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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No to emergency powers to Pnoy! Trillianes, you're a disgrace!

Emergency powers? Papaloko ba tayo?
Carlos Jericho Petilla probably forgot what he conveniently told the public several weeks ago--do not be alarmed, we have enough supply of electricity to satisfy the country's requirements.

Now, Petilla is a changed err crazed man, going around town and preaching another mantra--emergency powers to the President! Petilla, with his lackey, Samar congressman Evardone who used to be the talking head of former president Gloria Arroyo for any issue that requires the support of Congress for any Malacanan issue, is trying to threaten us with a worse situation if emergency powers is not granted.

Alongside Petilla is, again a surprise, former defense contractor cum Senator Antonio Trillianes. Trillianes wants nothing more than emergency powers to his beleaguered buddy, President Aquino.

Of course, we know where Trillianes is coming from. Since he is gunning for the vice presidency, he needs finances to fund his political enterprise. Maybe he has a group of investors interested in entering the lucrative power sector, willing and awash with cash.

I remember Trillianes IV telling the people when he won the senator-ship that he intends to stay in his post only once. Now, he is on his second term and worse, trying to convince us that we need him as second fiddle for the presidency.

Maybe its Trillianes the fifth now talking and appearing in public instead of the Trillianes whom we loved when he took a definitive stand against the Powers in that Oakwood incident. Or that Manila Pen catwalk incident.

Anyway, Communications secretary Sonny Coloma denies that Malacanang is behind efforts to grant Aquino emergency powers. Kaw naman, Mr Coloma, you want to fool us. Petilla is your drummer boy now. Don't tell me that this is not discussed within your circle? Who are backing Petilla up? Hindi ba this balimbing Evardone and Aquino ally, Trillianes? This just shows that a propaganda roadshow was agreed upon and don't tell me President Aquino does not know about it?

Emergency powers entail extraordinary conditions. Our lack of enough power supply has been an issue since 2010 and even years from that. When our very own Energy czar admits and throws up his hands in defeat, this just shows years of neglect and mismanagement on the part of the Aquino administration.

For four years, this administration did nothing or probably very few solutions were proposed to solve this lingering problem. We have been in crisis for years and today is no different than what we have already experienced some years back.

And this neglect and lack of leadership are expected since for 2011 to 2013, this administration was busy toying with the people's funds thru the DAP.

Curiously, why was no funds were used from the DAP to fast-track the building of power plants, in the first place? This administration focused on giving funds to rebel groups killing soldiers instead of funding power plants?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drunkards manning Malacanang? What course will the country go when drunks steer tuwid na daan?

We all know what happens at Bahay Pangarap. Yes, that place is literally a house of "dreams". Some people say it has turned into a beerhouse.

Not surprising since those in the palace like nothing more than drink themselves practically to dreamland.

During the time of former president Erap Estrada, the official time in the palace starts at 1pm and onward through past midnight.

What differs now is that at least in Erap's time, the spirits just stays in their stomachs, not in their heads.

Today, we now have drunkards who are not just lovers of Johnnies and wines and single malts--they think themselves as Kings who lord it over Philandia.

They think that they own this country, that they can twist the laws for their own sakes, and get away with it.

Those spirits must have been brewed by malevolents because those in palace are now drunk with power.

How the hell will you explain their refusal to at least respect the decision of a co-equal branch of government? The Supreme Court decided that their hair-brained idea to reward friends and demolish foes called DAP or Disbursements Against Protestors, err, Disbursement Acceleration Program is unconstitutional. The most decent thing to do is acknowledge the wisdom of the Court while maintain  a belief that the DAP is not a thing that went beyond the contemplation of the Constitution.

Instead, like a drunkard is expected to do, the President himself went public and chastised a co-equal branch like a Hitler damning the Parliament to hell. We know what happened to Hitler. Hitler was not just drunk with power--he eventually lost his mind.

I don't wish this President to lose his but what he is doing now threatens the very democracy he is supposed to protect.

Rule of law is a pillar of this democracy. How will people now render every decision of the Courts when the No. 1 Citizen of the land refuses to acknowledge their wisdom?

Democracy is anchored on the concept of respect among branches of government. The very reason why the Founding Fathers contemplated on breaking government into three coequal branches is for the prevention of tyrannical rule.

Equilibrium is maintained by every branch respecting acts of other branches. How will this be now that the Chief Executive distributed public funds like those funds are his?

As the band Who sang, " we don't get fooled again".

Judicial review is a power longed with the Supreme Court and other courts, according to the Constitution. This power is given to the Courts so that acts in excess of jurisdiction or the lack of authority of another branch are reviewed and are following the Constitutional guidelines.

What the Supreme Court does is for everyone to respect and follow the law. The law is the ultimate equalizer. If we don't respect the law, how then will everyone conduct themselves now, with anarchy?

Absence of law leads to anarchy and tyranny. Disrespect of the laws means anarchy. Control of the levers of the state only shows tyranny.

This bunch of drunkards now controlling the Executive are now full of malevolent spirits in them that they refuse to pay homage to the Law and instead, be the Law themselves.

Worse, the Chief Executive himself threatened a coequal branch with destruction should the Tribunal still refuses to "toe the line" with them? What else do we describe such behavior but unbridled tyranny?

Who is now in control of Malacanan? Where else will we go when the very ones steering the country's ship are drunk with illusions of power?

Impeachment complaint jump starts ouster moves against Pnoy

Civil society has now taken a stand reflective of the rising discontent against the Aquino administration. Yesterday, the House endorsed the impeachment complaint filed by 38 individuals all belonging to civil society. And no one else to blame here except those close to the President who want to protect their own hides, and even willing to sacrifice their principals just to avoid being jailed.

Three things that really infuriated everyone regarding the DAP issue. The first one, the seemingly callous stance of Aquino himself, protecting his buddy, Butch Abad. Abad, who is tagged as the architect of the DAP, is incommunicado. His publicists say he's busy creating ways and means to probably insert DAP-like microcreatures in the proposed 2015 budget, or so they say. Several members of civil society have asked Abad to resign for decency and face the consequences of his acts. Of course, the former Congressman refused.

Now, even this is not an option anymore. Even if Abad resigns right now, that will not stop the tsunami of the people's anger against this administration.

The second thing is how the Communication team mishandled every single thing now. Malacanang's spokespersons, two of them officers themselves of the court, tried to divert the issue and even raised the eradication of the Judicial Development Fund (JDF). Of course, they failed. Worse, they allowed the President to address the nation, reading a script that was full of holes and false hyperboles and white lies that further enflamed the people. Aquino even appeared like an idiot, calling for his Yellow Brigade instead of calling for unity of forces. Shortly afterwards, the Communications secretary himself, Sonny Coloma, downplayed and even encouraged people not to put serious thought on what his principal, the Chief Executive himself, told millions of Filipinos in that bolched nationally televised speech.

The last thing that really pissed everyone off is how the President refuses to admit he committed wrong and continues to exhibit tyrannical tendencies. He even invoked the spirits of his parents while forgetting really what they sacrificed their lives for.

In his speech, the President says he will sacrifice his life for what he believes is right, the very same patriotic act his parents did. What we all know is that the reason why Ninoy came back and bravely faced the lethal bullet was his righteous indignation against one person's dictatorial streak. One man wants to be the no. 1 law maker and implementor, so that he can play with the people's monies.

Pnoy is doing what his parents hated. Pnoy is toying with the people's monies the very same way Marcos did when the former dictator was still in power.

As they say, when someone is drunk with power, how will he be able to steer the government into a "tuwid na daan"?

No more dictatorships, except that of the People.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is government in control of the country's power sector?

This administration says that it achieved much economic growth when it used the Disbursement Acceleration Program. What growth are they talking about when we can't even assure continuous power supply?

Seems like this administration is hallucinating when it boasts of improving the economy. Maybe it did when it gave every single sectoral group out there tons of cash. Even rebel groups such as the Moro National Liberation Front and the Cordillera People's Liberation Army, armed groups fighting government forces, were given their own share of DAP funds. The bad thing about this is that who is responsible for accounting those billions which government just spread around?

Had government dispensed those funds building government run power plants or just improving the power sector's capabilities, then, we probably do not have these power supply problems. The thing is,is government still in control?

Every single component of the local power sector is controlled by private hands. Power plants are privatized. The national grid is owned by another private firm. And the distribution of the power generated is likewise controlled by a private entity, which is Meralco.

In the power sector industry, if someone from these firms want to blackmail government, all that person needs is to sabotage his operations. This shows that privatization has its ill effects, especially in relation to the use of its sovereign power. As it stands, privatization weakened government.

Likewise, this administration likes to say that the economic situation is okey when it cannot even guarantee the stability of electric supply. It is time for government to rethink its policy of privatizing the power sector industry. Since government claims that it had billions of pesos worth of savings why not use these funds to ultimately and decisively build a solution to the lack of power resources.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Glenda expected to batter Metro Manila today

Typhoon Rammasun or locally known as Typhoon Glenda is expected to hit Metro Manila this morning. The weather bureau says they expect the typhoon to hit Metro Manila between this hour and the next yet the effects will last until this evening.

The eye of Typhoon Rammasun is now very close to the south of Manila. According to the weather channel (

"PAGASA said the center of Rammasun was approximately 30 miles south of Manila as of 5 a.m. Wednesday local time. The center is now near its closest approach to the capital city. The typhoon's highest winds appear to be confined to the eyewall, with wind speeds dropping off drastically just a few dozen miles away from the eye. 
The eye is passing slightly south of Metro Manila, making a direct strike on the provinces of Batangas and Cavite. The two provinces, which are not officially part of Metro Manila, have a combined population of over 5.3 million people in an area roughly the size of Delaware."

Friends, stay safe. Prepare. Pray.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Boom panis sa Palusot ni Pnoy

President Aquino got three boom panis reactions from ordinary citizens shortly after his long winding defense of the DAP yesterday. Seems like the masa did not quite understand what he is telling them. Pnoy claims that the masses benefitted from the DAP. Yet, those who were supposed to have benefitted from the funds misallocation are the ones disputing his claims.

I really cannot understand why it is very hard for Pnoy to admit that their acts were wrong. I think the people will accept his apologies. People will even admire him because it takes a lot of courage for such a powerful man like him to admit a mistake.

The only thing really is, will he then allow himself to submit to the legal processes? If he will be transparent and present those 162 projects funded by DAP,then that's one step in the right direction. The other is, will he allow his budget secretary to resign? These are things expected of them since he is the first president to use morality in governance as it's dominant policy theme.

I also cannot accept the President's logic that he just merely followed the practices of his predecessors. Pnoy has projected himself as a reformist leader. The public expects him to be different.  Don't tell me that Pnoy intends to differ in some issues and follow the same wrongful tack as the others?

If that is the case, then, all these talk about being different and of treading the Tuwid na Daan are all bull.

Constitutional crisis nakaamba bunga ng palyadong argumento ni Pnoy

Tila isang banta ang ginawa ng Pangulong Aquino nang kanyang ipinagwasiwas sa mukha ng milyong-milyong Pinoy ang kanyang palyadong palusot hinggil sa Disbursement Acceleration Program.

Simple ang palusot ng Pangulo:

1. Nasasa batas ang paggamit ng "savings" o "ipon" sapagkat ang pinagbatayan ay ang Executive Order 292 o Administrative Code of the Philippines.

Ang koda na ito ay ginamit bilang basehan ni Pangulong Corazon Aquino upang maging lehitimo ang kanyang pamamahala pagkatapos ng 1986 EDSA revolt. Kung babasahin, ang buong koda ay xerox copy ng dati ang probisyon ng 1972 Constitution na siyang naging basehan ng Marcos regime.

Batid ng lahat ng nag-aaral ng batas na hindi na ito kinikilala bilang batas sapagkat mayroon nang 1987 Constitution. Sa hirarkiya ng batas, kung hindi pinahihintulutan ng Saligang Batas ang isang aksyon, malinaw itong iligal o unconstitutional.

At kung babasahin din ng masusi ang probisyon ng section 39 ng nasabing Executive Order, maaari lamang gamitin ang ipon panakip sa mga programang nakasaad na rin sa General Appropriations Act na nagkaroon ng depisito o pagkukulang sa pondo.

Karamihan sa pinondohan ng DAP ay walang ispesipikong alokasyon sa General Appropriations Act.

2. Kung nagkamali man ang palasyo, ito ay hindi pagkakasala sapagkat ginawa ito ng may mabuting intensyon

Nagbigay ng halos 2 bilyong piso sa Moro National Liberation Front ang pamahalaan. Mabuti o hindi? Hindi baga kalaban ng pamahalaan ang MNLF? Para na ring pinondohan ng pamahalaan ng pambili ng bala ang mga rebelde pampatay sa mga sundalong nakikihamok sa mga grupong ito sa Mindanao.

Nagbigay rin ng pondo sa Cordillera People's Army ang pamahalaan. Ito ba ay mayroong alokasyon sa GAA? Wala.

Sa pagbigay ng pondo sa mga armadong grupong ito, ano ang mabuting intensyon duon? Ang maging financier ng mga rebeldeng grupo para maipampatay sa mga sundalo?

3. Nauwi sa maganda ang pag divert ng pondo sapagkat bumuti ang ekonomiya

Kabalintunaan. Bumuti ang ekonomiya sapagkat lumakas ang konsumo. Lumabas ang konsumo sapagkat mababa ang interest rate ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, na umengganyo sa karamihan upang magkaroon ng sariling business. Sa pagdami ng business enterprises, nagkaroon ng trabaho ang mga Pilipino. Ginagastos ng Pilipino ngayon ang pinagmulan ng kanilan sweldo.

Bumuti rin ang ekonomiya bunga ng pambansang badget sapagkat kinunsumo ito sa loob ng ekonomiya.

Ngayon, tila hinahamon ng Ehekutibo ang Hudikatura na baguhin ang kanilang pagpapasya sa DAP. Batid nating walang police powers ang Hudikatura, at kung magiging parang goon ang Ehekutibo, sinisira nito ang equilibrium o balance of powers ng ating estado.

Makabubuti ba ang napipintong banggaan ng Ehekutibo at Hudikadura? Hindi, sapagkat magbubunga ito ng Constitutional crisis o destabilisasyon.

Kung kailan bumubuti ang lagay ng ekonomiya, siya namang sinisira ito ng Ehekutibo at para ano? Para maipakita nito ang kanilang lakas at diktahan ang direksyong tatahakin ng bansa.

Ang Palusot ni Pnoy hinggil sa DAP palyado

Kahanga-hanga si Pangulong Aquino. Tila yata kumbinsido ang pangulo na ang ginawa nilang diversion of funds ay isang legal na paraan upang sagutin ang ilang suliranin sa pondo ng ilang programa de gobyerno. Handa pa si Pnoy na makipag-away na muli sa Korte Suprema para lamang maipaglaban ang kanilang tingin hinggil sa kanilang ginawa. 

Muling inihirit ni Pnoy ang section 39 ng Executive Order no. 292 na nagsasabi at ating i-quote dito na:

SECTION 39. Authority to Use Savings in Appropriations to Cover Deficits.—Except as otherwise provided in the General Appropriations Act, any savings in the regular appropriations authorized in the General Appropriations Act for programs and projects of any department, office or agency, may, with the approval of the President, be used to cover a deficit in any other item of the regular appropriations: Provided, that the creation of new positions or increase of salaries shall not be allowed to be funded from budgetary savings except when specifically authorized by law: Provided, further, that whenever authorized positions are transferred from one program or project to another within the same department, office or agency, the corresponding amounts appropriated for personal services are also deemed transferred, without, however increasing the total outlay for personal services of the department, office or agency concerned.
Pansinin ang probisyong ito...
"...any savings in the regular appropriations authorized in the General Appropriations Act for programs and projects of any department...may, with the approval of the President, be used to cover a deficit in any other item of the regular appropriations.."
Ang ibig sabihin lamang nito ay maaaring gamitin ng Pangulo ang "savings" o ipon mula sa regular appropriations mula sa anumang departamento at gamitin ito upang ipantakip sa "deficit" o pagkukulang sa ano? sa ibang item sa regular appropriations.
Malinaw sa batas na maaaring gamitin lamang ang ipon mula sa ibang departamento panakip sa pagkukulang sa pondo ng ibang programang nakasaad na rin sa GAA.
Hindi maaaring gamitin ang "ipon" o "savings" sa anumang walang appropriation.
Halimbawa, may ipon ang DILG ng isang bilyong piso. Maaaring gamitin ito ng Pangulo sa pantustos halimbawa ng kulang sa health program ng DOH kung ang programang ito ay nakasaad na rin sa GAA o General Appropriations Act. 
Iba ang nangyari sa DAP.
Ayon na rin sa mga nakatanggap, ipinantakip ang mga ipon sa ibang programang hindi nakasaad sa GAA. Sa totoo, ipinapasaad nga ng Senate president Franklin Drilon sa mga senador na nabigyan ng DAP ang mga programang nais nilang pondohan. Ibig sabihin nito, wala sa GAA ang mga programang napondohan ng DAP. 
Kung walang alokasyon mula sa isang batas, at ito ay GAA, hindi ito maaaring mapondohan mula sa ipon ng pamahalaan o implementing agencies. 
Kung nai-divert o naibigay sa ibang paraan ang mga pondo, mayroong malaking pagkakamali at paglabag sa mga probisyon ng plunder o pandarambong ang nagkamaling opisyales. 
Kaya naman, maski ang alibi o palusot ni Pnoy, palyado.

Sa Pagpayag ng Estado kay Gigi Reyes na maitakbo sa Philippine Heart Center--Kabalintunaan

Bastusan. Isang kabalintunan sa ating konsepto ng hustisya ang ginawang pagpayag ng BJMP kay Gigi Reyes na makatakas sa kanyang kinalalagyan nang walang sapat na pahintulot sa Sandiganbayan.

Ito ay isang pagkilala ng kawalang galang, kasulasulasok sa sikmurang hakbang ng isang sangay ng pamahalaan para lamang mapagbigyan ang hiling ng isang detenidong may kaduda-dudang konsensya.

Samantalang halos mamamatay na sa mga masisikip nating kulungan ang mga inang buntis, mga babaeng nagdadalang tao at mga may sakit na Pilipinong nakulong bunga ng kanilang pakikibaka para sa Inang Bayan, heto't kasing bilis pa sa alas-kuwatro ang paggawad sa kahilingan ng isang hinihinalang kasapakat sa sistematikong nakawan sa kaban ng bayan.

Kahiya-hiya ring napapayag ang isang sangay ng DILG na bastusin ang buong Sambayanan nitong nagsasakit-sakitang abogadong isang kahiya-hiya sa kanyang propesyon.

Pababayaan ba nating maging ganito ang sitwasyon?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Toyota Pasong Tamo service center: Clutch problems in Toyota Fortuner 2013--

Clocking in just 21,000 kilometers and just recently had a PMS from Toyota Pasong Tamo service center and what did I get? A clutch problem in my Toyota Fortuner 2013.

Since I drove my car out of the Toyota casa, I made sure that this car gets its PMS only from Toyota Pasong Tamo service center. I spend a lot of money every single time, money that supposed to fund the tuition of my kids and baby's milk. Yet, because I want to get quality driving every, single time, I just convinced my wife that it is worth the money. Better to be safe than sorry.

Then this, a clutch problem, too early.

It is too early for me to get this kind of problem, yes? When I went to Toyota Pasong Tamo service center yesterday, the service guy want me to replace the clutch kit for 21,000 pesos. Is he crazy or what?

I asked--what is the real purpose of PMS or Preventive Maintenance services? PMS is supposed to maintain my car in tip-top condition. Then, why is it that I now have this clutch problem with just 21,000 kilometers? Are they supposed to advice me early on that my clutch is "slipping" or that the clutch is going to have a problem?

Then the service guy admitted that what they normally do even on "heavy" PMS is cursory inspection. Meaning, they just take a look at the vehicle, and that's it! Even my kid can do that.

I checked and found out that Toyota Pasong tamo service center always gun for "no.1 in customer satisfaction" and "No 1 in quality in all aspects". So then, is their PMS, quality? Quality for me is technical quality. Did they use their know-how in their PMS? No.

PMS for me now is just a marketing gimmick, a thing to entice people to get a Toyota for its after-sales services. Yeah.

The reason pala why they need aftersales is because of the generic defects of the Toyota, especially, the Fortuner, and even the Hilux when it comes to clutch.

I did some research and found out especially from Top Gear car enthusiasts that many people have complained about this early wear and tear of the clutch set of Toyota Fortuners. It now seems that it is a manufacturer's decision that causes the early wear and tear of the clutch sets of Toyota Fortuners.

Brakes. clutch disc problems.

the Toyota Fortuner is more or less the best selling mid size SUV other than the Montero Sport. However after seven years of production, I have some questions about it's problems.
First of all, the ride is too bumpy because of stiff suspensions. It hurts people's backs, whether young or old.
Secondly, I do not understand why does this car have rear drum brakes. Both variants, 2.5 4x2 and 3.0 4x4. There have been a couple of complaints with the first generation production that it had bad brakes. So what Toyota did was it had a brake upgrade! I was eager to find out what the upgrade was when the bad news came out- Toyota only enlarged the front discs by a few inches and retained its drums. I feel that the braking problem is the drums, not the front discs. For a semi-luxury SUV, why would they charge over 1.3 million just to put rear drum brakes? The car would have been a lot safer and better with 4 wheel discs. Yeah the 2nd and 3rd generation also had drums. So sad.
Does anyone have an explanation why Toyota is too stubborn to remove the Fortuner's rear drums? see link.
This is something worldwide.  see this link. and this link too.

Meaning, this is a consumer issue which I vowed to fight. I asked my wife, if this replacement thing is covered by warranty. It is not. Then, what is the purpose then of going to Toyota service centers when these centers do not even give you discounts?

I already noticed that the clutch and the brakes have problems with the Toyota Fortuner. Next time, I'll buy a safer drive.

Toyota should be gracious enough to admit that indeed, their models have problems. They should be forthright with us, consumers.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Toyota Pasong Tamo Service Center scandal

I take back what I told a survey firm about Toyota Pasong Tamo service center. I've been a client of theirs for the past year, spending thousands of pesos just to get what they call quality service especially in PMS or preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance, as the name suggest, is something auto service centers do so that your car will remain in tip-top condition.

Toyota even boasts that after their PMS, you'll get back your car as if it was brand new.

Okey, so now my car reached 20,000 kilometers already, fit for a heavy PMS. When I got my car, I noticed something "sliding" after Toyota Pasong Tamo service center reported that "nothing is wrong with my Fortuner 2013".

Trusting them, I ran my Fortuner and drove just here in Metro Manila. Lo and behold! After 500 plus kilometers, I noticed that my clutch is slipping.

I then went to the Toyota Pasong Tamo service center now and what do you know? I need to replace my entire clutch system and for how much? 21,000 pesos.

I asked the service guy what's the use of PMS when they cannot really identify what is to be maintained in the first place since PMS is just "cursory checkup", nothing more.

Well, I normally do that every single day. What is the different between what I'm doing with what they are offering?

I sensed that Toyota is really just fooling the people. That this so-called PMS is just a marketing ploy. That they are just after my money and the rest of the innocent motorists out there who go to their shop for "maintenance."

The worst thing about this is, where will I lodge a complaint? Will CAMPI or this automotive industry association hear my complaint? Is the DTI the proper party to hear my complaint?

Tune in to my next entry...I am not done yet with Toyota Pasong Tamo service center.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Refreshing to hear Senator Ninoy Aquino February 15, 1981

Not a few tears shed. How my soul longed for another Ninoy Aquino! Great men are really prophetic ones. Value their words. Heed their warnings. Save our country, please!

Ninoy spoke before a throng of people that fateful day of February 15, 1981, a few months before he went back to the Philippines unto martyrdom.

I reviewed his video tape and the cruz of Ninoy's speech is the lack of constitutional basis of the actions of a single man. Ninoy lambasted President Marcos for doing acts without constitutional anchor.

Let this be a reminder to all those who believed in Ninoy. Ninoy fought for the Rule of Law. Ninoy fought for democracy. Ninoy fought for what is Right.

Those who professed to have believed and loved Ninoy and did all these things contrary to what he envisioned this country to be, please take a look at this speech.

Those who betrayed his vision, repent. And that includes you, Mr. Noynoy.