country is developing a potential Hitler which, seriously, is not a worthy epithet at all. We all know how the whole world hates Hitler and what he symbolize. Acting like the SS, threatening people with death when they comment negatively against Duterte, is seriously not the best way of showing the world that our president is doing an excellent thing.  The fact is--it is even fuelling the very negative impression before the world about us, Filipinos, and about our acquiesce to despicable things already repudiated by the entire world. This is making us the laughing stock of the world.

Mocha Uson is a victim of this violent world. When she was young, she witnessed the assassination of her father, a judge based in Pangasinan. Whatever outrageous and outlandish things she did with her life afterwards, Mocha is the only one who can say whether those things were correct or erroneous. Probably, at that time, those things were. And we simply are not worthy enough to say or accuse her of being a slut or a sinner because we are sinners as well. At some point in our lives, we also did outlandish and outrageous things, right?

If we join a growing number of citizens who believe that Mocha Uson is the demon incarnate, the temptress ultima, the diva of the DDS world, then, we are surely just mimicking the very same acts of the same monster we are fighting against.

Seeing her Inquirer interview made me a believer of what she is doing. Mocha represents your typical Duterte supporter who believes that the guy means business, that he has the heart for the country and he is ready to do just everything to realize what's in his mind.

Duterte became endeared with the people when during the elections, he made the people felt his patriotism. However, subsequent events are unfolding and serious doubts are forming in some people's minds about the sincerity of Duterte in pursuing these dramatic changes. It is however, too early to say that he is dishonest.

Duterte administration asked to be transparent in China deals

Several businessmen have expressed apprehension over the alleged invitation made by the Duterte administration to some Chinese firms involved in anomalous and "shady" deals with foreign governments. Senators, including Panfilo Lacson, Grace Poe and Leila de Lima have expressed their own positions, even said that these invitations raise "red flags"

Reports show that one firm got the contract for the reclamation in Davao while the Bases Conversion Development Authority or BCDA denied that it already contracted a Chinese firm banned by the World Bank as winning bidder in one of their projects. Vince Dizon, chairman of the BCDA, assures that all contracts will definitely undergo very strict bidding process. Good to know.

Dizon should be reminded that the agency he is managing right now is a very sensitive one. Even if it only had entered into a "feasibility  study" phase with that Chinese firm, Dizon is managing former military bases and being a sovereign country,  the Philippines should not be sharing very sensitive information about our facilities, even if these facilities have been transformed into ones for civilian uses. We must always remember that we still have several issues with China to deal with.

President Duterte is always promising us of a "clean" government, free from corruption, and most of the people are expecting that. However, disturbing news like the June visits of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and DOTC secretary Art Tugade to China, according to outgoing US Ambassador Philip Goldberg are raising doubts everywhere.

Some people especially those dealing with agencies concerned with Customs, Immigration, Tax and those involved in regulation, have expressed their dismay over the continuing corruption. "Business as usual" is the most often sign being seen everywhere and this means that those who were appointed by our president are now raking in several profits. As told by some, several are receiving monthly "tara" from syndicates imbedded already in the bureaucracy.

If I'm the President, I'll be targetting and literally erasing them from the face of the earth. These syndicates are operating with wanton disregard of authorities, even scoffing at the President's announcement that he would kill all those doing these corrupt practices.

I think the next stage that this administration should take should involve a cleansing of the bureaucracy. In the meantime, this administration is advised to be extra careful in its next steps, and always think that the entire world is watching its every single move and a mere misstep could cause it to tumble, and tumble out of power.

Every deal this administration would enter with China would be watched with discerning eyes. This is a duty of every patriotic citizen out there, because while we are being entertained by these killings and these online wars, we must not forget our duty of ensuring that we are not being robbed at the same time by those who claim to be our saviors.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Understanding Duterte's world

Okey, here's the thing. This is for journalists, foreign correspondents, and analysts. It is for them to understand Duterte, our beloved president, leader, nationalist, patriot, and all other worthy titles. I hope I give justice to the man, an iconoclast, an innovator, a smooth operator, the savior of this country, God's great gift to the Filipino race.

Independence means breaking up with a former lover and going to another richer patron

When Duterte says "independent foreign policy" it means dropping one for another. It simply means, ceasing to be a bitch of one superpower and becoming another superpower's bitch. Duterte simply follows the lead of former president Joseph Estrada--"weather, weather lang yan." We were America's 20th century bitch. And since this is a Sino era, we are now China's and probably, even Russia's little brown bitch. Abandoning the old and the bankrupt to the rich and corrupt. That's life. We are sorry America and goodbye my old friend.

On Human Rights

I hope Duterte is not reading this because I'm sure when he reads "human rights", his right side of the face would hurt again and he will then start spewing hot curses, fire and brimstone.

When he says human rights, Duterte is referring to the rights of non-addicts. Yes. For Duterte, drug dependents have lost all rights--they are basically cattle being fed daily (or now occasionally) with their methamphetamines or grass (read: marijuana).

Drug Addicts as Zombies

Notice how drug addicts and drug pushers die? Most of them had their heads blown off. When Duterte mentions or tags you as a drug addict, expect your head to be blown off by some cop, probably someone like a PO3 Kho who uses a vehicle to ram.

Duterte says drug addicts do not think anymore because their brains are already like mashed potatoes, with most brains in their highly liquified states. Hence, no appreciation of rights. If drug dependents do not appreciate the value of their rights, what more state security forces, much more, Duterte, right?  Logical, isn't ?

Protesters as Zombies

I watched "Walking dead", and I immediately understood what Duterte's men at the Manila PNP meant. Someone as sane as PO3 Kho and Pedrozo (who was involved in drugs before...allegedly, that is) think that protesters such as the Lumads and the Moros are cousins of zombies, hence, ready to be mowed down or thrown like rag dolls.

EJKs as Exceptionally Justified Killings

For Duterte and Senator Richard Gordon, there are simply no extra judicial killings in the Philippines--only exceptionally justified killings. Those 3,400 Filipinos who were killed during the anti-drug campaign were killed lawfully by state security forces. They all fought against authorities. They all used rusty 38 caliber pistols which they fired upon those cops armed with M-14s and automatic rifles. No recognition of using approximate force. A gun is a gun. When someone with a gun emerges, he is worthy of a bullet in the head, no question asked. And for most cops, a knife or a nail cutter is just like having a gun. You can be killed by a nail cutter; hence, justified if you gun that would-be assailant down.

Foreign policy means veering towards a richer state

Dun tayo sa me pera. That is simply the guiding principle of the Duterte administration when it comes to foreign policy. As they say in the streets, "pera-pera lang yan." That's the main principle of the Law of Attraction---run towards the man holding a bag of monies, and not to that poor Uncle who is now heavily bankrupted.

Financial independence means eradicating 5-6

You know why Duterte loves the Chinese? Because they are ready to throw him billions of yuans, err, dollars (US dollars to be precise) just to get him by their side. And Duterte has the best reasons--he wants nothing more than erase 5-6 from the face of the world. Yes, you heard me right---Duterte intends to chase those Indians (or Bombays in local parlance) out of business. And the logic is simply very deep, deep indeed. With Chinese money, Duterte intends probably to spread it all around, giving monies to poor people so that they would no more rely on their Indian brothers who walks around peddling umbrellas for money. So considerate of our president, right? This is what I love about Tatay Digong.

Imperialism means invasion; occupying small rocks is no imperialism

Duterte was very specific---China did not do us, Filipinos, injustice, no way. His grandfather was a Chinese immigrant, and his grandfather did nothing like that--he did not grab the land of an indigenous, oh no. And since Duterte was before a Chinese audience, he simply do not believe that Chinese did such a dastardly thing-- invade other people's territories.

The fact is---Duterte thinks the Chinese are just there, sun bathing in one of the small rocks and shoals inside our exclusive economic zone. When the Chinese built their shacks, their airstrips, their military installations complete with satellite dishes in Panatag and Scarborough shoals, those actions were no imperialist moves, oh no. Those were no invasions. Those were simply innocent occupations of a friendly nation who thinks of our welfare as Filipinos and who respects us highly by throwing monies around, as if those billions of dollars are like Mickey Mouse bills.

The fact is--Duterte is so appreciative of Chinese actions, our beloved Leader wants the Chinese to join us, Filipinos, in exploiting those ancient oils deep beneath those sea beds. Never mind if he breaks the Constitution for doing so---as he says, he loves the Philippines. It is his people, his country, his love. Hindi naman makakain ang sovereignty (One cannot eat Sovereignty for breakfast).

Respect between countries means throwing monies around

For Duterte, China respects us a lot. Yes, he does believe this. He was all praises for the Chinese communists, even urging them to loan him more money and he would praise them, worship them, kiss their feet and even vowed to be perpetually indebted to them. Don't mind aid money from the Europeans. Filipinos, Duterte said, are no mendicants. We are not going to the Europeans with our knees bent. They can even shove those Euros to their arses. But, yuan? Yuan is welcome. Chinese in, Europeans and Americans out. Good policy.

Survival in the new modernizing world means isolationism

We can fend for ourselves, says Duterte. We don't need the help of the free world. If this means millions of Filipinos going hungry, so be it. Duterte will be the very first one to go hungry. This just means, let us do our thing collectively, alone, just like how the North Koreans do it. Don't mind the world. The free world is in a mess and we simply cannot be a part of it. Let's close our doors. Let us isolate ourselves and we will be fine. We have enough resources to tide us through a global recession.

However, we will do it with the help of China and Russia. It is us with these two superpowers, a triumvirate of global even monumental proportions. Duterte thinks this is a brilliant, superb geopolitical shift. Imagine, in just one stroke, Duterte resurrected the concept of an Axis and the Philippines is part of it. That's an achievement worthy of emulation, praise and worship. This is the very first time that an emerging third world economy is now part of these global superpowers. It is like ant man standing toe-to-toe with Batman and Superman.

Expect to eat Maling instead of spam. Expect to use Weibo instead of Facebook, and simply throw those Macs to the trashcan and settle with the much cheaper Chinese imitations sold in Divisoria. Learn Mandarin and include it in the curriculum. Change the greco-roman writing mode and adopt either the Chinese alphabet or the Russian way of writing. We don't have any choice. For Duterte, for us to survive, we need to adapt, and adaptation means understanding Mandarin and Russian.

Duterte and Americans: How our President tries to make sense of US policies thru anthropomorphic analysis

Like some of the youth of my generation, I, too, made that decision to break out of America's hold over my body, soul and spirit. I realized that the policies being implemented by America are policies that promote imperialism---a gruesome scourge of humanity that pursues injustices throughout the world. How many peoples have suffered under the tyrannical rule of America as the world's top cop? How many governments have been overthrown and states have been laid to waste just so Americans can actually live comfortable lives while the rest of the world suffered? From the start of the 19th century, US hegemonic influence over the so-called "free world" has been so pervasive, that it actually became the standard of many countries' policies, rightly or wrongly.

I understood perfectly well where our president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte is coming from. We, Filipinos, have been America's little brown brother for so long, we almost forgot our own identity. And this is not just in the social or cultural sphere---it is markedly obvious in the way we do things, both domestically and externally.

Duterte is right when he said in his speech that for so long, we have followed America's lead when it comes to foreign policy. We have stood side by side with America in issues of global importance. We fought the North Koreans in the fifties out of fear of the spread of Communism, and equally so, we risked the lives of our own soldiers in the Vietnam war. In those wars and conflicts which America entered into in the name of anti-terrorism, we, Filipinos, were there with our white brothers fighting side by side and killing other peoples under a belief of shared interests.

Almost every single time the United Nations convene its members and put several issues to a vote, the Philippines votes the very same way the US does. Of course, there are some which we voted based on our own conscience. But, yes, we are recognized all over as America's little Asian bitch.

And for that, we have a treaty that constrains America to risk life and limb in the event we are attacked by a third party. We have cultural and scholarship exchanges where our young idealistic soldiers are sent to America's military schools to learn new ways of combat. And of course, we have exchanges between academics which enrich our knowledge about the world.

The bad side however, is when we noticed a trade imbalance that always favor the US. This, however, is not the case anymore. As the new century came, trade between the two countries, especially in both exportation and importation, there is now a tilt in our decided favor. This came about as a consequence of increased production capabilities in our part, not a conscious effort by our American counterparts. We are now America's biggest supplier of microchips, and of course, the bulk of the people manning America's BPOs are Filipinos.

Over the course of time, the United States became more liberal and more democratic in its approaches and policies between and among other states, so much so, that, trade and other relationships have been more equitous and few if not none of the unfairness of previous years. This, again, is not a deliberate or conscious effort by America---it is a consequence of the times, where it is now a trend for countries to consider co-existence and interdependence to survive the challenges of this era.

As the US administration changes, along with it, the government's attitude towards other peoples and other races. The influence of liberalism in the way the US conducts itself with other nations has a somber and positive impact on other countries. Compared with the Uncle Sam posturing in the fifties, today's US has postured themselves more as Liberals and Socialists, conscious of America's footing, image and reputation before other smaller and weaker states.

The predatory behavior that has characterized America for decades is now, a thing of the past. It has now opened itself further for other influences and other markets, again, not probably a thing favored by most US policy makers, but, it is brought about by the dictates of the new and modern era. Technology has solved many of America's problems, among them, surplus capital. And compared to previous years, when America solves its problems by flexing its military muscles to get what it wants, there is now a conscious effort at limiting armed engagements in exchange for a more rational and humane approach. This, again, is the effects of the increasing interdependency trend which is now sweeping the entire world, thanks to advances in connectivity.

I firmly support Duterte's stand against America, but not his racial biases against Americans. There is a marked difference between hating America because of its imperialist policies and hating Americans per se. It does not follow that since one hates American imperialist policies, you then hate Americans and even attribute to them bad behavior caused by anthropomorphic qualities.

This is simply unacceptable and borders on racism. Again, in his speech before the Chinese, I think Duterte went overboard and created quite a silly stir which is caused by a silly mind. Worse, in this speech, our president even commented against Indians, Japanese and other Asian races. And he did it like a thug discussing global issues with other thugs, using words that most offensive to other races and peoples.

If Duterte thinks that he scored big by picturing Americans like this before Chinese businessmen, he's mistaken. He actually messed it and messed it big. It was a big embarassment, to him, and to us, Filipinos. Frankly, Duterte made himself a big arsehole in that gathering, and instead of respect, expect not just widespread condemnation, but worse, international derision. Or probably, global irrelevance. There is a very thin line separating being insane and being funny. Sometimes, funny people are more dangerous than merely insane. At least insane people admit their insanity. Funny ones do not.

Duterte's speech before the Chinese Business Community: A Classic in Philippine Foreign Policy Studies

Does Duterte hate the American government due to its imperialist policies or he just hates the Americans? Judge for yourself what is the truth. Watch this video, and see for yourself what our dear president Rodrigo Roa Duterte told surprised delegates of the Chinese business community, about the Americans, and what is really wrong with the Americans?

Two things I am asking myself: first, Duterte got angry and told the Americans and the Europeans that we, Filipinos are not mendicants. 'We don't want EU aid. We are not mendicants." remember that classic line?

Watch this video and see for yourself how our beloved president practically begged these Chinese businessmen for money. And why, do you ask, Tatay Digong wants Chinese money? Because he hates "5-6", a lending mode being practiced by Indian traders and Filipinos for centuries. Digong wants to end it.

Second, Duterte early in his speeches said, he hates war and will not sacrifice Filipino soldiers' lives to defend Scarborough shoal. Watch this video if that is still the case.

Our president says he hates war but described the audacity of Filipino soldiers in sacrificing their lives in that fateful Mamasapano massacre. " If war is decided by the majority, then Filipinos, according to Tatay Digong, will go to war.

In this speech, Duterte has practically tried to goad both China and the United States to war, and even dragged Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam to the mix. He even described America as bankrupt and without money. That's why he is veering towards China.

And why Duterte likes China? China, he says, does not go around insulting other people, as if the occupation of those islets and shoals in our Exclusive Economic Zone, not an insult. Galing talaga ni Tatay Digong! Long live Duterte!

He even describes China "without money and afflicted with paranoia". When he noticed the faux pas, Tatay Digong corrected himself and changed it to America.

Our president was very diplomatic and even described Chinese businessmen as "Chinese guy" and rambled, and cursed in Tagalog, and this was before foreign Chinese businessmen.

I am mightily proud of our president. I am proud of being a Filipino, what with a Duterte at the helm. I was surprised to discover that Digong is not just an intelligent lawyer who plays his geo-political cards well, he is also a great salesman. Clap please, clap! Tatay Digong is a strategist. He is a tactician. As what a so-called "political analyst" described him--Duterte really plays this thing very deep, indeed. Hindi maarok ang kanyang mga moves, says this "anal-yst."

Duterte has a firm grasp of Philippine history. He is such an expert.

This is a great speech, a speech which will become a classic in the annals of Filipino diplomatic speeches. This should be compiled and put into a book to be studied by serious Filipino political scientists, especially this analyst who claims to be a very good one.

Duterte veers towards China because he simply wants to end "5-6"

Cut the crap about us, the Philippines, orienting ourselves with China because of its increasing economic power, and of China being an Asian country like us. Don't even mention that the reason why our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte seems bent on relying on China is his personal hatred against the Americans, especially black guys who rejected his visa application several decades ago.

The reason, which I discovered when I was reviewing our president's speech before the Chinese, was not as complicated as what people, especially those Duterte cheering squad on Facebook wanted it to appear, with one "political analyst" even describing Duterte playing a "strategic game". Bull. Crap. Stupid. It shows how shallow and how pretentious this "analyst" is.

What is our president's reason for veering towards China and asking for money? Duterte simply wants to end "5-6"---a form of lending practised by Philippine-based Indian traders with Filipinos. Watch this video and see for yourself.

Videos don't lie. The delegation of our beloved president was very ecstatic in announcing the inflow of alleged Chinese money into the economy, as if there was a windfall of it that would benefit most Filipinos.

And because of the strong reaction from Filipinos, both here and abroad, about what our dear president told delegates of the Supreme Congress of the People in Beijing, that Duterte is separating his country from the influence of the United States both economically and militarily, his cabinet and he himself, when he arrived in Davao, denied ever declaring such a pronouncement, due to its "impossibility"

Many guessed that Duterte was just "tripping" about this issue due to a previous personal experience of him being rejected when he applied for a US visa. Or, that the United States is a bad colonizer or that the United States and the Europeans commented negatively about his anti-drugs campaign, it seems that the real reason is as simple as previously thought.

Duterte, our beloved president, wants to veer away from the US because the former global superpower has no more money, is not ready for war, and he wants nothing more than ask the Chinese for money because he simply wants to eradicate "5-6".

The President even committed a serious error when he mentioned Japan, a country hated by the Chinese. Duterte probably forgot that the Japanese slaughtered millions of Chinese during World War Two.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Who really runs Malacanang? Duterte or his Cabinet members?

" We are not severing our ties with the US"--Abella
Is this administration deliberately being stupid or just being themselves? Seriously, they should re-assess what they are doing lately or they might go down in history as the most senile of all Philippine government administrations.

The Philippine government right now is a joke. It is losing credibility. I don't believe all those trust ratings of surveys--we all know they can be manipulated. Besides, this is not anymore a popularity contest. We are in serious governmental stuff and these cannot be treated as something of a trifle or child's play or something of a senile man's games.

This is the first time in history when a president's factotums or alter-egos are the ones clarifying policies publicly announced. I mean, it is totally discomforting to hear several cabinet members telling us that our president, Rodrigo Duterte just spewed out something which he did not really meant or was'nt consulted before his cabinet. Before, it was our president who goes public and clarifies what his secretary just told the public. Now, it is the other way around.

" Goodbye my friend.." Duterte
Who then should you believe? 
Why do we need to interpret a very clear policy statement from Duterte? Was it because it was said in public or during a time when Duterte was just before foreign dignitaries or at a time when he was under serious pain while prating before the public? When do we get the truth?

It seems that there is a very serious tug-of-war between our president and his own cabinet. Our President says something and out comes one or two or three of his cabinet members all ready with their own public statements about a policy statement which our president just shared with the public. Who then is governing? Who is the real power in Malacanang?

This is clearly very obvious in the issue of the Philippines severing its economic and military ties with the United States. President Duterte was clearly seen conversing with his Chinese counterparts and telling them that he intends to sever the country's ties with its long-time ally, the United States government. Duterte even clearly stated that he intends to end the "economic and military ties" with the US.

After creating the loudest public feedback ever online, several of his cabinet members including Presidential Communications secretary Martin Andanar giving us a crappish analogy of what the president said, comparing the obvious shift as that of a "son leaving the house of his father" and "going to another house". Bull. S...t. Crap. Throw this in the wastebasket.

A member of the finance cluster of the cabinet, specifically Prof. Pernia came out of the woodwork and told us that what Duterte did could be described as a shift of policy orientation---from Western to Asian, when it was very obvious that what Duterte referred to was a shift towards a triumvirate only which is China-Philippines-Russia. Duterte was very specific. He was'nt interested in other Asian countries. He intends to aligned himself with just two Asian powers: China and Russia, period. Duterte is a lawyer, trained to choose his words and terms. It was easy for him to describe what he does as a foreign policy orientation shift towards Asia, and away from Western perspective.

Then you have the main man himself, the spokesperson of the President, denying totally what the President said. Spokesperson Abella says practically that Duterte did not mean what he said and there is simply "no intention whatsoever to break treaties" referring to those committed by the Philippine government with the United States. If this is true, when, quo vadis? What is this declaration of "separation" when, as Abella said, there is simply no intention for this administration to break all those economic and military treaties?

This was the position also of Trade secretary Mon Lopez who gave a very reassuring statement saying that the economic ties of the country will continue with the US. It's a good statement but clearly, this again, counters what the President clearly stated in his highly public pronouncement---sever the Philippines' "economic and military ties". The fact is---rewind the tape and notice that Duterte even chose what kind of relations to break. He mentioned social, but decided not to and instead chose specifically the words "economic and military"

Clearly, when he says one thing, Duterte really means it. One example, the annual Balikatan exercises which were terminated prematurely, with US troops leaving Mindanao days before it ended. If this is the case, then, expect Duterte to also break economic treaties with the United States as well.

Is this the way Malacanan handles our external and even internal affairs? What these scenes suggest is a very chaotic and very discombulating setup that bodes ill to our image and reputation before the international community. It pictures a president like a boy who cried wolf.

With Abella, Lopez, Pernia and Andanar coming out of the shadows like self-appointed interpreters of the President, this issue clearly weakens the image of the president. Duterte is now like an old man in clutches and simply being misunderstood for reasons unknown when in fact, he is intelligible and clearly even as glib as a young man.

This scene harms our relationship with both China and the United States. When Duterte told his Chinese counterparts that he is leaving the United States and with it, the entire Filipino people behind him, it was said with conviction. Now, with some of his cabinet members telling the media that it was not so, who then, will China believe---Duterte or his cabinet members?

This is an embarrassment.

Change is coming thanks to Herr Leader Duterte

The entire world is converging into a community where everyone promotes amity, transparency, openness, cooperation, respect and understanding. We, however, are veering towards isolationism, protectionism, and promoting a closed economy. This is the change we want, says our beloved President Duterte.

There are no more Allies and Axis groups, yet, our beloved Leader who thinks He is God's gift to the Filipino People because He is more intelligent than all the leaders of the Free world, created a triumvirate of China, the Philippines and Russia. Change is indeed, at our footsteps.

While the world tries to destroy those beliefs that plunged the entire world into a global war, our President is now promoting hatred against Americans because of his previous personal experience dealing with a Consul. Change has come, indeed.

While we slowly open ourselves to the world, our President wants nothing more than keep a relationship with just two nations---China and Russia, and thinks that it is him, the Chinese, the Russians "against the world." Splendid!

He is demanding the world to understand him, listen to him, and consider him a genius. At the same breadth though, Duterte hates the free world because of the "sins of America", which he always had a mouthful to say of. This deep-seated hatred puts into jeopardy decades of friendly relationship with the world's former top cop.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Duterte hates Americans like how Hitler hated the Jews

So that's it---Duterte hates the Americans because one black American consul refused him entry into the United States. And since then, he has not tried to travel to America, because he was once shamed by an American. The fact is--until now, Duterte does not have any permission to travel to the Filipinos' so-called "land of milk and honey."

As what many describe it---Duterte's hatred is more than skin deep--- He personally hates America and probably, Americans in general. If this is so, then, why did he married a German-American? Obama is right--Duterte truly is, a very "colorful person".

At first, I thought that Duterte's outbursts came from the depest wells of his heart,  his profoundest love of his country and expressions of disdain over the American government's policies. No. There is no denying it---Duterte hates America because he is still nursing an old psychological wound from that experience. He can't get over it.

For Duterte, that rejection stemmed from his physical appearance. He thought that the consul rejected his application for a visa to the United States because he looks like a common butangero, not an abogago, err, abogado or lawyer.

So, to hell with those Bud Dajo references, those stupid U.S. aids, and to hell with U.S. imperialism. For our beloved Leader, this is personal. Duterte does not hate America because he despises their policies that, to him, did not at all benefited the Philippines. This president hates America because he simply hates the Americans, and thinks of them, as braggarts, a proud people who thinks of themselves as masters over Asians, like him.

I remember reading the Mein Kampf where we find the former German dictator Adolf Hitler giving us the true reason why he hated the Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for his rejection to study in art school and the poverty he suffered for five long years as a struggling painter in the streets of Linz.

Actress Agot Isidro must be right--we have a psychopath in our midst and unfortunately, he is running our country. And the problem simply stares us in the face--Duterte is leading us to a path where many of us do not want. But, of course, Duterte's crazy zombies which included members of the middle class, simply do not agree. For most of them, Duterte is brilliant, a savior, a Messiah, worthy of one's adulation and worship, that's according to Communications secretary Martin Andanar who professes to be Duterte's disciple. As what many Filipinos would say---hibang.

Brutal police dispersal sends a chilling message to change agents

That incident which happened at the rally before the US embassy confirms our deadly fears---that this government has effectively turned our state into a garrison state. The behavior exhibited by the police under the command of a certain Pedrozo is reminiscent of the SS during Hitler's time, and that of the AVSECOM and special groups deployed by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos during his heyday. The only difference now is the absence of a strong group of New Katipuneros capable, able and willing to fight a China-backed government.

Who will now protect the people from these kinds of abuses and predation seeing that civil society has now been compromised and leaders of the Left movement are now part of this regime? Let us remind and refresh the memories of these leaders on how China treated the Tiannanmen square protestors and even the Hongkongers who were demanding for a more democratic society--the Chinese government treated them with brute force. This is exactly what the PNP did several days ago.

Let us thank God that He has allowed us to watch this on national television. But, woe to us because we don't see and hear those miffed cries of rural folks victimized by state security forces in the name of the anti-drug campaigns. Many organizers working for farmers, fisherfolk and the rural poor have been killed, executed in brutal style and arrested all in the name of the anti-drugs campaign. Even this has been weaponized. It has not just been politicized, what with attempts at creating a political link with those who actively oppose the regime---it has likewise been used to violate basic human and people's rights.

These things clearly show a policy of intolerance, which, even us, we experience this daily in our engagement with DDS members online. We are slowly being asked to toe the line. We are being asked to choose just one option, otherwise, be killed or be economically deprived of your rights. Our options are being clearly delimited to just follow the options and dictates of Higher Powers, which, clearly does not augur well for us, ordinary citizens. The last time I checked, this is still a democracy and not a state-sponsored, China-backed, China imperialist-inspired pseudo-democracy.

Our forebears have fought not just for the attainment of freedom but of democracy. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Macario Sakay and several others died for us to enjoy what they did'nt. They all fought for equality. They all fought for the right to freely express ourselves and surely, they fought for the recognition of our identity as Filipinos, a people united under the banner of democracy.

All of these sacrifices, all of these years of struggle are now slowly being removed from us by a government who thinks that Might is Right and that they hold the only key towards our supposed "salvation" from poverty and underdevelopment.

Are we ready to sacrifice our individual rights and freedoms in exchange for billions of Chinese-backed loans and fresh funds for infrastructure development? Note that China is not giving us more aid---they are giving us loan facilities which our beloved Leader says "we can pay liberally over time" while we allow Chinese intrusion into our economy. Brilliant.

Are we ready to sacrifice the use and enjoyment of our maritime resources, in exchange for the pursuit of a so-called independent foreign policy and an orientation shift from Western to Sino-Russian? (In normal circumstances, this is actually expected since a Sino-Russian orientation connotes Asian orientation, as opposed to Western orientation, which is a fresh new idea worthy of consideration. But, not this way. Other presidents would have done it better, without alienating its age-old allies like the US, Japan and the European Union)

I don't know about you, but, our beloved President criticized the imperialism of America while accepting the imperialism of China at the same breadth. Is this not imperialism? We will allow "joint resource exploitation" and who will benefit from it? China. Our entrepreneurs and big business are now salivating for a share in that US$ 8 billion from China without even thinking that these monies are not without strings attached--they are loans stupid, and not free aid. These loans have interests which our government is supposed to pay at a definite time.

These loans are ruses meant to further prepare the integration of our economy into the bigger Chinese economy. If this is not neo-imperialism, I don't know how to call it.

Since we are orienting ourselves to Sino-Russian, then, we need to overhaul our values, our policy positions, our entire diplomatic policy framework, even our military and economic infrastructure to reflect a more Sino-Russo oriented one. Our beloved Leader probably did not realize that we cannot do this thru rhetoric. It involves a total re-engineering of our current system for us to fully realize what he wants.

For example, instead of Google, we need to learn to use Alibaba. We need to reject Macs and instead, settle with a much cheaper Android. And likewise, we need to include Mandarin and Russian into our basic language courses for our kids to get competitive advantages over these Chinese and Russians.

I have nothing against China or Russia. These are ancient civilizations which have adopted excellently in modern times. They have surpassed the world's expectations, from being third world countries wracked by centuries-long civil wars to stable societies with strong values and strong traditions. And seriously, I really expect these two to gain a stronger foothold over the world economy due to their populations, their more developed industrial economies, further improved by the socialism of their respective governments.

China's and Russia's successes prove how effective and efficient Socialism is, as a political ideology. Had the 1915 Russian revolution failed, the Russia we see today would have been different. Had Chiang Kai-Shek repulsed the advance of the People's Liberation Army towards Beijing, China would not have gained its stability and things would have been different. China would probably be still a country wracked by internal insurgencies.

Orienting ourselves with them is a good move. However, this could have been achieved without alienating or severing our ties with our traditional allies. As what former president Fidel V. Ramos proposed--let us create an inter-dependent foreign policy. This is the trend and even China and Russia do this. Interdependence is the name of the game, not just in foreign relations but particularly in economics. The world is interconnected, and this is something of an advantage for us, but, sadly, we are slowly veering away from this global reality and slowly closing ourselves from the world instead of further opening ourselves for more opportunities.

That brutal dispersal shows our current reality, both in the domestic as well as in the way we handle our external affairs. While societies are democratizing, we are going into the opposite direction. I just pray that this is seriously the correct path otherwise, we might find ourselves in the lurch and again, revert back to our original state as the sick man of Asia (sick not just economically but dangerously, even sick in mind)

People Power

This is just a discussion.

When you say, "people power", do you mean all of THE People or a fraction of the people? I think it is neither.

By people power, we meant the progressive segment of the population acting in unison for change. One does not wait for a mass of people to converge at one place and declare civil disobedience or a revolution no.

IN our modern era, people power means the middle class. When the middle class moves, the entire society moves with them. This class is not just the most progressive but the most concerned with the fate of this country. If this country goes North, the middle class becomes happy. If it goes South, that's bad news for the middle class.

Now, if you are waiting for the economy to conk out or reach negative levels at the stock markets, before the s...t hits the fan, then, you are mistaken. The economy does not need to suffer or experience its primal lows. Every capitalist inspired economy reaches its lowest depths. When the middle class moves and acts as a whole, it can achieve what no other more organized groups failed to do within a period of six months.