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Thursday, January 29, 2015

MILF liable for crime against humanity charge

For the sheer inhumanity suffered by members of the SAF in Maguindanao, I am in the opinion that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is liable for a crime of committing murder against humanity.

A crime against humanity is defined as follows:

"Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious offences in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings."[1] They are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy (although the perpetrators need not identify themselves with this policy) or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority. Murder; massacres; dehumanization; extermination; human experimentation; extrajudicial punishments; military use of children; kidnappings; unjust imprisonment; slavery; cannibalism, torture; rape; political, racial, or religious persecution; and other inhumane acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice."

Look at the video taken by someone when the massacre happened. Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr was the first one to describe it as a "massacre" which former Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson Jr agreed.

The perpetuators of the crime mutilated the already dead SAF members. I don't wanna go to details except to say that we all aghast when we saw that video. That video is proof enough that the MILF has committed a crime against humanity.

Now, will the government please be man enough to initiate charges against the MILF, especially members of the 105th brigade?

I ask members of our civil society to take the cudgels for our fallen heroes and instead of yak-yaks, put their bravados to great use by initiating cases against the MILF in the international courts.

And soon.

Pnoy's speech on SAF massacre in Maguindanao: If the President knew then why the absence of coordination between SAF and MILF?

The Ilustrado has a point. Read the commentary at It speaks about President Benigno S. Aquino III's admission that he knew of the operations of the Special Action Force (SAF) in Maguindanao which eventually led to the massacre of 44 SAF members and injured scores of others.

The Ilustrado says, if President Aquino knew then did he communicated it to the OPAPP Teresita Deles so that she, in turn, informed their counterparts at the MILF that such an operation is to be undertaken?

Now, if President Aquino did not, then, it is his direct fault why those SAF members were summarily executed or massacred.

Meaning, Aquino, in the banner story of the Inquirer, admitted lack of coordination. So, that is direct admission from our Chief Executive that inspite of his knowledge of this operation, he chose not to coordinate this with the MILF, or even at the very level of his supposed alter-ego at the DILG, Secretary Mar Roxas.

There is nothing illegal about what the President did, since it is his discretion to remain "dark." What is most glaring to say the least is that this admission tries to bolster the MILF position that "there is no coordination, hence, patayin naming kayong lahat" stance of Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief Al Haj Murad.

The implications of the President's silence is deafening. First, it shows insincerity not of the MILF, but of the government. We're supposed to be partners and here you are not informing us that your forces will try to enter our territory to get a supposed international terrorist?

The other question is---is it the sole responsibility of the SAF commander to inform even the MILF about his operation? Isn't funny that the President tries to blame the SAF commander for the "lack of coordination", when this very same coordination should have been the responsibility of the SAF civilian higher ups, meaning, it is the responsibility of the OP or Office of the President to coordinate since this involves a higher level than the level of the SAF commander.

I don't buy the alibi made by the President that the SAF commander did not provide them with enough information or failed to coordinate. If that was the case, then, surely, it was very easy for the President or even PNP chief Alan Purisima to just "call off" the mission since the commander provided them with very scant info about the whole operation?

Why blame the SAF commander when his job is tactical? It is not his job to inform the "enemy" meaning the MILF--it is the job of the civilian authorities to coordinate with the MILF thru the International Monitoring Group (IMG).

Talagang walang magandang lusot dito ang Palasyo, tsk, tsk, tsk!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cops' death should be avenged

Policemen are symbols of state power. They are the implementors of law. Without them, chaos and discord will dominate civil society.

That is why in other societies, there is an unwritten code--you must not kill cops, otherwise, you mock your government by killing the very person tasked in implementing the law.

When you kill cops, it is like saying that we don't respect law and order.

Now, with the brutal and inhumane execution of these cops, will you still trust and respect cops? Obviously, there is an effect insofar as perception of cops is concerned.

How will you now respect a cop when rebels and ordinary criminals can just gun them down and tore them to pieces?

IN the criminal world, respect is earned. Trust too.

That's why I understand where former mayor and elite cop Alfredo Lim is coming from. He says that in his time, when someone kills a cop, his other cops immediately reply by applying the same amount of force the killer used against their colleague. And sometimes, the response is worse than the crime committed.

And then the avenging cops show the carcass err corpse of the cop killer for all the world to see--a message to everyone that do not mess up with the law.

Now, with this massacre, what kind of respect will we now accord to cops, when, as one person said, "these cops were turned into minced meat by Moro rebels."?

Time to show these monsters what is this thing called "True Justice."

Pnoy's speech on the massacre of 44 SAF members in Maguindanao

Pnoy's speech
ON the eve of an expected 4,000 mass leave planned by members of the Philippine National Police (PNP), President Benigno S. Aquino III took the courage to explain to the Nation what really transpired on the morning of Sunday, when a group of Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) swooped down on their high value targets inside an MILF camp in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

In sum, the speech is written like a report, chronologically stating what happened. However, notice the absence of the following:

1. There is some ambiguity on the issue of informing the chain of command. The only aspect that Pnoy revealed was that, there was coordination "but left the issue hanging if the coordination was "enough" or "more than enough."

2. Pnoy's statement belied the earlier statement given by his DILG secretary Mar Roxas who practically lied to the Nation when he said he did not know about the mission. This shows there is a distinct miscommunication between Pnoy and Mar Roxas.

3. Pnoy made no mention of the role reportedly taken by PNP chief Alan Purisima, who was reputedly the one who planned the mission and informed only the Executive secretary and the President directly, leaving Mar in the lurch.

4. Pnoy did not even mention the role of his DILG secretary in all of these. Why is that? In normal times, this shows the lack of trust between the President and the DILG. Likewise, it is also normal for the DILG secretary himself informing the President and not the other way around.

5. The speech is too "careful". There was deceit on the part of the MILF, and by the looks of it, the reason why they were able to massacre all these cops because the victims were made to believe that the MILF will not attack them due to the ongoing peace agreement between government and the MILF. Besides, there is at least two situations when both the PNP and the MILF cooperated with each other. Why, when the cops are after two high profile targets who are all international terrorists, the MILF acted against the cops.

Under normal circumstances, the protocol is for the commander to inform his "higher ups" before they execute.

MY questions are these:

1. Okey, the President is RIGHT when he honoured the dead. But, how about honouring their memories by giving them justice? Will the government demand reparations from the MILF?

2. What will happen to those who massacred those cops? Will they be surrendered and meted justice according to the laws of the Philippines?

3. The President did not give any answer if there is someone to be held accountable for this one. More than those sweet words, our President should have given concrete details and answers like, will he fire those leaders who took part in this botched mission?

I pity Mar Roxas. BY admitting that he's clueless as to what happened, Roxas was pictured like a baffoon, a clown, who is only there as a ceremonial head of one of the most important agencies of government.

Actually Mar Roxas has no place to go. Either way he loses.

If he admits, then, the public will demand for his head. If he feigns innocence, then, he will look like a very pitiful leader who is caught with his pants down or more hurtful is, he becomes the odd man out in the equation.

Worse, Mar was caught lying, something which an ambitious person does to protect only his reputation.

Mar Roxas statement re SAF Massacre---I did not know (WTF)

On massacre of SAF in Maguindanao: wala po akong
kinalaman dito/ Para que ka pang naging DILG
secretary, nalulusutan ka pala ng mga tao mo?
DILG secretary Mar Roxas yesterday feigned innocence on the mission of the SAF in Maguindanao which resulted to 49 deaths and scores injured.

His PR handlers are trying to isolate him from blame by effecting a story in a newspaper blaming PNP chief Alan Purisima for the botched operation. 

Hay naku! These PR guys just don't know what they're doing. They just pictured their principal in a very bad light.

Imagine, a person aspiring for the top post in 2016 just clueless on what's happening below him? The contingent sent pala by the SAF composed of more than 400 troops and here is your DILG secretary in the dark as to the deployment of such a huge number of assets and men?

He says he does not know such a huge operation against two known international terrorists? 

That shows you what will happen to us, ordinary people, if we allow such an incompetent person to occupy the highest executive post of the land---he will just allow his men to just do their own thing with him always exercising deniability.

Had it succeeded, I'm sure Mar will try to get all the credit. Of course, now that it failed disastrously and the people are delirious, even at a lynching mode, trying to find out the truth who are responsible for deploying those men to the slaughterhouse, Mar is distancing himself and projecting that he is essentially a buffoon, the head of the DILG, nalusutan ng mga sailing tauhan?

It would have been very patriotic and even inspiring for Mar to just assume responsibility and call for an independent probe on what happened. 

Just think---this early, Mar has shown such incompetency and he still wants to become president? My gulai, sobrang pangarap!

Ayokong maging presidente ang isang taong manlalaglag ng sariling mga tao para lamang mapanatili ang kanyang reputasyon.

Hey Mar, be man enough! This early, you are still managing a department, and you cannot handle it? Pano pa if you're the head of the entire bureaucracy?