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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why many people love to see Rody Duterte as President--and why Karen Davila makes a face

I remember Karen Davila doing a face when she remembered Rody Duterte admitting to her that he already killed several people, mostly criminals. Duterte is a petty government official. And like what happened to former Puerto Princesa Mayor Hagedorn, Duterte is enjoying nation-wide popularity because of what he did in Davao.

I don't blame Davila for making a face when she heard what Duterte said. Davila represents a small segment of the population with a perfumed view about their own country. They think this country is a mini reproduction of the United States, with all its Iberian trimmings. Like some people I know, the Philippines to them is created to remind them of California or New York--that explains why several sections of Metro Manila particularly those with malls, look at least like Sunset boulevard or a poor section of Main avenue.

But hard as we try to re-create the US in our communities, the funny thing is there is at least one or two things that sprout out that shows us where we really are---we live in an Asian country with its fine share of Asian capitalist problems. What is most constant really is--everywhere you go, you actually see the ugly face of poverty staring right through you---a permanent fixture, so to speak, of this system of over accumulation, of over production.

And where poverty exists, other societal problems seem to follow it like prostitution, petty thievery and of course, drug addiction. Like viruses, these problems spread like crazy and affects even ordinary citizens and their families.

But of course, Davila does not see how LA cops deal with both petty and hardened criminals. She does not read tabloids, for it does not feel like velvet to the touch, the way a Metro or a Forbes mag does. She loves the Don Johnson types and avoids seeing the likes of a Dirty Harry or a Magnum P.I.

This is exactly the problem why the likes of a Duterte is an unacceptable candidate for people like Davila and why 36 or even as high as 45% of voters love to go to the polls right now and shade the circle opposite the Davaoeno's name on it. What Davila types like are those who promise us nothing

Davila sees things in the comforts of her high rise condo, and does not feel the daily struggles of people especially those in Davao who not just see, hear and even touch the slimmy sludge of capitalist-bred crime and poverty---sometimes, they even drink it.

Ordinary people are being victimized by the very system which promises to give them safety and a good life. And when crime becomes a part of your life, forced upon you by the socio-economic circumstance you find yourself in, and even if you're just an innocent victim, you can't avoid not liking a Duterte who has the wherewithal standing up against these parasites that feed upon the excesses of the system.

For many, Duterte is an exception to the general impression of local politicians themselves involved or dip their hands unto the brewing crime pot. That explains why Duterte is assuming a near mythical status as we speak because he lives a life contrary to the perfumed ways of Davila's friends.

Why do we need a Duterte in this day and age? Duterte is a fine counterforce against these Oligarchs who continually trample our rights and rob us of our monies. Time to tame these abusive Oligarchs.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Grace Poe is really NOT a natural-born Filipino

Does the phrase "natural born" has any legal meaning at all? Wex legal dictionary defines "natural born" as "A phrase denoting one of the requirements for becoming President or Vice-President of the United States.  Anyone born after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 must be a "natural born Citizen" of the United States to constitutionally fill the office of President or Vice-President.  See U.S. Const. art. II, § 1; id. at amend. XII.

Some debate exists as to the meaning of this phrase.  Consensus exists that anyone born on U.S. soil is a "natural born Citizen."  One may also be a "natural born Citizen" if, despite a birth on foreign soil, U.S. citizenship immediately passes from the person's parents."

Such restrictive term exists in the US constitution. Aside from the other constitutional requirements, a person running for the Presidency or the Vice presidency should also be a "natural born" citizen. In an article written by Neal Katyal and Paul Clement, "On the meaning of natural born citizen," published at the Harvard Law Review Forum, we learned that the phrase was included by the founding fathers of the US constitution to discourage foreigners from entertaining thoughts of running for the presidential post:

As recounted by Justice Joseph Story in his famous Commentaries on the Constitution, the purpose of the natural born Citizen clause was thus to “cut[] off all chances for ambitious foreigners, who might otherwise be intriguing for the office; and interpose[] a barrier against those corrupt interferences of foreign governments in executive elections.”

In many instances, the US considers anyone born within their jurisdiction as "natural-born" following the principle of jus soli. However, the US also considers those born of American parents abroad as still natural born, following the bloodline of the parents, hence adhering to the principle of jus sanguinis.

Black's Law Dictionary (9th Edition) defines "Natural Born Citizen" as "A person born within the jurisdiction of a national government." Since our jurisdiction follows the US, we may definitely say that the status of being "natural born" is granted to those persons who do not need to do anything or do not need to go thru a process before assuming or attaining citizenship.

Now, let me say that the phrase "natural born" does not connote citizenship--it connotes a status. In jurisdictions where the jus sanguinis principle is respected and recognized, it follows that to be "natural-born", one needs to have parents with at least one of them, a Filipino citizen.

In the case of Poe, it is clearly uncertain if she had Filipino parents, therefore, the "natural-born" status cannot be ascribed to her, because, again, our jurisdiction clearly follows the jus sanguinis principle. Meaning, she may have been born here, but statutes do not automatically grants her the status of "natural born" being silent as to the real citizenship of her parents.

So, then, if we now recognize Grace Poe as a Filipino citizen, yet, not natural-born, does it follow that there are citizens right now who are not natural-born? Yes, those who need to do or to undergo a process before they are granted a status, and that status is what we call "naturalized".

Hence, in the case of Grace Poe-Llamanzares, she was born here but since the citizenship of her parents were unknown, she becomes a Filipino citizen but not natural born. When her birth certificate was accomplished, meaning the foundling certificate, Grace automatically by virtue of adoption and thru a court proceeding, became a naturalized Filipino citizen.

Now, here comes the complication.

Poe-Llamanzares went to the states and got married. She was then recommended by her natural-born American husband for naturalisation. The US government eventually granted her such shortly after she swore allegiance to the American flag. What she lost was not her being "natural-born", but her status as a Filipino citizen of "not natural born".

When she became a US citizen, Grace Poe-Llamanzares altogether lost all Filipino citizenship. She is not a citizen anymore of the Philippines, but of the US. SO, this is not a simple case of someone losing her being a "natural-born" Filipino citizen, oh no. This is a principle of allegiance already, which means someone's fidelity or fealty to a country, a nation.

This, then becomes, from a question of fact, to a question of law, and not just a legal question but possibly a justiciable political question, something I fear would not be resolved by just a mere decision by the Supreme Court, and the Court can even say that it is not within their jurisdiction to solve a purely justiciable political question.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Rody Duterte is gunning for the presidency

Rody Duterte is running. And I can hear many people cheering and shouting to their heart’s content.

Duterte, undeniably, is a very strong candidate. He has a very wide following in the Mindanao and the Visayas and is quite well known in metropolitan cities.  His candidacy would cut a swath across all other bases’ of other candidates, and would eventually weaken others, particularly Mar Roxas’ and Grace Poe’s mass bases. This will likewise eat some segments of Binay’s strong and stable mass base.

Duterte’s shoot at the top is likened to Pnoy’s trajectory last 2010, with Grace Poe-Llamanzares assuming what Manny Villar was at that time.

The thing here, Poe is reputedly the strongest for now, and many expect her popularity to wane a little further down South as the campaign progresses. Like what NPR predicted here, the public fascination about Poe-Llamanzares has reached its peak with the Pulse Asia survey, and is expected to plateau in the next few weeks, not if she can address the monumental issues bedeviling her right now.

Duterte’s entry into the game would strengthen the waning campaign of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. Cayetano needed a great push and Duterte’s endorsement of his vice presidential candidacy would surely impact on his ratings.

Truthfully, Cayetano is a better candidate than Escudero (who remains no. 1 in the surveys) and Bongbong Marcos.  However, Cayetano needs a little fine tuning in his communications. He need not assume an Alpha Male stance since Duterte would already fill this role.

He needs to position himself like his father---human rights and public interest advocate. He needs this to differentiate him from Bongbong who is drum beating his loyalists, Escudero (who is positioning himself as a reformer) and Trillianes who is not entirely sure how he wants to project himself.

The thing is---most voters are female and if Poe-Llamanzares communication handlers are okey, then, the next thing that they need to do is sustain the momentum. However, time is against them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SET does a Pontius Pilate: paves way for Solomonic decision before Supreme Court

SET decision voted like Caesar did--the body washed it hands and threw the case to another body, which it believes to be more judicious than any other, even compared to itself. It looks like a victory, but I know for a fact that Mrs. Llamanzares' lawyers are now very, very nervous. Everyone expected the SET to rule that way because it is still peopled with members with political ties with the accused. The Supreme Court in the past already warned the SET for behaving in a political way and what this decision meant was the Tribunal again, did it.

Three justices and one Senator believed that Senator Grace Poe is not a natural-born Filipino citizen while five Senators—meaning, colleagues of Grace Poe—voted in her favor. The vote is expected. Why?

The case filed is a quo warranto case. Had the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) voted based on constitutional reasons, the decision would have adverse effects on the Senate because it would result to an automatic loss of one member which would affect voting and render the Upper House inutile. Major legislation like the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which this administration is pushing for, would be affected. This administration needs Poe’s vote.

That explains the vote—it was a vote to preserve the Senate ranks, and never about the core issue which is to resolve the contentious issue of Poe’s citizenship. So, it is too early for Poe and her supporters to celebrate because the vote and the decision meant nothing. It is still not part of the “law of the land”, and therefore, the Comelec cannot be quick to claim that the decision could affect the pending cases filed before the poll body on the disqualification cases against Poe.

However, the Comelec has what the law calls “ moto propio” powers which gave it the leeway to decide cases before it, in whatever way it deems proper. If the Comelec chooses to arbitrarily use the SET decision as a basis for dismissing these pending cases, then, it would actually be disastrous for Poe in the end because every single one of these cases would eventually go to the Supreme Court.

The fact is, even the petitioner in the SET case, Rizalito David already gave us an inkling of what he’ll do---he will not file an appeal before the SET and instead, go straight to the Supreme Court as a redress. So, the ball will now be thrown at the lap of the Justices of the Supreme Court who will now decide this issue the way it is supposed to be treated—based on law and the Constitution.

These disqualification cases filed against Poe are  "test cases." Why? It will test how resilient and how immune our Institutions are from the influence of Politics. Voting here does not follow political lines, as what I believe.

The thing going against the petitioners really is when the six Justices appointed by President Aquino vote not according to their legal interpretation but thru political accommodation. It could happen. However, I have full faith that in the end, this issue would be resolved based on the spirit of the law, and not the Spirit of partisanship.

Unknown to Poe and her supporters---a dark cloud has already been cast above her and it would be extremely difficult for her to exorcise this cloud even if she wins this presidency. The issue has stuck to her like glue. Her popularity is not enough to just make this issue go away. It will haunt her until voting day, and even beyond, if she wins.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A critique of political propaganda of Mar Roxas, Binay, and Grace Poe

Why is it that Mar Roxas is explaining his concept of governance in his political ad? Because deep in his heart, Mar knows that he still does not know what good governance really is. He has been in government since the time of Fidel Valdes Ramos yet here he goes, trying to explain his concept of governance. That shows you his weakness--Mar Roxas is neither a performer nor a visionary leader. Instead of telling us his vision, Roxas spends 30 seconds trying to convince us that he knows how to govern this country, which, we already know, he does not.

Tell me---for the years he spent as a technocrat, do you even remember just one act, or just one law that benefitted us and is attributed to Roxas?

Digressing from what Roxas did, Vice president Jejomar Binay tried to overly portray his being a member of the mass of impoverished people by telling us, that hey, at one point in his life, he, like us, suffered seeing his mother die, due to lack of monies to spend for medication. The abrupt ending, which actually shows a very bad editing, left the imagination wandering--so that explains why Binay is trying to steal from us--because he does not want anymore to experience not having tons of monies at his disposal? Binay wants to be a member of the elite because of his childhood experience. So, that's why he is stealing and stealing big? Had the producers thought of including a statement such as " Dahil sa nangyari sa kanya, at sa paghahangad niyang huwag matulad ang ibang kababayan niya sa Makati, inilunsad ni Binay ang libreng gamutan at gamot sa Makati. Ngayon, wala nang mamamatay dahil walang pantustos sa medikasyon."



Just take a look at her ad. She wants to elicit an emotional connexion but instead of providing us with solutions, Grace Poe's role is simply for us to just feel the suffering without goading us to unite and trounce the Oligarchs who are creating such monumental social problems and ills.

Hay naku. Wala na ba talagang iba??? Kung wala nang iba, maybe its time for us to consider re-calibrating our History and begin thinking of establishing a Council of State instead of letting our affairs be managed by these people.

Or, maybe, just maybe, among the three, I think the most viable is still or probably is Binay.

Possible Global Wars and the 2016 Philippine Elections

Low intensity conflicts are happening all around us, and with it, some say, the possibility of a third world war breaking out. Countries, especially those members of APEC, are discussing right now because they know that the capitalist system is now encountering a serious crisis of over production. It has manifested with China calibrating its monetary system just to curb the acceleration of surplus which is simply affecting profits. Over accumulation is presenting a new problem--that of falling profits and surplus labor. More and more workers are losing their jobs and with it, their capacities to consume what has been produced. This contradiction is sure to break out very soon and is sure to manifest itself thru conflicts.

The problem of capitalism as a mode of production is it is inherently destructive by nature. Because the capitalist created a massive army of laborers, transforming producers into wage earners, the system wittingly or unwittingly tied millions of families to poverty. Millions of families now depend on factories to get their wages in the form of currencies which they exchange for essentials. For wage earners to keep on getting their salaries, factories has to keep on producing, and firms do produce until they reach over accumulation. What this leads to is what we call surplus value.

Meaning, firms do not produce only on what the market needs---it over produces because the capitalist needs to pay the monthly salaries of his workers. Realizing this, modern capitalists tried to correct the situation thru contra actualisation. What this means is that massive armies of laborers are kept as a reserve army only called upon when they are needed. This massive number is now lumped together as poverty statistics of government. And it keeps on rising.

With dwindling resources, and falling profits, and lack of land, there is no way out for these individuals. Government tries to encourage them to revert into producers, assuming the role of "entrepreneurs" either small or medium-size. However, what observers notice is the fact that the rise of entrepreneurs does not necessarily correlate with the fall of the number of impoverished families because those who were convinced to enter the market as small capitalists, encounter difficulties such as small markets. With small markets come small profits, and with profits unable to finance monthly living standards, families enter a state of perpetual poverty.

The underdevelopment of infrastructure does not help deter this crisis. The solution really is for these reserve army to revert into producers, yet because the system of governance does not practice centralised planning, the system does not know how many are relegated to the wayside.

The solution really is simple--change the mode of production. Yet, this requires a heightening of tensions, of these contradictions leading to low intensity conflicts. However, the small number of Oligarchs who control the means of production--surely--they will not, no never, give up their condition and instead will resort to wealth protection by mobilising their political allies and their armed security agencies.

This explains why those who are running right now for the Chief Executive posts are all being backed by Big Business. These candidates are there to protect the wealth of the Oligarchs.

On ISIS attacks: Third World War in the offing?

Is a 3rd World War possible in the near future? Will we see an outbreak of religious sectarian violence happening all across the globe? And will it be ISIS, a global terror network and the non-Islamic states?

Yes, there is a strong possibility of a third world war; however, I do not believe that peoples around the world would actually fight due to religious bigotry, oh no. The era where Christians fought the Muslims would never repeat itself again because religious passions are not as high to justify people killing other people just in the name of religion.

A global war is sure to come because the entire global capitalist system is encountering a crisis. And this crisis happens in cycles independent of economic laws.

Capitalism is encountering a metastasis of crises due to overproduction. The world is producing so much surplus and with it surplus labor. Unemployment continues to rise, leading to a lower state of life among billions of families around the world. Instead of creating a situation where wealth is evenly distributed amongst the people, what is happening is a more intense concentration of wealth and control of resources by a few families and individuals now managing multinational corporations.

The situation now is there is a fast rising diminution of natural resources, made worse by global warming. As resources dwindle, states scamper to look for it in very limited space, leading to a rise in prices of goods and commodities produced.

Apologists of capitalism tried to find solutions through globalization. By expanding markets, capitalists hope to cure the problem of overproduction. What happens is the speed of production does not correlate with the speed of distribution, leading to an endless stockpile of useless goods all around the globe. Over accumulation of surplus translates to massive surplus values, leading to losses both in labor and capital.

Hence, crises in falling profits happen as a direct consequence of over-production. Symptoms of this global crisis are now being felt by industrialised countries. And the solution? Wars.

In the past, how the world resolved this contradiction between over-accumulation and the lack of markets is simply conflicts between and among countries. It is not because the world is entering a period when production simply cannot meet demand--what we are entering into is a phase of over production with lesser capacity to consume due to the consequence of lower wages. In the past, there was never a problem such as this because people create products upon need or necessity. With the advent of capitalism, especially monopoly capitalism, over production is a natural feature of capitalism because of the desire to convert capital into fantabulous profits.

With more countries being left behind, what occurs is the creation of such groups as ISIS. ISIS feeds on the exploitation and the suffering of people living in underdeveloped countries and even industrialised ones encountering a financial crisis.

What ISIS represents and probably is fighting for is a change in the mode of production. The group is waging wars and occupying states mainly motivated by controlling the means of production of those states and change the mode of production. Meaning, ISIS is not fighting as a religious group--it is assuming a revolutionary character motivated by the belief that Islam, which is a way of life, is not compatible with and cannot exist  under a capitalist mode of production.

Which means, if a third world war does break out, it will do so because the cyclical character of crises in every capitalist system continues to produce massive contradictions between productive forces and the few monopoly capitalists which can only be resolved thru armed conflict and loss of millions of lives.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Terrorism Not the Way of Islam

Pope Francis and the rest of the world were shocked when terrorists hit at seven points in the City of Paris, killing in the process several people and injuring hundreds. The terror group, ISIS, has claimed responsibility.

This act of ISIS is condemnable because it targets innocents, people who are themselves, victims of a vicious system called Capitalism. The Noble Qu'ran is replete with Surahs which prohibit the killing of the innocents. It violates the basic and fundamental belief that all life is from Allah SWT, and only Allah SWT has the right to take it, based on Allah's WILL alone.

Such terror acts are not encouraged by the True Believers of Islam because it is clear from the teachings of ALLAH SWT thru the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Mujaheddins or the True and Pious Believers conform to a strict Code of Discipline and even in those times of the Prophet, no one takes his own life in furtherance of Islam. Likewise, armed engagement is only between the Pious and the Unbelievers, yet, even the time of engagement and the place of engagement are always determined by both camps, not this when attacks are at random and undertaken with stealth.

There is no justification on terrorism. Besides, what the Noble Qu'ran actually promotes is the conversion of souls, from unbelief to worship of the One True God. How then can ISIS be consistent with Islam when it promotes an alternative mode of struggle, a mode that is definitely different from the ones prescribed by ALLAH SWT thru the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Anyway, let these people or those who support and believe ISIS be illuminated by the knowledge that what they are doing are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Due to the overzealousness of those who want nothing but hasten the Day of Judgement, these things occur. Do they not realize that their acts show not adherence to Faith, but, impatience and a thinking that betrays their confessions of strong faith with ALLAH SWT?

The Day of Judgement will come. It is not a promise but a certainty. According to the Noble Qu'ran, it is ALLAH SWT servant Who will descend from the heavens and lead the Pious to conquer the unbelievers and those who trample Islam. Those who do terror acts do it because they are impatient. Impatience show unbelief in the Qu'ran. When you hold full faith in the correctness of Islam as the religion of the One True God, what you'll do is not kill some innocents out there---you propagate the Message so that others may embrace Islam and themselves, be saved from eternal damnation. Is this not the main Message and the main duty of every believer?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Necro capitalist nature of Philippine society could lead to Worker's Revolution in 2016

Philippine society is neither semi-colonial or semi-industrial--it is necro-capitalist. The obviously necrocapitalist ways of the Oligarchs are creating a revolutionary condition, that is now being exacerbated by government's inability or incompetence in providing good public service, which is sure to lead to a break in the next few months. Government statistics show a rising number of unemployed and a growing figure of underemployed during a time of declining standard of living. Such a condition is perfect for a workers' revolt. And with the presidential elections coming, the uncertainties keep on increasing.

Workers and non-workers, assume readiness.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Makabayan Bloc is bogus Socialists--instead of being Nationalists, they are Makapilis

I understand now why Maoism will not succeed here in the Philippines---its leaders are phoneys and those who profess obeyance to its precepts are already compromised and they already enjoyed their statuses as pawns of the Oligarchs.

Take for example this Makabayan bloc. They are formally endorsing a pretender Grace Poe-Llamanzares for reportedly adhering to their platform of government. And they have allowed themselves to be prostituted by a false and un-scientific miss-mash of a political party called "Partido Galing at Puso" or loosely transliterated as "Party of the Skilled and with Heart"

Skilled of what? Skilled in kowtowing to China? Skilled in fooling the people and raising their hopes?

Hindi pa ba natuto ang Kaliwa? Kung kailan kailangan nilang maging indyependenteng pwersa para sa pagbabago, hinayaan nilang gamitin nina Chiz Escudero at Grace Poe ang kanilang mga organisasyon upang bigyang laman ang isang hungkag na platapormang puros motherhood statements.

Tanda ito ng pagbagsak ng Re-Affirmist dito sa ating bansa. Patunay din ito na ang mga datihang kasapi ng pangkating ito ay mahilig sa pagsamba sa mga personalidad. Kung dati, ang sentro ng kulto ay si Joma Sison, ngayon naman si Grace Poe. Mukhang nahatak at nasobrahan ng kanonoood ng mga pelikula ni FPJ ang mga miyembro ng Makabayan bloc at itinuturing nilang tama ang kanilang alyansa kina Poe at Escudero.

Ngayon lamang ako nakarinig ng rason na " matagal na naming kakilala at kasama sa Kongreso si Escudero" kaya naman ginawang rason ito sa pakikipag alyansa. Syentipiko ba ito?

Mukhang hindi na kumikilos bilang isang lehitimong Sosyalistang partido ang mga miyembro ng Makabayan bloc. Tunay na nga silang naging Makapili---kanila nang inabandona ang landas ng pakikibaka at ngayon, umaakto na sila batay sa kanilang uring pinanggalingan.

Hindi talaga magtatagumpay ang pakikibaka dito sa Pilipinas hanggat ang mga umaaktong pinuno o lider ng kilusan ay mga burgis at mga pekeng Sosyalista.


AT (632)7798417

On Grace Poe's DQ case defense--a lost cause

" Grace Poe-Llamanzares, mabigat dalhin," shares one of my friends, a financier of the presumptuous presidential candidate, Grace Natividad Militar a.k.a. Grace Poe-Llamanzares. Uncertainty now clouds Grace Poe's presidential campaign. And her PR handlers are working overtime just so the public does not realize this.

Don't underestimate the Filipino voter. Don't even mock us. Everyone knows of Poe-Llamanzares' predicament, and what her PR handlers do not know is that the complexion of this campaign has already changed. Yes, it is now a sticky issue. And it would stick to her until the very end. 

It is just a waste of time spending time for her demise---Grace Poe-Llamanzares' defense is a lost cause. She is now becoming a very threat to her own viability as a candidate. Because the more she defends herself, the more she exposes herself for nasty comments. 

One thing--Grace Poe-Llamanzares, in previous months, tried very hard to convince us that everything is fine, and her defense is strong because she will present DNA evidence of her being a Filipino. Now, this defense has crumbled. 

Grace Poe-Llamanzares just admitted it in the DZMM interview that the efforts of her legal team for her to submit a DNA evidence to finally resolve the disqualification cases against her, turned out to be "negative." What the Poe camp is trying to tell us is that Poe is abandoning the submission of a DNA report to buttress her claim that she is a natural-born Filipino citizen.

So now, after several weeks of her election lawyer, George Garcia, going around town announcing that they are CONFIDENT that that DNA report would put to rest questions about her true status, here comes the principal dousing water off Garcia's propaganda, and telling everyone that they are not submitting any DNA report afterall.

That explains why her legal team is now employing dilatory tactics, because they now recognize that they have a weak case. Is Grace Poe-Llamanzares laying the ground work for her eventual pullout of the race?

I pity Grace Poe. She does not realize that she is now slowly being dragged down by this case. Of course, her handlers especially those who handle her PR, are trying very hard to soften the blow, and project a brave front for Grace, but Grace Poe herself, if you listen to her voice, seems resigned to her eventual loss. 

The fact is, Poe-Llamanzares' PR handlers are just wasting her monies because the other camp, the camp of Lito David, I heard, is not even paying media and is not even campaigning against her. David's camp does not have money, plain and simple, for a costly media war. Yet, David is winning.

The reason really is simple---David's camp is just waiting for the death knell which he expects to happen very soon. Why kick a dead horse? Or why even lift a finger against someone whose fates have already been decided by the gods? The strength of David's arguments have stuck, like sticky rice, in the palate of our justices, and no amount of propaganda is enough to erase this.

Grace Poe and her friends do not realize that her entire life, not just her political front, is at stake here. Sometimes, Poe-Llamanzares is still adamant that her case is similar to the case encountered by her father, FPJ. That is crap.

FPJ's case is a simple citizenship issue, while hers is all about her true status as a "natural-born" Filipino citizen, a requirement by the 1987 Constitution for those who want to run as president. Mrs. Llamanzares wants to project that she is being bullied by the same man (Justice Antonio Carpio) who previously issued a contrary opinion regarding FPJ's citizenship case. This is again, crap.

As they say, those whom the gods wanted destroyed, they first make them crazy.

For the benefit of Grace Poe-Llamanzares, she should wake up from all these fantasy, and assess her situation before it is too late.

Is Grace Poe-Llamanzares prepared to lose EVERYTHING, every single thing she had worked for all these years? Are her financiers ready to also lose theirs?

What her lawyers are hoping for is to drag this case up to May when they will just pray for a win, a miracle win, perhaps to erase these cases from the courts.

Lawyer Macalintal and George Garcia already publicly announced their strategy on how to extricate Grace Poe-Llamanzares from this legal rut---wait for the elections. If she wins, she will definitely file a manifestation asking these courts to erase all these charges because the people have already spoken. That is a fat chance.

Or should I say, a very presumptuous and costly, gamble.