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Monday, January 26, 2015

Breaking News! MILF forces massacre 30 cops in Maguindanao

In what could be the potential spoiler in peace efforts in Mindanao, reports about the clash between forces of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) have now resulted to at least thirty members of the police force dead and five casualties from the side of the rebel group.

The clash which began morning of Sunday and still rages as I write this, happened in a small barangay of Tumakalipao in the town of Mamasapano in the province of Maguindanao. Initial reports indicate that SAF forces were on a mission to arrest two known international terrorists--Zulkifli bin Hir, alias "Marwan", a Malaysian bomb expert and Basit Usman, a Jemaah Islamiya bomb making expert.

These terrorists were reportedly hiding in an MILF camp. Von Al Haq, MILF vice-chair for military affairs say their forces fired upon the government forces because the SAF violated the peace agreement by not coordinating with them. According to the peace agreement, any military or police operation has to be coordinated with the proper authorities, in this case, the AFP and the MILF before they execute it inside MILF camps or territories claimed by the rebel group.

Two things: One, why did the MILF fired upon our government forces immediately? As partners in the peace deal, the MILF should have exercised extreme caution and maximum tolerance. Those SAF members were there to effect an arrest upon known terrorists. They were carrying legitimate warrants for the arrests of the suspects.

Why did the MILF use lethal force against these cops when they were not being engaged anyway? The very fact that one of the MILF commanders, a certain "Mama" admitted that most of those killed weren't able to retaliate because they weren't carrying loads of ammunition.

If our forces were there to fight, they would have been seen carrying tons of bullets and probably even backed up by artillery or armored personnel carriers. Or, possibly even provided with air cover. That is the usual police operation.

I presume that the MILF is still not entirely convinced or probably is still not an ally for peace by the government. What is a mere hour used to negotiate or coordinate? Such operations against high value targets are good only thru stealth and surprise. Probably those SAF elements knew that those terrorists are being coddled by some MILF and BIFF elements and informing the MILF could result to another escape by these long-wanted terrorists.

The second question is---why is there BIFF elements in the same area as the MILF? Aren't they supposed to be enemies? BIFF elements reportedly fired upon government military forces sent to augment or save those cops from catastrophe. Soldiers weren't able to save much lives because they were met with lethal force by the Muslim rebel group.

I am extremely worried that this incident would spark into a bigger war very soon. The Senate is expected to talk about the Bangsamoro Basic Law today, Monday. What happens is anybody's guess.

I am greatly displeased with the way the MILF conducted themselves. Pious Muslims always honour their word, their commitments. Those who do not, lie, and lying is a grievous sin against Allah SWT. Mujaheddins like those of the MILF know this. Violence or killing one person is the last resort. It is always best to argue one's side against another, especially a disbeliever. Killing especially a hapless or defenceless person is not acceptable to Islam.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Top 10 Things Why MTRCB should bar Filipinos from watching the Senate probe on Binay

These are the Top 10 Things Why MTCRCB should bar Filipinos from watching the live telecast of the Senate sub-committee of the Blue Ribbon on the alleged corruption of Vice president Jejomar Binay.

1. Probe perpetuates Toilet humor. MTRCB should stop the telecast because Filipinos are now being fed with toilet humour. Imagine, Filipinos are being fed information from a person who admitted committing impropriety already yet remains scot-free and government even financing his daily life as a witness? Is that toilet humour or not?

2. Probe teaches kids to commit crimes and when push comes to shove, blames it to another just because it benefits the political plans of another. The primary witness now says he did not get any cent from the deal when in truth and in fact, he admits getting commissions from every single deal he closes for his principals.

3. Kids learn to disrespect women. Poor Atty. Berberabe, president of Pagibig! One of the inquisitors, err Senators, by the name of Antonio Trillanes IV tried to bully her into admitting what he wants to hear---that Berberabe tried to accommodate the imagined requests of the Vice president to use Pagibig funds for commercials. Berberabe says this is entirely not true and false, but Trillianes rudely interrupted her. So much for PMA'ers being officers AND GENTLEMEN.

4. Soldiers learn Machievelli the wrong way. A former soldier, Trillanes considers what he is doing right now as his "mission", so much so that he will even bully a lady like Berberabe just to elicit things which he and his handlers want to hear. When you're in a "mission", do everything, even bully people into submission. That's the Trillanes way.

5. People learn that in order to escape prosecution, try to create an image of being a "rat". Mercado says "I did this" and " I entered into this" and " I signed this deal" before the very throng of our distinguished Senators and the eventual conclusion---he's sinless and just being honest.

6. People learn the dictum " direct admission is the best evidence" the wrong way, again! Trillanes said "direct admission is the best evidence". Then, why is it that Mercado continues to remain scot-free even if he admitted entering, cooking and signing the alleged BSP deal?

7. People see Hitler each and every time. This probe continues to contribute towards the slide of popularity and trust of the people behind the Senate as an institution. They even see Hitler every single time someone from the inquisitors' panel, err Senator's panel asks questions.

8. Kids learn that politics is the art of realising make-believe. Most of Mercado's accusations fell by the wayside, and people are not convinced. How would you be convinced when each and every time he opens his mouth, he confesses to the sins and for him to escape prosecution, blames another for his crimes even though there is no evidence to back his "testimonies" and "admissions"? Mercado weaves a "make-believe" scenario with the senators' wide eyed and trying to contribute their own "make-believes" to make everything, real.

9. Expert Filipino weavers learn weaving the wrong way...for the third time! Men behind Mercado and obviously, the inquisitors, err Senators, are trying to weave a scary fairy-tale. They want us to believe that the VP profited from a so-called overpriced building even if there is no evidence to support the claim and inspite of testimonies countering such accusations. They want us to believe that Binay had a hand and benefitted from the BSP deal when already the BSP and Alphaland already said nothing irregular happened. They want us to believe that Mercado was an "angel" and got nothing out of the deal when Alphaland executives told the panel that Mercado tried to convince them to part with something in exchange for his "silence". Why is it that the Senate refuses to begin a probe into Mercado's alleged attempts to get "monies" in exchange for his "silence"?

10. Kids are being taught that if you are poor, you are not expected to get rich. Suspicions, suspicions, suspicions! Try to study all of these things and you"ll arrive at one definitive conclusion--the suspicion that the reason why the Binays got rich is only thru corruption.

Mar is rich because he was born rich. Grace Poe cannot be suspected of getting rich because she was born into it. Chiz, the same, without questioning how in the world did his father got his millions serving a dictator.

It is impossible for the Cayetanos to steal monies because they are rich, forget that Belle Corp scam and that land deal or those deals involving a Cayetano and an Enrile.

Fact is, it is impossible for all members of the Hyatt 10 or the Cabinet to get rich because every single one is, at best, a scion of a traditionally rich family or an inheritor of the political heritage of one's father or grandfather.

IN the case of VP Binay, he is not expected to become a millionaire because for all his life, he was just a mayor. If you're a mayor and you came from the poorest of the poor, where did you get your millions?

This same thinking affected former senator Manny Villar who also worked his way up from being a poor Tondo boy to become the country's richest real estate developer.

Manny Pacquiao suffers the same despicable treatment when he bought a property at the Forbes. Manny Pangilinan or MVP also encountered the same treatment from Manila's alta sociedad.

Other poor people who worked their way into wealth due to their perseverance, strong will, hard work and intelligence like Jose Acuzar and the rest of the throng are silently being talked about in Manila's social circles because the traditional rich cannot believe for themselves that such poor men can actually eclipse them in the financial department.

The same thing--how can a poor guy such as Binay become president? His only claim to fame is being a human rights lawyer.

This cono attitude harks back to the colonial era when Indios were vilified and looked upon with disdain by both the Insulares and the Peninsulares.

Obviously, this same racist bunch exists in our society today.

10 Good Things Which Will Happen in a Mar presidency

Top ten Good Things which will happen if Mar wins the presidency

1. Free tickets to Araneta centre
2. Sugar prices will go down.
3. There will be more Araneta centres because the Araneta family will be able to recover those disputed land.
4. Food prices will go up--a good thing for restaurant owners.
5. Ratio of crude oil to biodiesel from sugarcane will increase--good for environmentalists.
6. Govt saves millions because Mar will go around town riding a motorbike.
7. Free helmets, anyone?
8. A 10 kilo sack of onions will just feel like 1 kilo when carried
9. Korina Sanchez will tape her Rated K episodes inside Malacanan
10. More lives will be lost during disasters helping government's population program!

Foreigners linked to mining firm part of alleged Pope Francis kill plot?

Several months ago, monies worth US$ 6 million went missing from the coffers of a mining firm in the Philippines (to protect the identities of the whistleblowers and in respect to the on-going probe by Philippine authorities, name of the firm is being withheld here.).

A local partner who got wind of the sale, began to sniff around. He asked the company's auditors who then discovered the amounts of the missing sale in their company financial statements. The fact was--the sale was unreported. Yet, several documents were secured and prove that the sale was indeed consummated.

Sensing something wrong, the local partner then asked their foreign counterparts for a drink. During the socials, the local partner managed to ask the foreigners where they deposited the monies.

In a state of inebriation, one of the foreigners admitted sending some monies to a country known as a haven of terrorist activities. Instead of being remitted back to the Philippines, the monies were deposited to an account in Singapore (where the shell company is reportedly based) which were then sent or remitted to various locations.

The local partner got scared. A heated argument then began within the company. One of the foreigners threatened the local partners with bodily harm. The foreigner even bragged that he, and his group are affiliated with Dawood Ibrahim, a known Al Qaeda leader. The Dawood group is reportedly linked with another mining firm based in India.

A series of letter correspondences were sent to the alleged headquarters of the firm in Singapore. These got unanswered. The local partners had no choice but file criminal charges against their foreign counterparts, fearful that they are just being used as local dummies in this clear case of money laundering.

Worse, inspite of the stoppage of mining operations, monies still continue to be deposited in Philippine accounts and withdrawn all at the same day. A very small amount of monies are just "banked" in the Philippines to pay off some obligations, but a huge chunk of these financial obligations which now run in the millions of pesos, remains unpaid.

As defense, the group hired a big time law firm to ensure that their activities are protected in the Philippines. They even floated the idea that all of these are just part of a corporate dispute or inter-company rivalry, when, in truth and in fact, the dispute only began when the foreign group failed to account for the missing US$ 6 million funds!

The local partners also discovered that the foreign group managed to change the ownership structure of the firm, with about 92% of the firm's ownership owned by a foreigner, clearly a violation of Philippine securities law.

A lawyer of the local partner began a series of coordination with intelligence agencies. The US homeland security got wind of the information and interviewed one of the whistleblowers.

The lawyer informed Malacanan of the alleged terrorist and money laundering activities of the group in a letter sent to Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr last January 12.

Question---with all these things happening, did the Bureau of Immigration acted? yes, they did. They sent one foreigner home but curiously, continues to entertain the petition of another one against deportation. They even found one guiltless, inspite of pending criminal and civil cases.

A source says the two remaining foreigners have a very strong backer---a big businessman based in Makati city. This businessman is reportedly funding the activities of the group, mainly for both religious and personal reasons. This businessman is the head of a big foreign funding group in the Philippines and counts as clients and friends from high places.

This explains why, inspite of a lack of a permanent visa and of the absence of any working permit, the two foreigners continue to stay and work in the Philippines as consultants. These are clear violations of Philippine immigration laws of which, unfortunately, remain out of the radar screens of the immigration agency here in the Philippines.

Immigration laws are very clear and subject to very simple interpretation---a foreigner who violates the laws of the Philippines is subject to investigation and possible deportation.

Probably the immigration bureau remains convinced that this is all an intra-corporate dispute, which essentially, it is. They however, failed to ask why is there such a dispute? Because these foreigners failed to account where the proceeds of the alleged sale went and local partners are now fearing for their lives because two of these foreigners admitted having links with an international threat group!

I'll write another update about this soon.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mar Roxas, official LP bet as Prexy: 2016 elections and possible new alliances and breaking up of traditional political parties

" O, pag presidente ka na ah, kalimutan mong
nagkaroon ng DAP, okey? DAPat makalimutan
para di ako malagay sa kangkungan, gets mo?
Ayokong maging "like teacher, like student"
Several sources revealed what has been expected a very long time ago---the possible anointment of DILG secretary Mar Roxas as the administration's candidate. Roxas is a member of the Liberal party and obviously, the party's "sentimental" choice, according to Senate president Franklin Drilon. This was confirmed by House speaker Sonny Belmonte who says that, as of the moment, Roxas is the party's "best bet." Belmonte, however, defers to the President who remains the party's chairman emeritus.

Roxas is expected to be proclaimed as the top choice come March which obviously, is again expected since it will give him sufficient time to campaign. As I said a very long time ago, election year starts this month and ends on the last week of April 2016. Fact is, voters traditionally make their final choice of their candidates come February and there is a very small number of voters who change their choices during the formal campaign period (February-April).

What became of Grace Poe, who was said to be one of the choices of the administration? Seems like negotiations fell thru and Poe remains with her "sentimental choice" as a party, which is, the opposition.

How about this purported plan of using her as a Binay counterfoil, positioning her as a presidential bet first, to break the opposition ranks, and eventually, plan for her alliance with the Liberal party as vice presidential?

It seems that this will not happen. These insidious brains behind the LP and the administration implemented a strategy called "using one's enemy as an enemy of my main enemy."

Poe's handlers know that she is just being used by the administration to destroy the traditional mass base of Binay. Poe and Binay share the same constituency. However, what they failed to realise is that Poe's constituency is literally only on paper, not as real as that of Binay's.

Binay has the machinery--Poe does not. In the 2010 elections, Poe relied on the machinery of Escudero and of UNA. She was actually a choice of Team Pnoy, of Estrada's UNA, even of the NP.

Besides, let me refresh your memories and remind everyone that the Comelec initially pronounced her getting 20 million votes (which is more than the expected figure of votes cast) which eventually whittled down to 16 million in the final tally.

How about the view that the LP will use former president Joseph Estrada as another casa for opposition disunity?

Estrada is being urged not by well-meaning friends, but by forces close to the administration to be the cause of opposition disunity. Unknown to these people, Estrada is a very astute and very intelligent politician. He knows the character of people. He knows the game very well.

He will pro