Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lalaban tayo!

Kalimutan ang nakaraan. Yan ang nais ng pamahalaang ito na gawin natin. Kalimutan ang mapapait na nakaraan lalo na yaong pinatalsik si dating pangulong Marcos sa kapangyarihan. Kalimutan natin ang mga pagnanakaw, ang mga pagpatay at ang mga pang-aabusong ginawa ng pamahalaan noon.

Okey na okey. Kapagka may kapalpakan silang ginawa sa kanilang pamumuno, gusto naman nila tayong umaalala. Talagang hindi mawari kung ano ang gusto nitong mga nasasa pamunuan natin.

Nakalulungkot na dapat sana itong araw na ito ay araw ng pagkakaisa. Ngunit, nariyan ang dalawang grupo---isa nasasa EDSA at isa naman ay nasasa Luneta. Hindi batid ng mga nag-udyok sa Pangulong Duterte, pero ito mismo ang bansa 31 taon na ang nakaraan, nang basagin ng mahigit isang milyong Pilipino ang kadilimang lumukob sa buong bayan bunga ng batas militar.

Naaalala ko pa 31 taong nakaraan nang manawagan din ng mga tao ang mga galamay ng diktadurya upang muling maibalik sa kapangyarihan ang mga Marcoses sa ilalim na ng bagong gobyernong pinamunuan ni Cory Aquino.

Tao sa tao, Pilipino sa Pilipino. Ang mensahe ng pagkakaisa ay winasak ng mga pansariling interes ng mga taong kabilang sa elitistang mga grupo.

Bakit ba kailangan tayong magkawatak-watak? Ilang taon din ang binuno natin bilang isang lahi upang tayo'y maging isang bansa. Ngunit, dahil lamang sa kapritso ng ating bagong pamunuan, muli na naman tayong nawatak bilang isang bansa, isang bayan.

Pilit tayong pinaghihiwalay ng estado, upang wala na nga namang lumaban sa sandaling muling sumukob ang kadiliman.

Hindi ba nila nakikita? Minamahal ng bawat Pilipino ang liwanag. Walang Pilipinong papayag na muling lukuban ng kadiliman ang buong bayan, wala.

Hindi mananaig ng kadiliman ang kaliwanagan. Ito'y nakaukit na sa kasaysayan. Mabibigo ang mga taong nagnanais na sakupin ang ating buong bayan para lamang sa pansarili nilang mga kapakanan.

Kung noon ay nagawa nating tanggapin ang diktadurya. Ngayon, walang ni isang nilalang man lamang ang papayag na gupuin sila ng takot at dilim.

Lalaban tayo.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Did Duterte broke the law when he declared the celebrations of EDSA on the 24th?

I'm really not worried by the action of President Duterte to commemorate EDSA People Power on the 24th instead of the 25th.

This is just a matter of historical interpretation---is it right to declare it on the 24th, the time when the strongman Ferdinand Marcos issued his last political gasp when the people themselves defied his national emergency order or on the 25th when he left Malacanan in a hurry and we saw Cory Aquino as his replacement.

For some, the 24th was the day when people power happened--the historic day when the people truly exhibited dissent against strongman rule. In a way, Duterte's decision made us re-consider because if we do celebrate it on the February 25th, it is like saying that we are celebrating an Aquino's ascension to power, instead of reliving the glorious days when the people themselves had shown defiance against the dictatorship.

So, for me, this issue depends on whose side of history do you count yourself in. The fact is---several people actually thinks celebrating EDSA people power should actually be a week-long thing. That's another topic.

What I'm worried about is that this declaration making February 25th is based on legislative fiat. Duterte might have broken several laws or executive orders when the date was changed. The president should have been advised that changing the date is not as arbitrary as what he wants.

Hay naku.

February 24 is true people power: February 25 reminds us of thievery

I ask---was President Rodrigo Roa Duterte given false advise when he decided to declare February 24 as the culmination of celebrations commemorating the EDSA 1986 People Power revolution?

This declaration, stating February 25 as the date of the annual celebrations of this global phenomenon, is not at all an arbitrary decision. It was based on historical events and covered by numerous Executive Orders and possibly even law.

There is a reason why February 25 is the date to celebrate this event. On this date, former president Ferdinand Marcos left Malacanan shortly after Corazon Aquino was sworn in as president at Club Filipino.

February 24, 1986 was simply the date when Marcos attempted to reimpose power thru a declaration of National emergency and curfews which the people opposed. Millions stood up and defied the former strongman. People milled unto the streets and marched towards EDSA to protect the rebel soldiers holed up at both Camps Crame and Aguinaldo.

IN a way, commemorating the EDSA revolt at this date is also accurate, because it was a day of national defiance, a true show of people power. By the way, it was Fidel Ramos, who coined the term " people power" a day before, February 23. February 25 reminds people of the transition of power from the strongman to the representative of the Oligarchs, Corazon "Cory" Aquino.

It is therefore, more accurate, for us to really commemorate EDSA revolution on this day, February 24th instead of February 25 because, if we commemorate the twenty fifth, this exactly reminds us of what I now call "historical highway robbery" because on that date, February 25, we witnessed only a transition of power---from a strongman with his own oligarchic group, to another, who represents a more liberal group of oligarchs.

De Lima behind bars

At this very moment, Senator Leila de Lima is now behind bars. She shares the same cell as Senators Ramon "Bong" Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada the very ones she filed cases against for reportedly committing the biggest thievery in Philippine history, which we know as the "Napoles scam."

De Lima did not steal any cent from the public coffers. She is under detention for reportedly coddling drug lords. You ask--where is the evidence? Ask her persecutors.

The secretary of justice Vitaliano Aguirre told newsmen that they have testimonies of dreaded drug lords against his predecessor. How imaginative. This is the first time I heard decent lawyers like Aguirre believing in the words of criminals.

Okey, okey. So, we are living right now in an age when you're tagged by a criminal as his accomplice, even though there is an absence of any proof validating such claims, you'll surely expect yourself jailed in no time.

That is democracy. And it is happening in our lifetime.

I hope these men and women who are reversing the democratic gains we, the Filipino People, have achieved for over three decades already, are happy and proud of what they are doing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wally Sombrero a hero? WTF! What's the real score of the Bureau of Immigration Bribery scandal


Imagine, a self-confessed briber and big-time gambling man is asking us, Filipinos, to pay him respects for being a "hero".

Wally Sombrero, a former cop, who gave monies to government officials, is asking us to be kind to him, and appreciate what he did.


Everybody knows who Sombrero is. Sombrero feeds on the corruption going on in government. He lives and breathe helping notorious personalities get away with almost everything by bribing their way out of any rut.

Senator Grace Poe is correct---this bribery which happened inside the Bureau of Immigration is proof-positive that corruption is now happening under the Duterte administration. And do you know the real score?

Several people say that the actual amount of the bribe is 150 million pesos. That's right--150 million pesos. No one in his actual mind would believe that Sombrero only promised 50 million pesos to BI officials. That amount is toooo small. 

Sombrero, according to some sources, already gave 50 million to a high government official, whom he called before he reportedly disappeared.

And he gave 50 million pesos to two (2) new BI Commissioners, namely Mike Robles and Al Argosino, which the two admitted getting and even divided it among themselves and other "associates" namely Charles Calima and Sombrero himself.

The fact is---Sombrero admitted that much when he was interviewed by Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja in their show, "Dos por dos" over at DZMM Teleradyo.

The only question is---where is the rest of the 150 million pesos? Where is the remaining 50 million pesos? 

According to sources, the remaining 50 million pesos is still being kept by Sombrero. Now that Jack Lam is "on the lam", no one would account Sombrero for this amount.

So, who really earned from this scandal? 

Will Sombrero really owe up to this bribery scandal?

The truth is---these commissioners together with some unscrupulous BI officials did get their hefty bribes and they did think that they already got away with murder until my idol, Ramon Tulfo, wrote about it in his celebrated column over at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. 

Of course, these people deserve their day in court. Meaning, they can always say they were "in an operation to probe graft and corruption". 


These people do not respect their fellow brother, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. They probably know the truth that this President is all babble, all talk, and nothing more. 

Because had they really feared Duterte, Robles, Argosino, Aguirre, Calima, Morente and even Sombrero would have probably entertained second thoughts on doing this bribery.

There's a joke going around legal circles, describing Lex Taliones as Lex Billiones. Members of this fraternity are reportedly so glad, they are having a grand time according to sources, raiding the public coffers, while their brad does his thing--trying to frighten us to submission. Why? So that no one would entertain thoughts of opposing them. 

Well, history has not been kind to these kinds of people. These grafters always get what they deserve.

Now, who now smiles from all of these? You guessed right--Atong Ang. And eventually, Jack Lam. 

China benefits from mines closure in Philippines

Is DENR secretary Gina Lopez being played by Chinese miners? Some friends say Lopez is trying to kill the mining industry in the Philippines by ordering the closure of 75 mine contracts in the country. Lopez described it as a gift of love to the peoples of Mindanao.

Who benefits from the death of mining in the Philippines? Surely, it's China.

China has vast stocked piles of mineral ores and mineral products. The world's biggest economy has had this problem since 2012. And demands for Chinese ore have cooled for the past few years. Analysts say this is a pesky problem which reflects the very economic state of China. Some say this stockpiling of mined products highlights China's weakening economy.

The solution for China's problem is simple---close their mines. That would be catastrophic for China. Had the Chinese government did exactly that--that would mean tremendous loss of jobs, as well as stoppage of industrial activity which impacts on several other industries linked with mining. A slowdown will cause China's economy to fall a few points.

With the closure of mines in the Philippines, China is now in the position of being the world's top source of nickel, copper, chromite even gold. Without mined ore from the Philippines, China can now dispose of millions of tons of steel products which they have stockpiles.

Of course, Lopez wants lost revenues from mining recovered from tourism. The main problem is, how do you attract tourists to these areas already "destroyed" by mining activities?

You need billions of pesos worth of investments. Where do you now get those billions, when everyone knows that it is too risky to invest in tourism in the Philippines?

You don't have a fully integrated and world-class airport system. You don't have a good road system. You still have a still-born private enterprise led tourism infrastructure. And there are just a handful of serious resort operators there willing to risk their monies for a venture which, in all seriousness, is still quite nebulous.

So, who, again gains from the closure of mines in the Philippines? Lopez will say the people. The question is--who then will the people go to when hunger now sets in these communities with the loss of economic activity?

We might have saved millions of Chinese' workers lives when we closed our own mines. How about the lives of Filipinos who depend on this economic activity for their daily sustenance? Does Lopez have a plan for them? I sincerely hope so.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Failure of peace talks, a serious tactical error by old CPP leaders

I hate to say this, but the old group of Jose Maria Sison has committed a serious tactical error when they allowed themselves to be fooled by Mr. Rodrigo Roa Duterte. They forgot the one thing that enable them to survive for all these years, and that is, using scientific methods in making assessments about the socio-economic and political environment. I blame them for trusting their feelings instead of recognising first hand that Mr. Duterte is simply no different from his predecessors. Joma was too trusting and too presumptuous that he believed in his mind that he can simply make Mr. Duterte toe the CPP line all because Mr. Duterte is his former student.

First of all, Mr. Duterte is too proud of himself and some say, too full of himself, that he wants people to kowtow to him, praise him like an Emperor and do what he wants them to do. These peace talks fail because Duterte has his own ideas and Mr. Sison etal have their own. Duterte's understanding of the people's struggle is as shallow as a stream during a drought. Duterte suffers from a sickness which his idol, former dictator Ferdie Marcos once suffered---the illusion of being a revolutionary, even a Socialist when all they are are Fascists.

Now I know why the People's War has not advanced the way other movements did in Vietnam, China and even Cambodia. These leaders are simply Caciques wearing Maoist uniforms. Like Mr. Duterte, Joma and his group of NDF leaders can't really shake off their true class roots. They are simply hippies who are inspired by the 1896 revolution without really understanding or had a correct interpretation of what that revolution was all about.

That 1896 Revolution was a classic manifestation of inter-class struggle---when an emerging professional class tried to wrest control of government from the dominant elite group composed of foreign colonialists and their wealthy Chinese counterparts. It was a power struggle with the aim of eradicating class discrimination.

The present condition of this country necessitates a revolution from below--an authentic revolt coming from the basic sectors of Filipino society. Our fight in this era is a fight against excesses of power and authority by Oligarchs, the dismantling of the traditional patronage system which has caused the growth of elitist domination and the creation of a better managed system.

Anyway, with this serious tactical error which exposed the Movement more clearly than how Marcos did during his time, the only solution to this is the emergence of New Leadership in the movement. This is an inter-generational fight that would only end with the emergence of a new generation of Filipinos whose only quest in life is the installation of a society which encourages fair play and a more carefully managed economy.

Instead of pursuing nationalist capitalism--which is the main Concept being pursued by hawks and supporters of US president Donald Trump-- Filipinos should pave the way towards the creation of a nationalist socialism which espouses protection of critical sectors of the economy while encouraging growth of enterprise for the sake of the majority.

Filipinos must accept the creation of a Council which will wrest power from traditional power centers and replace them with new, progressive forces whose goal is simply to improve the standard of living of Filipinos.

In cancelling peace talks--Duterte unmasked

NOW, there is simply no doubt about it--Duterte is Socialist as what Hitler was. Former German dictator Hitler once described himself as a Socialist, only to isolate himself and eventually say, he's a "national socialist"--whatever that means. During the campaign, Duterte pictured himself as a Socialist which immediately puts him as a threat, a risk, to the status quo.

Duterte even cursed several Oligarchs and impressed upon the people that he meant well, that he is for the eradication of endo and that he is only concerned with the welfare of the Filipino People.

When true Socialists heard that, several got goosebumps and supported him, and imagined him to be a potential Chavez who, from being a Colonel turned into a Socialist and became this century's progressive icon. The fact is, I just remembered even NDF leaders especially Joma Sison, Luis Jalandoni and several others mimicking Duterte's (in)famous fist sign.

With the cancellation of the peace negos, and Duterte even ordering his negotiators back, this just showed where Duterte's loyalties are----he is no different than his predecessors.

As what I have expected eversince--Duterte is a poster boy of the elite. He talks like a tambay but he can't simply shake off his real class roots--that of a cono, who gets what he wants. And when he does'nt, Duterte makes war.

What is laughable about all these is the stupidity of those who believed in him. I have to give it to Duterte--he fooled even the likes of "political analysts" like Joma. Worse, Joma and the rest of those who believed in these peace talks have placed the entire Movement in a very embarrassing situation. Their pronouncements, their statements after Duterte's declaration are totally unacceptable, and an embarassment to the entire progressive movement.

With their statements, these "leaders" have shown great weakness. They still want to talk when their enemy wants to fight.

Jalandoni even declared that the NPA will assume a defensive stance. What? Your enemy wants to annihilate you and you will just "defend" yourself. I thought the PPW is in the stage of defensive stalemate? Why a defensive war?

This has seriously put in doubt and in question the leadership qualities of these people. I hate to say it but I think we have had enough of these personalities. Joma and the rest of the NDF leaders in Utretch committed a grave tactical error that placed the Party and the movement in a very stupid position. They should resign their commissions and possibly tender their resignations. It is time for new leadership.

Otherwise, this will cause another split among the ranks of the revolutionary movement. My assessment is that even if Joma and his group managed to convince Mr. Duterte to sign off the social-economic agreement, this will simply not be enough to cause a bilateral ceasefire agreement.

My guts tell me that those who are with the Party right now are willing to fight Duterte with whatever they have right now. Duterte is a real threat to the Filipino People. With his unmasking, Duterte is now siding with the militarists who simply want to rule this country with an iron hand. This bodes ill to freedom and democracy loving Filipinos out there.

A full-blown war with the CPP-NPA-NDF will affect the economy and will put whatever confidence investors have with our country in serious doubt. It will not only exhaust the resources of the State but will be used by Duterte as reason for the declaration of martial rule.

I think Mr. Duterte should seriously reconsider his actions. Almost 90 percent of Filipinos do not want martial rule. I think Mr. Duterte is miscalculating his luck.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Duterte wants war against NPA---preclude to Martial law?

Another campaign promise down the drain. After promising to rid the country of the scourge of drug addiction within six months, and failing, now, our president says he's scratching out the peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and is urging soldiers to prepare for a "long war." Duterte even said, he expects "no peace" in this generation.

Mr. President, I hate to say this, but you are wrong.

Mr. President you have created an illusion of instability in this country and for what? The CPP-NPA-NDF has been waging war for the past forty plus years and they are in for the long haul, as what Joma wrote in several of his articles. The Party is committed to a protracted people's war (PPW) and there is no cause for them to be alarmed by your pronouncement of war because the Party has overcome much better opposition from more worthy opponents in the past.

The Party has overcome the brutalities of a dictatorship and it will not matter anymore if yours turn into a copycat Macoy-like administration because, they have survived such 36 years ago.

Two Aquinos came, and the Party withstood brickbats from all fronts calling it a moribund and "out of touch" party. A former military man tried to talk with the Party but he failed. A populist president ascended Malacanan and waged war, a brutal one, but realized his mistake when, after 2 years, the Party joined forces with civil society and ousted him.

A social democrat replaced that populist president but even went as far as approving an assassination attempt against the NDF leadership based in the Netherlands. She even approved the US decision to tag the CPP-NPA-NDF and its leaders of being a terror organisation.

Mr. Duterte, you are not dealing with amateurs here. Lest you forget, this is the Big League.

Of course, everyone know that one of your least admirable traits is your impatience. You want action. You have been accustomed to a life which is a perfumed one. When you were young, your mother gave your every whim and caprice. That's why you act your class--you're a cono throughout.

Mr. Duterte, this Party has been fighting for the freedom of all Filipinos against capitalist exploitation, against Oligarchs, against landlords who continually oppress 32 million Filipinos and enslave them and want nothing more than for these Filipinos to continue being slaves of the land they have toiled, and have tilled since their childhood.

Mr. Duterte, peace in this country remains elusive because of the antics of such people like you who refused to understand the deepest reasons why Filipinos militate against their government.

You can't have peace by calling yourself, "socialist" or by portraying that you know what ails the Filipino. No. That's a child talking there.

Sincerity. Faith. Patience. Those are qualities which a peacemaker should have if one is really sincere in seeing these lands and these people appeased.

Life is not black and white. You don't want to talk to me? Then let's war. That's not how to handle a state matter such as this.

War is for fools. War is something only a Juan Tamad wants. You don't give me what I want, then let's war? Stupid.

Mr. Duterte--you are not as strong as you think you are. You even mocked God, by profaning Him and His Will, saying in public that you deserve heaven. Heaven is for those who continually work for the betterment of his fellow human being. Those who kill deserve the hottest fires of hell.

There is still room for peace.

1. It is time for the private sector to intervene. Let's form a peace coalition of Filipinos or Coalition of Filipinos for Peace (CFP) who want to end this interacine war that has been raging since the very inception of this Republic.

2. Empower this private initiative to have a formal status. For years, we have been funding the OPAPP but sadly though, this agency has failed, and failed repeatedly. Now is the time to field new people who understand the real situation and is willing to mediate between the GRP and the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Mr. Duterte, if you are really sincere in your promises, be true to your words. There is still time. Otherwise, if you really want war, then prepare for its dire consequences. Like you said, it will be nasty....and bloody. No one wants a bloody war. It will drain state resources, and eventually cost you your presidency. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Legal Edge tackles Rule of Law in pilot episode over ANC, ABS-CBN NEWS CHANNEL, GLOBAL NEWS CHANNEL

Is it legal for cops to ask motorcyle riders to alight from their motorcycles and pry open their bags at checkpoints? How about if you marry twice without annulling the first, will you be charged with either adultery if you are a woman or concubinage if you are a man?

These are questions ordinary people like us encounter in our daily lives. What are the available remedies for us?

Questions like these are what excites Dean JV Bautista, dean of the John Wesley School of Law and Governance, the fastest growing law school in  Central Luzon and distinguished litigator Atty. IQ Tuason, hosts of ANC's newest legal show, " Legal Edge" which airs for the first time today, February 4, at 3:30 in the afternoon up to 4pm. Replays of the show happens at 5:30-6pm (primetime Sunday) every Sundays beginning tomorrow.

Everyone in the legal profession knows Dean JV Bautista, a popular legal advocate and practitioner, who fought the Marcos dictatorship and continues to fight for the rights of ordinary folks. He's the outspoken defender of human rights during the Marcos law years and has served as Secretary General of UNA.

Meanwhile, Atty Tuason is the former governor of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines in Central Luzon. She's beautiful outside but feisty on the inside. She's what we call "confidently beautiful" among women in the legal profession.

I heard for the first or pilot episode, Dean Bautista and Atty IQ would tackle the issue of "Rule of Law." THIS IS A HOT ISSUE IN THE PHILIPPINES right now.

Don't fail to watch this new show. Please. And support it by sharing it later.

Internal cleansing of the PNP is necessary

Businessman Jee Ick-Joo murdered right inside
the national police headquarters
This is a very interesting read regarding this Jee Ick-Joo murder in the Philippines. It revealed who is really behind the murder of the South Korean businessman right inside the PNP headquarters. See link:

What is too disheartening about this expose is the undeniable fact that several of our cops are into assassinations and they are using the Oplan Tokhang or Double Barrel campaign as "cover" to the real reason why they are killing alleged "drug suspects" or "drug pushers."

To the credit of PNP chief General Bato dela Rosa, he has revealed this early on in the campaign, that is it inevitable that some members of the PNP would be involved in such criminal activities and would be using the campaign as a ruse. The PNP is living up to its name of being one of the most corrupt police organisations in the world.

Really now, the PNP organisation is worth saving because these scalawags are just a few, a miniscule part of the entire force. These people are using their "chapas" as cover to their real mission in life, which is to kill, rob and do other despicable things in the name of money.

I have many friends in the service who want real change to happen in their lifetimes, cops are real people like us who want nothing more than be part of an organisation of men who dedicate their lives for the protection, not for the alienation, of the citizenry. Cops are part of the professional forces and they are an essential component of our aim to improve the standard of life here in the Philippines.

I believe, strongly, that these cops want nothing more than be part of an organisation who protect the citizenry from criminal elements. When a cop turns rogue, and becomes a criminal, that is one less cop to protect a 10,000 Filipinos. Imagine that.

I don't know about you, but if I am the Chief PNP, I would immediately fire those involved in this murder of Jee Ick-Joo. I would not subject them to just push-ups----firing them from the service is the most appropriate punishment. When a cop loses discipline, pushups are lame remedies.

Is Bato too afraid with these cops? If I am the Chief PNP, I would slap criminal charges against these cops, fire them from the service and see to it that they are either in jail suffering life imprisonment or deep six feet underground.

This is the problem with Bato dela Rosa---he has become a politician of a cop. Please sir, don't. The very first time General dela Rosa appeared on television, people thought that they have a strong ally on their side. Right now, Dela Rosa is showing very weak leadership qualities.

Sir, the PNP needs a strong leader so that everyone would not stray from the path. As things stand, General dela Rosa is either a wimp or simply, an idiot, a man who only knows how to fire a gun, and nothing else. Worst, some think that Bato is really a homosexual hiding behind Duterte's skirt.

Sir, if you think that killing poor drug offenders or small-time criminals contribute to the overall restoration of peace and order, you are mistaken. As they say, talagang pang small time itong si Bato. Takot maging sa kapwa les-pu.

Sir, execute your mission. Annihilate these rogues in uniform. You either jail them or kill them. These people don't deserve to live simply because they have violated their sworn oath, and when a man breaks his own oath, there is no more reason for him to live. It is as if he loses his self, his soul. What is a man without his soul, right sir?

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bato lost all moral ascendancy to lead PNP

It started with a bang and will end with a whimper, this anti-drugs campaign of the Duterte administration. What I am very worried about is that with just the whim of an obsessed man, it literally threw away more than 25 years worth of efforts at transforming our police forces into a civilian-oriented, human rights abiding security force.

In just seven months, our Philippine National Police (PNP) became more brazen and more blood thirsty. Seven months ago, I wrote in this blog my apprehensions at using the anti-drugs campaign of government as a centerpiece propaganda of this administration. Now, my fears are beginning to appear. Instead of becoming a legacy of Mr. Duterte, this anti-drugs campaign is turning into his worst nightmare.

Is this the fault of PNP chief General Bato dela Rosa? Yes. Why? He showed insincerity at the very onset of the campaign. Look at how he handled the case of the mayor of Leyte. Look at how he conducted himself when he faced those accused of being involved in drugs--Bato told the public that he's friends with this and that--that sent a wrong signal to other PNP officials. Bato became a victim of his own undoing. His propensity of taking the focus to himself became Bato's weak point and it was exploited by his enemies inside the PNP organisation.

Now, Bato faces a most serious challenge in his entire career and worse, it came from Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, the President's political ally. Alvarez is calling for Bato to tender his resignation to avoid an obvious humiliating backlash which could affect President Duterte.

If he does not mete the proper punishment to those responsible for the gruesome murder of this Korean and other so-called drug suspects, Bato should definitely resign for delicadeza and for command responsibility.